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Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview on the 7 December 2011


A9 TV; 7 December 2011


Muslims live a very clean life; they are very clean. Therefore, there is a youthfulness and a niceness about them. In disbelief, they suffer a lot. Lack of resignation begins to attack the weak body of the person. For example, he coughs and says, “I wonder if I have cancer?” For example, there was a friend and he recently asked, “Master my head hurts, I wonder if I have a tumor in my head?” This is due to lack of resignation. Of course a person can think about this but if this turns into a fear and creates stress, it is not right. For example, someone’s child goes out and she asks, “I wonder if he will come back alive? Did he have a car accident? Did something happen to him?” She thinks about that till evening, feeling that tension. “Am I going to pass the university exam?” I know many women who say, “Am I going to get old?” and then checks herself every hour in the mirror. Are there wrinkles under her eyes? Did her forehead begin to wrinkle? Even that hurts her. Thus the human body cannot take that much pain. A Muslim is resigned in any case. When he or she is resigned, suggestions cannot attack them. The body or cells do not taste the pain of lack of resignation. The cells are then comforted. When the soul attacks the body, it collapses the body via pain because the body is under the soul’s control. What does the soul say? It says, “Raise your arm” and the man raises his arm. It says, “Eat food” and he eats food. He does whatever the soul commands. The soul says, “I will attack you. You lack resignation. I will crush your cells one by one, break your bones one by one, melt your brain, wrinkle your face and hurt you because you do not resign yourself to Allah.” Then the body is attacked by the soul. The soul wrinkles the face, melts the brain and begins to crush the body. It says “Have faith or I will hurt you like this.” That person says, “I do not want to resign myself, I cannot resign.” It says, “Then I will continue to hurt you. I will wrinkle you.” It wrinkles and destroys her. They can fix it with technical methods a little. It gets wrinkled again. This time it begins to harm the internal organs. When you resign yourself to Allah, the soul does not attack. The soul leaves the person alone and makes him peaceful. The soul feeds the cells. It gives them electricity by Allah’s leave. It makes the skin younger. It is even told of in the Torah, it drew my attention, “The skins of those who do not believe in Allah, who fall into disbelief and attack Islam will be like the skin of donkeys.” Look it will be like a donkey's skin. Allah says, “I will make the skin of those who believe in Allah and love Allah as a child’s skin.” He says, “I will beautify the skins of believers.” The youthful expression on our Prophet (saas)’s face was never gone. He had a child-like and sweet face from birth to adulthood and also his child-like sweetness continued in his death. His child-like innocence never left his face.

Alcohol is harmful. It is both harmful and firstly forbidden by religion. But it is harmful. So no one should long for it; it is not something amusing as thought. We are not deprived of a blessing or anything. It increases blood pressure as soon as it is consumed. This is very risky. Also blood pressure has its own balance and it disturbs that. The blood pressure’s balance is disrupted. This is very bad. It boils the liver up like an enemy invasion. It enters the liver and burns the place down. It enters into cells by cutting everything else up. The liver cells are terrified when they see alcohol. It destroys them. Then it goes to the brain. Its destruction to the brain is enormous. When it touches the brain cell, it brings the cell down as it touches it. There would be a vast destruction of cells. He says, “We had so much fun.” What fun? How is it fun? He says, “I want to cheer up.” You cheer up with faith. How will you cheer up? Your head goes one way and eyes the other. Eyes lose sight. Vision becomes double. What is the fun in that? It is very disturbing to see the vision double. Why does he see double? Because he is poisoned. It is due to heavy poisoning. The same thing applies to mercury poisoning; vision becomes double. But alcohol enters this group of heavy poisons. What is the need my brother? What is the need? What is the need for this misery? Set up the table, very nice. Melon, white cheese, pickled tuna, every sort of barbecue. The music begins slowly. Profuseness and love is very nice. He drinks, gives away the keys to his house, “Take it, it is yours.” Hugging, kissing and all. He says later, “I would like the have the keys back” in the morning. Are keys given to someone taken back? If you give it as a gift, then it is done. This is the beauty of being sober, insha’Allah. A Muslim can give the keys to a loved one. But he does not take it back again. He gives them when drunk and wants it back later. No. He is drunk and it is very disturbing. What can you discuss with a drunken person? It is very tense. Talking nonsense… logic ends and it is very annoying. It is not possible to discuss something rational. Also they can make very surprising speeches. What could one talk about in such a case? What is the fun aspect in this? It is very risky. Then they have a fight and attack one another. The shirt’s sleeve is torn and the jacket’s arm is torn, one’s shoe is outside and the other shoe is inside. Slapping each other. It is miserable. Lying on the ground and all. They call them “dead-drunk.” What a pity. Pity on his children also. For example, he is drunk and goes home and his wife is waiting at the door. Children are afraid because he is drunk and he can do anything. He can do anything to the woman. It is a sin. For one, they are under the tension and stress of the situation. Fear is a gruesome thing, because he lost his mind. How could you trust a man who lost his mind? She does not know what he will do, it is a surprise. For example, he seems very calm and suddenly attacks her. Or he begins to cry all of a sudden. He does something or tries to kill himself and such. No one admires such miserableness. Therefore, we see that there is goodness in the banning of alcohol by Almighty Allah.

