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Mr. Adnan Oktar talks about his time in Psychiatric Hospital

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 1st, 2013

Adnan Oktar: We've been through many ordeals back then. Look here it says.. This is about the service, the closed service in which the fiercest patients were put in the Bakırköy Hospital for mental diseases. However the patients were allowed to go out back then. They were also allowed to go to their homes, they were sent back to their homes on the weekends. They were free to make phone calls whenever they like. Anyone who goes there to visit would see; the patients in the hospital wander around freely in the garden of the hospital. That is a known fact, even the patients in the closed ward go out in the garden.  Look, here is a document from those times. This is written on the order of the Physician- in- Chief. "The patient named Adnan Oktar is by no means allowed to be visited by or make phone calls to anyone except for his mother Mediha Oktar, his brother Kenan Oktar, and his attorney Vehbi Kahveci. And he is by no means allowed to go outside." Can we show that document now?" Look, it's written: "The patient named Adnan Oktar is by no means allowed to be visited by or make phone calls to anyone except for his mother Mediha Oktar, his brother Kenan Oktar, and his attorney Vehbi Kahveci. And he is by no means allowed to go outside."  That was a method employed only for me. There were mental patients who had committed murder, mental patients who killed two or three people before.  They were free to wander around as ever they like in the garden, they were even allowed to go outside and buy food, they were allowed to go shopping and they were all free to make phone calls as  they like, they were free to go to the dining hall, they were walking around the garden of the hospital. These were all forbidden only for me. For nineteen months, I was not allowed to go outside. It was forbidden. You are not allowed to see your friends or anyone else, they told me. And they brought this note and hung it on my door. There was a very strict surveillance.  Phone calls were forbidden. Everyone else was allowed to make phone calls as  they liked, but I had a telephone ban. It was forbidden for me to see my friends. I was not allowed to go out to the dining hall or to the garden. Look, the other patients were allowed to go to their homes on the weekends. That was not possible for me . And there was a closed garden in the closed ward and I was not even allowed to go out there. I was not allowed to go out in the closed garden when the other patients were allowed to go out in the big garden around the mental hospital.  Anyone who visits would see, patients go out and wander around in the entire garden. They also had a small garden inside the hospital building and I was not allowed to go there either. And as if these were not enough, they  put chains around my legs. That was something never been seen in history. It was really something very weird.

Didem Ürer: They were not even allowing you to see the doctors.

Adnan Oktar: It was forbidden for me to see the doctors, to see the nurses. It was unbelievable. I  asked the late Physician- in- Chief back then, "With whom should I be talking to then?" He said, "Go and talk to the mental patients." I said, "They cannot talk, they only make weird noises." He said, "Then go and think why they put you here. Unless you put an end to your activities, - meaning your activities aiming to communicate Islam and the words of the Qur'an- you will not be allowed to leave  here. But I will not let you go out for a lifetime. I have such an authority." I was surprised to hear this. Actually he did have that authority by law but despite all these things, we've continued our activities anyway.  I was writing messages and dropping down the notes from the window. And our friends used to come there under the window. They secretly came into the garden by jumping over the wall. I was writing messages and thus keeping in touch with them. We've had a picture of that window that I used to communicate with our friends back then.

Didem Ürer: Yes, Master.

Adnan Oktar: Do we have it here now?

Didem Ürer: Let us find it Master.

Adnan Oktar: That was a back window. There was a deserted garden which they used as a junkyard. There was a wall around that garden, a weathered wall, our friends used to jump over that wall and there was a second wall which they jumped over to come under that window. And I was dropping down messages from that window. I mean this was how we operated. Under such difficult conditions, we kept our activities going on. For that reason, we've been through such difficult times. And now they keep asking us, "Why are you striving against the alleged Ergenekon terror organization?" Why should we not? If you think a little, you would see that the country has thus been saved from a great danger. Yes, that is the picture, show it to us. And those others are the famous crazy people. They were all very sweet. They were helping me a little as well. Underneath this window, under this building there was that garden I told about. This was the farthest corner of the closed ward that we were put in. A little past this window was my room. It was on the other side of this window, it was a broken down, small room converted from a bathroom, its door was broken as well, you could easily get inside if you pushed it a little. The stones were all broken down. The walls were all broken down; there were holes on the walls, big holes. It was such a strange place, a place like a nightmare.  We  communicated Islam and the Qur'an under such conditions.

Didem Ürer: Masha'Allah, Master.

Adnan Oktar: But of course now some people tend to forget those times. Yes Didem, I am listening to you now.

Didem Ürer: Insha'Allah, Master. We have a website psychologicalwarfaremethods.com I want to show that.

Adnan Oktar: psychologicalwarfaremethods.com. Yes, these things are all explained here in this website with all the details. Yes.

Didem Ürer: Along with the related documents. We have it here along with all related official documents, insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar: http://www.psychologicalwarfaremethods.com/ Yes that is true. Actually, we are still struggling against the machinations of those people.


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