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150-year Theory A Subject For Mockery

Dagbladet Information, published in Copenhagen and with a daily readership of around 110,000, carried an article on 12 February, 2009, titled "Congratulations Darwin, You Are a Liar.” The report described Harun Yahya"s anti-Darwinist activities as follows:

The world is today celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday. Impressive celebrations are taking place in some countries, but this 150-YEAR-OLD THEORY IS THE SUBJECT OF MOCKERY AND TOTALLY REJECTED IN OTHERS  ...

A famous anti-Darwinist

The Muslim and anti-Darwinist Adnan Oktar has now stepped up his activities. In particular, he is the individual behind the darwinism-watch.com web site that never fails to examine any of the reports concerning Darwin that have recently been appearing in the media on an intensive basis.

Today, when these 200th anniversary celebrations are taking place, the TURKISH ADNAN OKTAR HAS RECENTLY CHALLENGED THE WORLD’S SCIENTISTS TO PRODUCE EVIDENCE PROVING DARWIN’S THEORY. In a statement to The Guardian newspaper he said, “I will give 10 trillion Turkish lira if they can do this.” 

As one of the world’s best-known anti-Darwinists he has earned an enormous success with his statements and newly published books. His chez d’oeuvre is the giant 7 kg and 786 page Atlas of Creation. The book contains pictures of fossils and maintains that man never underwent any physical evolution and is the same now as he was 100 million years ago.
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