May Allah bless the Islamic Union as early as possible to bring all muslims under one Roof/Umbrella shuch that Peace, Humanity and Brotherhood prevail over the world Aameen. The first thing the muslims shall do is to give up the differences between themselves unit and also abandone the miss interpretation of the word Jehad and adopt the Spiritual aproach of brother hood.
Mirza Abbas Ali - India
thanks for such important information about brothers i have never heard about them.
muhammad - EGYPT
this needs a documentary film on the problems muslims face if there is none which has not been filmed.
Ismail Ahmed - KENYA
i really like your artical.what a painfull moment had creating those who are blind.dont worry we will be ..................
I am at a loss as to what to do to be of any use to do something in the interest of Muslims of Nepal in particular and the world Muslims in general.I am with my heart and soul with the Muslims of Nepaland other countries.May Allah make the Mislims of Nepal and other countries safe and live in peace.
faroo tapadar - India
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