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''Islam is a religion of peace. Obama is against the extremist mindset, not against Islam''

DİDEM ÜRER: In a statement about their fight against terror, U.S. President Obama said: “Our fight is not against Islam, but against al-Qaeda and the Taliban.” He then went on to say that some extremists think that “the West can never be reconciled with Islam” and that they regard violence as justified. “However, America is not at war with Islam; this ideology and terrorist attacks are rejected by the majority of Muslims,” he said.

ADNAN OKTAR: Now, they are not wrong, of course. Various things have gone wrong. The expressions in some classic works are terrifying. According to what these works say, anyone who shaves every week should be killed. That is written explicitly, so why do you deny it? People who do not pray are to be killed according to three of the sects. In the fourth sect they are to be beaten till the blood flows. Until the person goes into a coma, in other words: Then if he still persists in not praying he is to be killed.

If someone who believes in these expressions then says, ‘Islam is a religion of love,’ people will not believe him because you do not practice what you preach. Allah says, “There is no compulsion in religion.” The other wide make things up and say, ‘I will beat you to death with sticks. I will make you pray.” Yet Allah says, “There is no compulsion in religion.” Do you not believe what Allah says. “I do not believe, and I have found these things for myself,” these people say. “I have discovered this idea of beating you until you pray” they say.

This contravenes the Qur’an and Islam but they ignore this. These fabricated hadiths say, ‘When you see a Christian, you must force him into a corner.’ Treat him with contempt, in other words. In their eyes, what must we do if we realize that someone walking along is a Christian? We are meant to shoulder-barge him. So where is he expected to walk? “Force him to the edge of the road and humiliate him,” they say.

Why do you deny it? That is what you think. You have added things to Allah’s religion. What are you trying to turn our luminous Islam into? Then they say, ‘Islam is a religion of peace.’ But nobody will believe them. Of course Islam is a religion of peace. But is what you describe, filled with nonsense, a religion of peace? What you describe is savagery. You talk of savagery. You do not speak of the religion of the Qur’an. You have established a fabricated faith. You then add provisions from your own head that you say are Islam. You should espouse the pure Islam based on the Qur’an. You should scrupulously abide by Allah’s commands. But if something does not suit them, may Allah forbid, they say, ‘No, Allah has revoked this.’ You have lost your senses. How can a verse of the Qur’an cease to apply? The Qur’an is valid until the Day of Reckoning.

The true faith will defend itself. The Qur’an will defend itself. But, by Allah’s leave, we must try to win these people over as quickly as possible. We cannot get anywhere with exclusion and contempt, insha’Allah. (Adnan Oktar, 24 May 2013: A9 TV)


2013-06-10 18:42:49

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