Evolution Hoax

''Both Palestine and Israel are like semi-open prisons. Let’s abolish this prison-like appearance and turn both countries into Paradise. Let’s build villas, orchards and gardens everywhere just like in Paris and London…''


Palestinians are our dear children. Let’s open those camps and turn Palestine into London and Paris. Let’s build villas along the seashore so children could have fun and enjoy. Why live in camps? We can remove this barbed wire. We can pull down all the security walls in Israel. What is this? They have turned Israel into prison.  Israeli people are in prison. Palestine also lives in a prison.

Palestine is made up of prisons; there are small prisons all over the place. It is just like a semi-open prison. There are police officers waiting at the gates checking you going in and out. They look into your bag. You go to prison and you come out of prison. Israel has become just like this.

Let’s remove that prison-like appearance. Let’s pull down all of the walls. Let’s remove all this barbed wire and all. Palestinians are honest people. They should dance the halay together, brother. The seacoast and the region is extremely beautiful. Let’s plant olive groves everywhere and let’s make orange gardens. There is a very large land; it would suffice for all of their predecessors. Is this not enough? What is the reason of this fight? What is this vileness? They are always picking on each other; one is launching a rocket and the other one bombs. The prisons are full of people. There are thousands of Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Also, there are our own brothers in Palestine; let’s let them go. They do not commit any political crimes; they are just holding them there. Let them go so they can live at ease. They are suffering for no reason.

Hatred brings hatred. When you hate Israel, Israelis hate you. When you hate Armenians, Armenians hate you. When you hate Arabs, Arabs hate you. There is no end to hatred. The salvation of the world is through love. They have made people forget love. This is the case all over the world.

Palestinians kids are also very sweet with their big eyes. Palestinian young men are very handsome. Palestinian young women are very beautiful. Israeli young women are very, very beautiful. They are the descendants of prophets. One side comes from the Prophet Ismael (pbuh) and the other side comes from the Prophet Jacob (pbuh); both come from the  lineage of the Prophet Israel (pbuh). What a beautiful lineage of prophets. Let’s let them live in that region with joy and prosperity. Let’s build hospitals, let’s build facilities, let’s build schools, right? The sea coast is empty from end to end; hundreds of kilometers. Let’s build villas side to sides s so that young people can go from one place to another in roadsters like in Florida. What is the need for this vileness? What is the need for this fear?

Let’s make Jerusalem like Paradise. Let’s clean everywhere fastiduously. Let’s not focus on civilian settlements there. Let’s beautify historical buildings and direct civilian settlement towards that. There is no need for civilian settlements . There must be gardens everywhere. Let’s protect and clean up historical buildings. Let’s arrange ruined places if any. And let’s build the Temple of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). This is the first thing we will do; to build the masjid of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). It will be immense, with gold plating, insha’Allah, just like it is described. It will grab a lot of attention as an exceptional event in the world. (Adnan Oktar, April 1st, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-04-27 12:14:43

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