For example, gambling is like that also, right? Allah says in the verse, “You give it up right?” Gambling… my brother now, you will lose and it is certain. Come on. Let’s assume that you won, but you will win only by harming someone else. You will destroy the man. So you will destroy either yourself or the man. Is this not a pity and a sin? For example, he has little money and puts all he has into gambling. Give that to your family and wife. Also you take the bread out of others’ mouth by gambling. This is very painful. Almighty Allah forbade that, as it is ugly. How nice. Thanks to Allah. For example fortune telling; Almighty Allah forbade that also, because they become miserable believing in fortune telling. It is also a blessing, Alhamdulillah (thanks to Allah).

Almighty Allah forbade all that is weird. And He offered everything that is beneficial. Masha’Allah. Alhamdulillah. For example, Almighty Allah gave signs there as well. For example, Allah tells us how we should eat and drink in a clean way. “Eat clean foods.” Look for example, we take great attention. A Muslim is very clean. So we avoid many diseases by being clean. He or she becomes nice and charming. He is charming as he is clean. There are very dirty people. It is revolting. I see very dirty men on the street. It is very bad. A believer is genuinely clean, masha’Allah. For example, Almighty Allah commanded prayer five times a day, how nice. You wash your face and arms and anoint your ears inside and outside, your forehead and head. This is great refreshment. He washes his feet, arms and it is very refreshing. He lays down his prayer rug and performs the prayer. When one prays, it gives incredible freshness. The prayer is a very pleasurable act of worship. It is an act of worship thousands of years old. The Prophet Moses (as) did the same. The Prophet Jesus (as) did the same. The Prophet Abraham (as) performed the prayer. The Prophet Noah (as) did the same. It was all the same. It is the same. It is the same all over. Prostrating, bowing and standing up. But of course there are people who cannot realize the beauty of this blessing. But of course when it is told of in the appropriate manner, people see how nice a blessing Allah granted to us. For example Allah says, “Avoid prostitution.” He says, “We devoid ourselves of a very great blessing.” He is stupid and dumb; when you visit a prostitute you lose your sexual power. You become sick. You would have no passion left. The electricity inside you is dead. The body would die and lose its power. A believer who avoids prostitution becomes very strong. Therefore, whether woman or man, believers are very strong. This is due to chastity. Those who either prostitute themselves [or visit prostitutes] lose their strength.

For example, resignation [to the Will of Allah] is very beautiful, masha’Allah, Alhamdulillah. May Allah forbid. For example, think about the pain a sick man would go through. He comes down with cancer. Not the cancer, but the fear kills him. He dies of fear. It is such a misery that he is devastated. This body's defenses is off because he lacks resignation, as in cases with people that have no faith. He is devastated and as he goes out of the doctor’s office, he turns all pale. The body defense is zero. However, when a believer is resigned, his body is very powerful. Of course Almighty Allah can take his life in any case, but they get well with a little medicine, masha’Allah.


