Really true i never heard about the name Pattani even. so please lets unit now. May Allah(SWT) brings the turkish-islamic union now Amennn. Y RABIL ALAMIN. Allaha razi olsun... Gambiyadan Kardesiniz. Musa jALLOW
Jallow - GAMBIA
Well done Mr. Adnan Oktar by seeing this article my heart has started weeping on the utracities done to muslim. Where does the salvation lies when their will be an end to this utrocities through out the world? I Spiritually pray to Allah to charge Hz Mahdi A.S. it is enough to see the blood shed. Mr. Adnan I agree that their should be an Islamic Union to question this Zulm.
Mirza Abbas Ali - India
It is realy ashtonishing. Who could believe that our muslim brother are being tortured so brutally. May Allah help them and all those who are under such act. Mr. Adnan Oktar is doing a great job. May llah help him. And we, Muslims must give him a full support
Muhammad Naeem Shaikh - PAKISTAN
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