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Well Educated Romanians convert to Islam

There has been a dramatic increase going on among people converting to Islam in Romania, in the recent years. Bari Nardeen, Leader of Romania Muslim Youth Association states that apart from the Tatars, Turks, Gypsies and Albanians who settled in Romania during Ottoman Empire, there are also Syrian Arabs and Turks living in Romania. The third category of Muslims is in fact Romanians themselves. Also Nardeen emphasizes that most of the Romanians who have become Muslims are in fact well educated professionals.

In the recent years, Islam has been rapidly increasing especially among well educated professionals in Romania. Bari Nardeen clarifies that there are doctors, engineers and people from other occupations converting to Islam; so the Muslim minority stands in an important position in Romania.


Although the official figure of Muslim population has not been clearly defined yet in Romania which has a total population of 22 million, Nardeen expresses that the figure of Muslim population is estimated as a hundred thousand. Nardeen also adds that Islam is recognized as a formal religion in Romania and thus, Muslims are free from worry while performing their religious duties and do not confront any problem in building up places of worship.

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