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Sounds of Friday Azan in University of Harward

Every Friday, the azan (call for prayer) is recited at  Harward University of United States. Following the recital of the azan, hundreds Muslim students perform their Friday prayers in the prayer room reserved for them at the campus building.

In the Harward University special gym classes were held for female Muslim students  so as to make them feel more comfortable. This practice is also supported by other female students from other religions who do not want to be in the same class with their male mates during gym classes. Besides that, under the leadership of Harward Islamic Society, there are also conferences being held at the campus building covering the topics on religious and political matters. 

Furthermore, at the campus cafeteria, halal food (food is cooked in compliance with the Islamic rules) is served to Muslim students. The halal food is checked by Muslim students in charge. Also Muslim students break their fasts during Ramadan at the cafeteria where halal food is served.

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