Evolution Hoax

Josep Gallifa Roca ( Academic Vicerector And Secratary General; Universitat At Ramon Llull Barcelona )

Thank you for sending me the books Ýslam Denounces Terorism, El engano del evolucionismo. Matter: the other name for illusion and Pueblos deseparecidos.

As a chiristian catholic I value very much the Harun Yahya work and I share with the author the vision of human being and his relationship with the creator God. I think that metarialist ideology as a problem for religion and for humanity.

Congratulations for this work, thank you for the books. I will have arfuments to communicate that Islam denounces terrorism with more grounds that I use to do.

I think that this works presents the intellectuel basis for helping to understand faith to unbelievers. This is an important and not easy issue for western civilization.

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