(Surat al-Isra’, 18-30)

As for anyone who desires this fleeting existence, We hasten in it whatever We will to whoever We want,” What is fleeting? The life of this world.If you want it we will hasten it to you.“We hasten in it whatever We will to whoever We want,” but to whom We wish. But only if they want this world. He does not want the Hereafter, he only wants the world.Then We will consign him to Hell where he will roast, reviled and driven out,” because not placing importance in Allah is a very abnormal act. So the man says, “The world has no purpose.” “It has no purpose.” The microphone has a purpose, the pen has a purpose, the shoe has a purpose, the chair has a purpose, the radio has a purpose, everything has a purpose. He asks, “What is the purpose of man?” He says, “Man has no purpose.” This is psychopathic thinking. Allah creates such a beautiful image in the brain and he says, “It does not concern me.” He creates sound and he says, “It too does not concern me.” He creates the sense of touch and he says, “It also does not concern me.” He gives the sense of taste and he says, “It does not concern me.” Fruits, oranges, food and everything. You ask, “Where did all these come from?” He says, “It is none of my business; they have come.” Then you are looking for your doom. What else does this mean? What would you do if someone did this to you? For example, you invite a person to a feast, the man eats his dinner and then leaves tearing the whole place down. No thanks or wishing well. Then would you invite him again? Thus Allah warns people.

But as for anyone who desires the life in the Hereafter, and strives for it with the striving it deserves, being a believer, the striving of such people will be gratefully acknowledged.” Allah says.

We sustain each one, the former and the latter, through the generous giving of your Lord; We give the world to whoever wants it”. And Allah says that He will give both this world and the Hereafter by increasing to whom wants them both. And the giving of your Lord is not restricted.”

Look how We favor some of them over others.” Allah makes some rich and some poorer, insha’Allah. But the life Hereafter has higher ranks and greater favors” it is amazing that there are also degrees in the Hereafter. But people do not realize it. For example, they are in the same Paradise but one gets more pleasure. But the life Hereafter has higher ranks and greater favors.” It is said “degrees of the Hereafter.” That is very important; those degrees in the Hereafter. For instance, I love you but the pleasure I take is very high. I know your value. I feel your mind and personality. But a person with no mind can be influenced very mildly. His point of view is very simple and ordinary. But a person who loves deeply, with passion, is affected very highly, insha’Allah. Do not set up any other god together with Allah and so sit there reviled and forsaken.” “Do not set up any other god together with Allah” what does it mean? The man who idolizes the world; the world suffocates him. He is left alone in that big world. He begins to suffer a lot because he abandoned Allah. Then he is left all alone despite all the peoples of the world, insha’Allah. Your Lord has decreed that you should worship none but Him, and that you should show kindness to your parents.” For example treating one's mother and father with respect is an important act of worship. If they do not pick on one’s religion and faith, his Muslims brothers and sisters and his faith, then it is an important worship to show love and attention to his mother and father. It is an act of worship like prayer and fasting. Good for the time spent for that. Good for the money spent for that. Whatever needed is done. Whether one or both of them reach old age with you,” mother or father or both of them “reach old age with you” look at the phase of old age. Being old is difficult. The care needed at old age is very important. Do not say ‘Ugh!’ to them out of irritation” this is an amazing detail look Do not say ‘Ugh!’ to them.” What does it mean? Any implication of boredom in his eyes face or voice or anything because “Ugh” is a very short expression is it not?Do not say ‘Ugh!’ to them.” What does it mean “'Ugh' to them ”? Do not do such a thing and do not be harsh with them” It is said, “Do not make talk in a way that will harm and hurt them.” So what is the result if he does this? What happens then? He commits a sin. But speak to them with gentleness and generosity.” What is thisBut speak to them with gentleness and generosity.”? It is a certain command, a certain verse, it is an obligation. It is Allah’s command to talk nicely with your mother and father; it is an obligation like prayer. “My dear mother and father, how are you? Are you fine? I am at your service. Do you need anything? You are my dears. I love you with love of Allah.” It is an obligation to say this. It is Allah’s command. For whom? It is Allah’s command to serve your mother and father who touch your faith, your Qur’an, worship and who does not strive against your religion, who does not attack your Muslim brothers and sisters and who does not try to cut your connection with Muslims.Take them under your wing, out of mercy,” with compassion “with due humility”. “Do not be arrogant” Allah says. “Do not be arrogant.” That is also forbidden by religion. It is forbidden just as prostitution and wine is forbidden. You do not get arrogant or egoistical. Allah says, “Arrogance is forbidden by religion.” “With due humility.” Moreover Allah says, “Show extra effort to be modest.” “Show effort.” What will you say? You will say, “I am the dust under your feet.” You will say, “I am your servant.” This is humbleness.

