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A way out for some people who do not want to see women around

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated October 16th, 2013

Didem Urer: Yesterday on the TV, an Algerian was saying; "a woman's whole face should be covered while wandering around in the streets, she can only open one of her eyes slightly and look around not to fall down."


Adnan Oktar: Here you go. Well my dear ones, why do they not try the practical way? I fail to understand this. I will find these people a very easy way out. We will place a paper bag on their heads and make a small hole on this paper bag, they can keep all their clothing on. That is a very easy, very cheap method. We will make two small holes above their noses for them to breathe through so that they will take in air from those holes and we will open another hole on the paper bag for their single eye for them to see through, if they see a lady approaching they will close that hole and that is it!

For instance see that our Jewish friends here have found themselves a solution, do that your selves. There is no need to meddle with ladies. In order not to look at ladies they are placing black covers over their heads. That is also a solution but paper bags would be cheaper and easier. Of course we can bring 10 tons- 15 tons of paper bags for those who need. They can also put plastic bags over their heads if they like. There is such a convenience. Instead of covering ladies, I recommend them to cover their own heads. Only then the whole issue will be solved and ladies will then go around as ever they like.  

2013-10-20 20:25:31

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