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The replacement of dictatorships by other loveless administrations cannot lead to any significant social change in societies where hatred and rage predominate. So long as no teacher of love summons the people of a country to love, peace, brhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/185126/conflicts-of-interest-in-libyahttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/185126/conflicts-of-interest-in-libyaThu, 24 Apr 2014 22:32:38 +0300Intellect and love will defeat radicalismRadicalism is a word that first appeared in the 18th century, deriving from the Latin word "radix," meaning root, and connotes "fundamentally" or "at root." This doctrine gradually came to be interpreted philosophically, being defined as a complete criticism and changing of lifestyle in terms of shttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/185124/intellect-and-love-will-defeathttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/185124/intellect-and-love-will-defeatThu, 24 Apr 2014 01:08:22 +0300Turkey’s journey towards the European UnionTurkey’s bid to join the European Union has been a long and strenuous journey that started 46 years ago with the first application submitted on July 31, 1959. Back then, the union was called European Economic Community and finally, in 2005, Turkey’s efforts culminated in the right to begin accession talks. Turkehttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/185123/turkey’s-journey-towards-the-europeanhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/185123/turkey’s-journey-towards-the-europeanThu, 24 Apr 2014 00:32:40 +0300Another Cold War is out of questionArab News , the leading English daily newspaper published in Arabia, published Harun Yahya’s article “Another Cold War is out of question” on April 19th, 2014. You may read the article http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/184955/Another-Cold-War-is-out-of-question http://www.arabnews.com/news/55783http://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /185066/another-cold-war-is-outhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /185066/another-cold-war-is-outTue, 22 Apr 2014 14:53:20 +0300Ali Bayramoğlu: The PKK Movement Is Gaining Speed AgainApril 1st, 2014: Yeni Şafak Ali Bayramoglu of the Yeni Safak newspaper wrote this in his column about the Kurdish issue: “The fourth issue is the Kurdish issue. During the interim period till the next presidential election, the “second phase of the dialogue” for the peace process musthttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185026/ali-bayramoglu-the-pkk-movementhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185026/ali-bayramoglu-the-pkk-movementhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/42-adnan-oktar-ne-demisti-ne-oldu/pkk-yeniden-1-nisan-2014-yenisafak.jpgSun, 20 Apr 2014 19:38:18 +0300The Government Is Bringing Uighur Turks to Turkey25 Mart 2014, Son Dakika March 25th, 2014: Son Dakika The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun a diplomatic attempt to bring 220 refugees of Uighur origin, who were recently taken into custody in Thailand, to Turkey. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun a diplomatic attempt to brinhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185025/the-government-is-bringing-uighurhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185025/the-government-is-bringing-uighurhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/42-adnan-oktar-ne-demisti-ne-oldu/uygur-turkiye-geliyor-25-mart-2014-sondakika.jpgSun, 20 Apr 2014 19:35:18 +0300The People of the Southeast Region Are Religious, Decent and Honest March 21st, 2014: Hür Haber During the Newroz festival in Diyarbakir, a very large group took a stand and performed the Jummah prayer on a field. The celebrations continued following the prayer. /*****************/ July 1st, 2013: A9 TV ADNAN OKTAR:If there is an achttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185024/the-people-of-the-southeasthttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185024/the-people-of-the-southeasthttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/42-adnan-oktar-ne-demisti-ne-oldu/nevruz-kutlama-21-mart-2014-hurhaber.jpgSun, 20 Apr 2014 19:31:06 +0300‘Fight Against Graft’ Package From the AK PartyApril 3rd, 2014: Radikal By the order of Prime Minister Erdogan, a “Fight Against Graft Package” is getting prepared. The package includes controlling the movements of funds and for the transparent monitoring of funds. The package, which was backed by Vice Prime Minister, Beşir Atalay and thhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185023/‘fight-against-graft’-package-fromhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185023/‘fight-against-graft’-package-fromhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/42-adnan-oktar-ne-demisti-ne-oldu/yolsuzlukla-mucadele-paketi-3-nisan-2014-radikal.jpgSun, 20 Apr 2014 19:27:59 +0300Elections in the Southeast Region Are Based On FearApril 2nd, 2014: Yeni Akit Yeni Akit columnist Faruk Kose wrote about the danger of autonomy in his article: “The man has won the elections for municipality mayor and is trying to design and manage the whole state from his office at the municipality. Even though municipalities do not have anhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185016/elections-in-the-southeast-regionhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/What-he-said-What-happened/185016/elections-in-the-southeast-regionhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/42-adnan-oktar-ne-demisti-ne-oldu/korkuya-dayali-2-nisan-2014-yeniakit.jpgSun, 20 Apr 2014 18:19:48 +0300How does it feel to be a Rohingya?Burma