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Bartholomeos : ""I am reading the Qur’an in Greek""

In his interview with Bilge Eser from Sabah Newspaper, Bartholomeos, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Fener, expresses; “I am reading the Qur’an in Greek and have an idea that Mary is very well respected in the Qur’an.”

In Trabzon city of Turkey, Bartholomeos lead the historical ceremony at Sumela Monastery on 15th of August in memory of Mary (as). He expressed his thoughts by saying; “I am sure the Muslim world in Trabzon shares our feelings in showing respect to Mary. The Sultans (Monarchs) of Ottoman Empire showed respect to this monastery as well as the predecessor Christian Emperors. My speech will be in Turkish and in Greek and I will tell the names of these Ottoman Sultans. This place is holy both for Orthodox Christians and also for the local people. Our prayers are for the alliance of the people not for their separation.”

2010-08-13 00:00:00

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