Evolution Hoax

Worshippers Have Grown In Number

The Number of Worshippers Has Risen

A recent survey has shown that there has been a rise in the number of people in Turkey saying they worship on a regular basis. According to the poll, 45% of respondents worship more than once a week, while 25% worship once a week.

The strengthening of religious feelings leads to greater peace in society. Religion is a force that keeps a nation alive. Strengthening faith and morality serves to protect the state. Ataturk emphasized the importance of this by saying, “States without religious faith cannot survive.”

The Turkish nation has come to possess a greater faith in Allah with the revelation of all the insuperable dilemmas facing the theory of evolution, and a powerful reaction against policies intended to fragment the country and turn the public into atheists has emerged. Nonsensical reports on the subject of evolution appearing in certain press organs have failed to achieve their aim of turning society away from Allah because the Turkish public are now in possession of the scientific facts.

The Turkish public, whose faith is constantly growing, have realized Allah’s Might. The idea of worshipping our Lord, the Creator of all living things on the Earth and in the heavens, is spreading throughout the entire nation.

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