Evolution Hoax

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (11 October 2013)

God is the One Who teaches compassion and mercy to people 

Sometimes children burn to death as well. Why do you only stress on people starving to death? Or sometimes an avalanche falls or earthquakes happen and children die underneath the wreckage.

Actually some people do not know what kind of a system God created. They are completely unaware that they are simply interacting with a screen inside their brains. They are unaware that they are merely responding to the flow of information inside their brains. They are unaware that the feelings of touch, seeing, hearing, thinking and all other sorts of feelings are constantly being poured upon them specifically through a channel.

One looks and sees that there is something about fifty meters away. He says; "There is a child there." Actually if you were to grasp the secret knowledge therein, you would have instantly understood the whole matter. God might show you a hundred people, but may be only fifty among them might be humans, and the rest might be merely images, and you wouldn't know; you wouldn't know which one is what. You might think that what you see is a person, but it might actually be something else. You might think what you see is something else and it might be a person. For instance, one might think that something is simply something like furniture when actually it is an individual. One might think that what he sees is a person when actually it is not. 

For instance, while you are  dreaming, you see a child burning and you run vigorously to save him. You even dive into the fire just to save that child, right? And you take that child out of that fire, burn yourself and end up in the hospital but the child still dies. And in your dream you say; "What a pity! That child has died and I am wounded!" Later on you wake up and see there is no ambulance, no fire and no child. 

God knows what to do. Do not attempt to teach mercy to God: God is the One Who teaches you what mercy is. God is the One Who teaches you what compassion is.  And then you step up and attempt to teach mercy to God; you wouldn't have known mercy or compassion if God hadn't taught you about those anyway. God teaches you all those things and you attempt to make comments about God with what God shows you. God is the One Who shows you everything, every last bit of this image every single second. 

2013-10-22 18:59:49

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