Evolution Hoax

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( July 13th, 2012)


“ON THE 2ND HOUR OF THE 10TH DAY OF RAMADAN”, look, Bediüzzaman does not give that detail for no reason. “On the 2nd hour of the 10th day of Ramadan,” in other words, 2 p.m. MAY THE DISBELIEVERS NOT FORGET THIS DATE. THEY MUST KEEP IT WELL IN MIND. The 2nd hour of the 10th day of Ramadan, 2120. The Qur’an also refers to those 10 days. Ten days, there is a verse about it  . “THIS HADITH SUDDENLY RETURNED TO MY MEMORY ON THE 2ND HOUR OF THE 10TH DAY OF RAMADAN. PERHAPS IT REMINDED ME HOW LONG THE GROUP OF DISCIPLES OF THE RISALE-I NUR WOULD CONTINUE.” In other words, he says he wondered how long the followers of the Nur, his students, would survive.

 “Lâ tezâlü tâifetün min ümmetî” “ A group from my Ummah will persist and not disappear; the gemination mark is counted, but not the nunnation” – Look, he knows the date beforehand, and sets it out himself. “The numbers in the quotation suggest it will last until 1542, or 2117 AD”. So until that date, Islam will survive, albeit in a very weakened state. There will still be people who speak of Allah. Until when? Until 2117. Not 2118. Then it comes to an end. “Only Allah knows the secret knowledge.” “Zâhirine ale’l-hak.” It will continue as the truth. The quotation with the gemination mark gives 1506, or 2082 AD. OUR ACTIVITY WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THAT DATE, UNTIL 2082. WE ARE NOW IN 2012. 2082, ANOTHER 70 YEARS. ALL WITHIN THIS SPACE OF TIME; BY THAT DATE “IT WILL BE CLEAR AND EVIDENT, AND PERHAPS END IN VICTORY”. EVIDENT AND APPARENT, BUT IT WILL START TO WEAKEN BY 1506 BECAUSE HE SAYS IT WILL ‘PERHAPS END IN VICTORY’.” One would expect him to say, “...clear, evident and victorious.” He agrees it will be “clear and evident.” He says they will preach in such a way that everyone will hear. The preaching will be clear. BUT HE SAYS, “IT WILL PERHAPS END IN VICTORY.” THAT MEANS THAT THE TREND WILL TURN DOWNWARD. Because by then the Mahdi has died, Jesus the Messiah has died. Then until Hijri 1542 “...it will be in secrecy and in defeat.” The downward trend has begun, and they will abandon what is clear and evident. What do they do? In secrecy and in defeat. Things are no longer clear and evident. They are secretive. Very secretive. Their homes and worship and everything are all in secret. Because it is all secret, and even if they tell people, the people they tell will not understand. There is defeat.


MASHA’ALLAH, INSHA’ALLAH, THE ATOMS OF THE WORLD WILL CONSTANTLY FEEL ITS REPETITION. Destiny is thus constantly moving towards global reign. 'MASHA’ALLAH, INSHA’ALLAH, THE FOODS OF DESTINY.’ Destiny loves masha’Allah and insha’Allah.

2012-11-01 15:35:15

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