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Islamic Youth is coming together

Union of Islamic World Non Governmental Organizations (IDSB) organized the forth of its International Youth Meetings.

“Islamic Civilization” was discussed during the meeting in which nearly 150 young people from various countries of the world joined. “Unfortunately, moral failure and worldly concerns that stretch out from the West to the Islamic World, like an epidemic or an infection, catch the society and the families to swallow them up.” said Necmi Sadıkoglu, General Secretary of IDSB. Sadıkoglu also expressed that a well-bred Muslim youth will bring good to the religion as well as to his country and nation because of the good qualities he possesses by means of his faith.

Erol Yarar, Chairman of both MUSIAD and Palestine Platform stated that his youth was passed in difficulties and explained as; “We rose up in the times of guns shooting at the universities and brothers killing brothers. At those times young people died every day. Such a meeting was only held in our dreams but we prayed very much for it. Thanks to Allah that He blessed it to us now.”

Yeni Asya, 14 July 2010

2010-07-14 00:00:00

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