Evolution Hoax

Clausthal University Conference

Our conference titled "Modern Scientific Facts Concerning the Emergence of Life“ attracted intense participation from various departments of the university, particularly the departments of physics, biology and mathematics.

Following the conference, university students also attended an iftar dinner arranged jointly with the ‘Catholic and Evangelical Student Community of Clausthal’ and discussed and exchanged ideas on unity among the Divine faiths and the invalidity of Darwinism.

The Goslarsche Zeitung (23 July issue), one of the press organs covering the conference, carried a report concerning it titled “Every Art has an Artist.” The piece said that a fossil exhibition was held in addition to the conference, which discussed the invalidity of the theory of evolution taking eminent scientists as its reference point, that the fossil record contains no transitional forms and that Darwinism will be history within the next 10-15 years.

Books by Harun Yahya were distributed free of charge after the conference.

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