Times daily newspaper published in Burma, published Harun Yahya’s article “How does it feel to be a Rohingya?” on April 17th 2014. You may read the article at this link http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/184939 http://burmatimes.net/how-does-it-feel-to-be-a-rohingya/http://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184971/how-does-it-feel-tohttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184971/how-does-it-feel-toSat, 19 Apr 2014 19:07:11 +0300Muslims Invite People to Islam Intellectually and With Kindness; They do not Terrorize Countries with Suicide AttacksAl-Quds Al-Arabi, the leading Arabic daily newspaper published in UK, published Harun Yahya’s article “Muslims Invite People to Islam Intellectually and With Kindness; They do not Terrorize Countries with Suicide Attacks” on April 17th, 2014. You can read the article in Arabic at this link: http://hhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184969/muslims-invite-people-to-islamhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184969/muslims-invite-people-to-islamSat, 19 Apr 2014 19:01:56 +0300Can all the parties in Turkey unite?News website on international relations and policies based in Pakistan, Opinion Maker, published Harun Yahya’s article “Can all the parties in Turkey unite?” on April 154th, 2014. You may read the article at this link. http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/184948 http://www.opinion-maker.org/2014/04/can-allhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184967/can-all-the-parties-inhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184967/can-all-the-parties-inSat, 19 Apr 2014 18:54:50 +0300How innocent are the acts of occupation in city squares? Weekly English newspaper of Bangladesh, Weekly Blitz, published Harun Yahya’s article “How innocent are the acts of occupation in city squares? ” on April 14th 2014. http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/184911/How-innocent-are-the-acts-of-occupation-in-city-squares http://www.weeklyblitz.net/2014/04/innocenthttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184965/how-innocent-are-the-actshttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184965/how-innocent-are-the-actsSat, 19 Apr 2014 18:50:07 +0300Behind the persecution in MyanmarEnglish newspaper of Malasia, Harakah Daily , published Harun Yahya’s article “Behind the persecution in Myanmar” on April 13th 2014 You may read the article http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/184728/Behind-the-persecution-in-Myanmar http://en.harakahdaily.net/index.php/articles/anahttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184963/behind-the-persecution-in-myanmarhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184963/behind-the-persecution-in-myanmarSat, 19 Apr 2014 18:39:14 +0300How Can Yemen Best Make Use of Its Natural Wealth? National Yemen newspaper published Harun Yahya’s article “How Can Yemen Best Make Use of Its Natural Wealth?” on 13th April 2014. You may read the article at the below links. http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/184959 http://nationalyemen.com/2014/04/13/how-can-yemen-best-make-use-of-its-natural-weahttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184961/how-can-yemen-best-makehttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Harun-Yahya-Impact /184961/how-can-yemen-best-makeSat, 19 Apr 2014 18:30:00 +0300How Can Yemen Best Make Use Of Its Natural Wealth?Yemen possesses considerable oil and natural gas reserves. However, nobody can say that Yemen is making full use of these. Despite having the fourth largest population in the Middle East – if we exclude Palestine – it has the lowest electricity production. Installed power per capita in Yemen is a mere 40 W, comphttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184959/how-can-yemen-best-makehttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184959/how-can-yemen-best-makeSat, 19 Apr 2014 00:41:15 +0300Another Cold War is out of questionPrior to the two great wars, the measure of a nation’s strength was the number of colonies it possessed. The colonial powers would use the resources of their colonies to compensate for the damage inflicted by constant wars and entire industries were even built upon that strategy. On the other hand, the nations whttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184955/another-cold-war-is-outhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184955/another-cold-war-is-outSat, 19 Apr 2014 00:22:05 +0300Repentance provides relief to the heartOne of the primary distinguishing features between unbelievers and believers is that believers frequently perform the religious obligation of repentance; since unbelievers try to regard themselves as free of sin, they feel no need to repent. Believers, on the other hand, are unwilling to commit any sin that will displhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184953/repentance-provides-relief-to-thehttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184953/repentance-provides-relief-to-thehttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/17047.jpgSat, 19 Apr 2014 00:08:10 +0300Turkey must take the lead role to end conflict in SyriaIn its fourth year, the Syrian civil war is becoming more complex by the day. The regime has initiated a policy of unbelievable violence toward its own people and also burned its bridges with numerous friends, including Turkey. When we look at the history of Syria and Turkey, the province of Hatay, the main problhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184951/turkey-must-take-the-leadhttp://evolutiondeceit.com/en/Articles/184951/turkey-must-take-the-leadFri, 18 Apr 2014 23:05:50 +0300