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''There is no need to search for new names. She already has an excellent name: 'Turkey'. A very beautiful and decent name.''


It is obvious that the homeland will not be divided, by Allah’s leave. Growth and the Islamic Union are essential. Being divided is haram (illegal). All Muslims are against what is haram. Unification is obligatory. Now we are carrying out that obligation by Allah’s leave. But let’s not use names like ‘Kurdistan and Lazistan’, even if they were used before; there is no need. Let’s say Turkey. That  name is enough. Let’s say Anatolia. That name is enough. That might confuse people's minds. Are we going to call the Black Sea region Lazistan? What are we going to call Izmir? This is not true  as there are many Turkish, Circassian, Abhaza people and immigrants in the Black Sea region. Had there been only Laz people, still, who needs it? Why do we need such a name? In Islam there is the mentality of unification, the ummah and community. As a people when we say Turkish people, we include everyone who lives on these lands, whether Armenian, Laz, Kurd, Circassian, Jewish or whatnot. All of them are our dear brothers. There is no need for conflict. There is no need to search for a new name. We do not have such an obligation. There is no such problem. And that name has no use for us. When we call the Southeast Kurdistan, what are we going to gain? Which problem is going to be solved? What is it going to solve? As long as democracy is complete, human rights are present, art, science and aesthetics are complete, love and fear of Allah is complete, what is the use for it? Why call the Black Sea region Lazistan and why call the Southeast Kurdistan? What are we going to call Antalya? There are so many tourists there. Are we to call it “Touristania”? It is out of question. There is no need for such names.

Kurds are our heart. They are the warm decent sons of Anatolia; our brothers. These new regional names would confuse us for no reason. It would cause unrest. It was used before, and let’s not use what was used before. Let’s make things better and more beautiful. We need to give up that mentality. A unifying name: She already has an excellent name; “Turkey”. A very beautiful and decent name. When we go to Germany, we say Germany. We ask the man and he says, “I am German” but perhaps he is of Russian origin. Then we ask what his origin is. He says, “I am Russian but I am German.” Alright. What is the need for conflict? We go to France and there are many people in France from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Where are you from my fellow citizen? It is over. We go to America and we ask a Mexican person and he says, “I am an American.” We ask an Italian person and he says, “I am American.” There is no need to prolong it. As long as there is unification, brotherhood and democracy, what does it matter? What is important is that people live comfortably, are respected, are appreciated and that fascism is eradicated, that  hyper-capitalism is eradicated, brutality is eradicated, that the deep state is destroyed, that state gangs are destroyed. This is it. Establishing true democracy. What does it matter as long as this is done? Do we need to say that we came to Kurdistan when we visit the Southeast region? They are our Kurdish brothers. After taking ten steps I will meet with Arabs. What do I need to say to them? Hatay for example;there are many Arabs in Hatay and Mardin and also in Siirt there are many Arabs. What are we going to call it there? Arabia? Do not do this. There is no need for such things.

Let’s have the highest level of love, respect and regard for our Kurdish brothers. When we appreciate all Anatolian people and all of our brothers and Turkish people, and when we deflate arrogant people and inflate those at the bottom, everything would be solved. This is because looking down on someone is a very petty and cruel act. Why do you look down on others? Be at the bottom, be like soil, be humble. We would hold the humble ones dear. For example, it is so nice that the Minister of Internal Affairs is Kurdish. I am very proud about that. The Undersecretary of the National Intelligence Agency is also Kurdish. I am very proud of this. They are very decent people. So what? Are we going to say that he came from Kurdistan? They are our own brothers from Turkey. Yes. They crushed us a lot. True. We suffered a lot. But thanks to Allah we are getting rid of this trouble. We are still in trouble and suffering but there is a forward movement and ease ahead. This happy ending will come with the Islamic Union. A modern, loving, smart, scientific, democratic and beautiful system; an environment where no one interferes with anyone, where everyone is completely free, where everyone lives freely and everyone defends their own beliefs freely. This is what the Islamic Union is.

This is my letter in response to Abdullah Ocalan’s letter, insha’Allah. What we want from Abdullah Ocalan is that he repents, performs his prayers, submits to Allah and leans on the Qur'an. The young people in the PKK should do this also. They should repent. Going abroad is not enough. Leaving weapons is not enough. They must submit to Allah and the Qur'an completely and repent and desire the Islamic Union.

This is what I am going to say, insha’Allah. However, there will be a beauty and relief in the end, of course; this is because we are in the age of the Mahdi. My words are true. I am narrating from the Prophet (saas). I am not saying anything autogenously. I am referring to the sign of the Qur’an and the words of our Prophet (saas), insha’Allah. (Adnan Oktar, March 21st, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-04-27 10:18:36

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