Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 23 November 2011

A9 TV; November 23rd, 2011

(Regarding the essence of  Matter)

When we will discuss the essence of matter in the year 2012, people will jump into the air and kneel down. They will grasp the unusual and metaphysical nature of the universe in which they live. But of course I will lay the groundwork first, and then speak of it. They will be left breathless when they learn this secret. Many people are unaware of Allah’s artistry. They are also unaware what they see. They look at the screen but they simply think that they are looking at it. The fact is however, that they are looking into their brains. We will teach this secret of Allah to those who are unaware of it. Those who know it will improve their knowledge, Insha’Allah.

(Regarding the  symbiosis of the squid and luminous bacteria- in relation to the moonlight   received at nights, squids become invisible by means of the luminous bacteria living upon them)

A smartness of an utmost level. Allah creates wonderful beings with delicate, beautiful details in order to constantly amaze us. We can discover them by means of science. We see the artistry of Allah by means of science. Science is obligatory. Science is obligatory to make us see almost all the beauties, all the details of Allah. I am amazed at people who see these details, but still do not believe. This is simply a miracle; there is no other explanation. Almighty Allah says that we should in fact be amazed at how they do not have faith. This is something astonishing.

 I look at your faces with attention; how pure, qualified, well-mannered, healthy, peaceful, sincere and conscientious you are. You are extremely well-mannered, masha’Allah. I sometimes come across  some young girls; they act like they are crazy. Allah has taken their wisdom. They are affected, fearful, wild, unkind, rude, cruel; they are atrocious like animals. They see themselves as sexual objects. There is some kind of the timidness of an animal upon them; they show the reactions of animals. The maturity, gentleness, and respect becoming to a Muslim is perfect. Everything about you is perfect. Masha’Allah. Alhamdulillah.

 (In response to the e-mail message, “Why do your lady friends appear in your program on A9 Channel?”)

Why have you developed such a viewpoint towards the ladies? How have you come up with this mindset? Ladies are the most important beings of this world. Ladies are the most companionable beings, the Muslim ladies. They are extremely pure; what a great blessing this is, right?They have become usedto the sovereignty or dominion  of men; they are astonished at it. “This is our area; how on earth did the ladies come in here?” You will get used to it. Ladies will go all the way to Damascus alone. We have entered the time of the system of Mahdi (as). We are in a time when ladies will be free. From now on, there will be no pressure upon ladies. Anyone who wants can wear revealing clothes; those who want can wear burqas or scarves. Anyone can come to our  Channel and talk. Ladies will be scientists, members of parliament, even prime minister. There will be ladies everywhere. You will get used to it from now on.

(Regarding the website www.dogadakimuhendislik.comdesigned by one of our brothers)

Well-done to our brother, masha’Allah. They say, “We have no opportunity.” Why don’t you have any opportunity? Notice that our young brother may also have no opportunity. But he has accomplished  a great work within the limited means he possesses. This means that if anyone wants, it can happen. There is nothing meaningful in saying, “There is nothing to do.”

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