salam, thanks be to allah who made me in this century. i also pray that allah should reward harun yahya with his entire crew for the effort they put in publishing this work and others with aljannah firdaus, the book was highly educative and elaborated, infact since before i finish reading the work, i have started telling people to watchout for hazrat mahdi because his mission is on and he has being preaching the quran and sunah, many people dont want to understand while few are still suspicious, but to me iam only waiting for the qaim to give me more light about his relationship with prophet jesus and also should tell us more about the gog and the magog. iam waiting, thank you. jazaka llahu khairan.
Thanks for this work.Every time i read this article so that i do not forget about it.Hope the time comes very fast so that non believers can see the truth.
Mujahid Jeeawody - Mauritius
Regarding all of your books I found as a treasure of mankind also a lighthouse. In your old website I found multilingual version of each book even Bengali version. But sorry to say now I missed it so much... My humble request to you to publish in my Language Bengali and make me grateful ....
Quazi Shafiuzzaman - BD
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