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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 May 2013)


Surah Yusuf, 54th verse

The King said, ‘Bring him to me straight away! so I may draw him very close to me.’ When he had spoken with him, he declared, ‘Today you are trusted, established in our sight." 

What makes a person clever? Reliability. So, hear what he says first? [He says that Joseph is] A trusted person. A reliable person is a perfect fit for leadership. ‘In our sight’. So, we understand that Muslims can do great services in a country’s management force, as long as they have useful activities. The Qur'an refers to that. 

Surah Yusuf, 55th verse

He said, ‘Entrust the country's stores to me. In truth I am a knowing guardian.’

‘He [Joseph] said, ‘Entrust the country's stores to me.’ Whoever has the control over  capital, controls the country. This is true all around the world. Being in charge of  capital will ensure being in charge of the country. This is how it works all around the world. ‘In truth I am a knowing guardian.’ Another quality of a believer. He is reliable, knowing. What is highlighted here? His protectiveness. What does he guard? Everyone, everything. People, animals, plants, everything. ‘Knowing’. So Muslims should be knowledgeable, educated and reliable. Knowing. You know there is that saying ‘ask someone who knows’. He knows.

Surah Yusuf, 56th verse

And thus We established Joseph in the land so he could live in any place he pleased. We grant Our grace to anyone We will and We do not allow to go to waste the wage of any people who do good.

‘And thus We established Joseph in the land so he could live in any place he pleased.’ It was so safe, he could go on a journey, stop anywhere he wanted and then move on again. He could go to many places, could stay at different locations. It is a nice thing for a person to travel to a lot of places, enjoy the company of different hosts.  ‘We grant Our grace to anyone We will’. Allah wishes His grace for Hz. Mahdi (as) and grants it to him. Allah wishes it for Prophet Joseph (as) and grants to him ‘...and We do not allow to go to waste the wage of any people who do good’. The numerical value of this part of the verse is 1998. If a person is good, if he has a good character, if he is wise, Almighty Allah says, I will definitely grant my grace to him. 

Surah Yusuf, 59th verse

Then, having supplied their needs, he said to them, ‘Bring me your brother, your father’s youngest son. Do you not see that I dispense full measure and am the most hospitable of hosts?. There is a reason for this, but we’ll talk about that later. ‘Do you not see that I dispense full measure?’ What is one of the most defining characteristics of Muslims? They are honest. They dispense full measure. Everything they do, their speech, attitude, how they use their time, their business, in everything they do, they are always reasonable and achieve the right measure. ‘[I] am the most hospitable of hosts.’ What was a very distinctive quality of Prophet Abraham (as)? He was hospitable, he was a great host. He was full of love for people. When he had guests, he was always generous. He offered them the best food, gave them presents, took them  sightseeing. Prophet Joseph (as) had the same character. Joseph (as) was the same.  

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