“With due humility and say: ‘Lord, show mercy to them as they did in looking after me when I was small.’"What does “mercy” mean? A Muslim will protect his mother and father. He will protect them from disease, from disability, poverty and harm. If they do not oppress you this is the command for your mother and father, insha’Allah. Your Lord knows best what is in your selves. If you are salihun,” if you are sincere He is Ever-Forgiving to the remorseful”. “I am forgiving” Almighty Allah says. A believer does not go to Hell. A sincere Muslim, a sincere believer does not go to Hell. Insha’Allah. Give your relatives their due.” So Allah says, “Protect them.” and the very poor and travelers.” Look, poor and needy. What is poor? For example, our brothers in Van living in a tent without a home. Are they poor? Yes they are. And the very poor and travellers.” he goes on the road, but he has no money or means, he is stranded. Almighty Allah says, “Help them.” But do not squander what you have.” Squander is also forbidden by religion. Almighty Allah says, “Avoid squander.”Squanderers are brothers to the satans.”

One needs to find the balance between generosity and extravagance, insha’Allah because if you go and spend your money in something vain, that would become a “waste”. For instance a man goes and burns his coat for entertainment. This is “waste”. “And satan was ungrateful to his Lord.” This is how Allah created satan.

But if you do turn away from them, seeking the mercy you hope for from your Lord,” he waits for money and means. He is poor but he waits for power from Allah. When he is in difficulty, “if you turn away from them”so if you are in no state to help them, in no condition to help them. You do not have the power, means or the money. Then speak to them with words that bring them ease.” He says, “Tell them nice words.” Allah says to tell them nice words such as “My dear mother, my dear brother and sister. I am striving by Allah’s leave, insha’Allah. I will help you at the first opportunity I get.” Such things like “Where could I find it from? Am I a royal mint?” There are such types of people as you know. “Where could I find it from?” This is an obligation. This is a certain verse and it is commanded. These are not suggestions. It is a command. Command of Allah insha’Allah.

Do not keep your hand chained to your neck,” so do not be a scrooge. But do not extend it either to its full extentso do not waste. So that you sit there blamed and destitute.Allah says, “I will leave you astray.” You know that there are many people who waste.

“Your Lord expands the provision of anyone He wills and restricts it.” Allah’s wisdom, Alhamdulillah. Allah gave us an incredible economic opportunity while we are spreading Islam. But it is truly inexplicable. Allah gave us money like a flood. Alhamdulillah. But we always spent in the way of Allah.and restricts it” Allah says. That also happened. Most of my friends were also affected by the economic crisis. “He is aware of and sees His servants.“

(Surat al-Isra, 41-43)

I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed satan.We have made things clear in this Qur’an so that they might pay heed, but it only makes them run away the more!” He says. He swears.Allah says that they are getting more rampant. It is their destiny specially created. Say: ‘If there had, as you say, been other gods together with Him, they would have sought a way to the Master of the Throne.’" Since these hypocrites are crazy they used to say that there are other deities. Almighty Allah says, “Then they would look for a way to communicate with Allah. They would like to communicate. Insha’Allah. “Glory be to Him! He is exalted above what they say in Greatness and Sublimity!” Almighty Allah says.

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