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61 Years old Jewish Doctor became a Muslim

German Citizen Orthodox Jew psychologist  Doctor Anters Geb Radojcic, who owns also the nationality of Israel, has been living in Manavgat, Turkey for 11 years,  embraced Islam and changed her name as Fatma. So, the first ihtida ceremony (ceremony of embracing Islam) of the year 2010 was organized for Fatma (61).

Fatma expressed her feelings as: “The  close interest, affection and sincere behavior of my  Muslim neighbors caused me to make some research about the Islam religion. Anyhow, I have been reading the Qur’an’s German translation regularly for five years.  I have learned about the Hereafter and hope of the resurrection in the Hereafter as well as the resurrection of my beloved ones in the Hereafter. That really enthusiased me. I turned my face to my Lord, Whom I was  always praying to.”




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