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People who conduct scientific studies to explain the falsity of the attitude of bigots, of radicals should be supported


DIDEM URER: According to the news report of Al Jazeera, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliqi is questioning the attitude of Sunni Turkey towards the Shia Iraqi administration in relation to the recent uprisings in Iraq. They are talking about the possibility of Erdogan providing secret support to Sunni protesters to put the Sunnis forth in the region.

ADNAN OKTAR: Well, my brother, these incidents should be looked into with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi. Shias are radiant Muslims, they are all immaculate people. So what? What difference does it make if they are Shias, Sunnis or Wahhabis? They all are radiant, immaculate Muslims who perform their prayers five times a day, they are all people who are very careful about lawful and unlawful deeds. Discrimination in between them is unacceptable. Mr. Tayyip would never do something like that. Mr. Tayyip is a person who embraces everyone. He is a person who receive Alawites, Sunnis, Bektashis and everyone with open arms. There is something wrong in that. There was a fight in between Shias and Sunnis even before our master Tayyip was elected Prime Minister. They should ask that to the radicals. Would these people get into a fight about Shias and Sunnis just because Mr. Erdogan said so? Such things happen with the instructions of radicals, with the encouragement of radicals. People who conduct scientific studies to explain the falsity of the attitude of bigots, of radicals should be supported. (Mr. Adnan Oktar, January 2nd, 2013, A9 TV) 

2013-02-04 04:01:29

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