Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 January 2012

A9 TV; 14 January 2012

People actually think about Allah from morning till night. Everyone thinks of Him after getting up in the morning, right through to evening. But Allah has created the world with much artistry. He has created it in such a way that those with weak consciences cannot believe, only those with lofty consciences. People of weak conscience foolishly try to prove that Allah does not exist, in what they imagine is a scientific manner. But of course they end up in a pitiable state, very, very pitiful states. They talk about how chromosomes came into being by chance. But that is the last thing they should try and discuss. That is exactly where they will fall apart. It is like describing how the Meydan Larousse encyclopedia came into being by chance. It is where they will come to the worst possible dead-end. From their point of view, of course, not from that of Muslims. It is where they will be swamped in errors. Islam and the Qur’an radiate light. And it is where they will find the light.

They try to bring about lack of belief in Allah by scientific means. Yet science constantly reveals Allah to them in the most glorious and magnificent way. It is by means of science that we have emerged victorious. We could never have been victorious without science. We have crushed Darwinism and materialism with science. Therefore, science favors religion. But Allah has created with a delicate artistry. For example, a child dies, and people with weak consciences promptly deny Allah. But a person of faith will always think the best of Allah and be on His side. “O Lord,” they will say, “You show me such an image inside my brain. The originals of all things are with You, and it is You Who teach us conscience and compassion. It is You Who teach the truth. If you do something, You must have a good reason.” Then when they suffer a sadness, they say; “Life would be meaningless if I were not tested. Life would have very little meaning. That is why it is essential I be tested.” And they tell themselves these things in their consciences. The whole world is tested, but very few people pass the test. There is a whole mass of people opposed to Allah in that way. That is how Allah creates them. Believers have to be few in number for faith to be of any value. But believers will reign for the first time in the history of the world, and things are heading in that direction.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar’s statements about faith)

This is in fact the main issue in the world. Everything revolves around this. The disorders in people, improper language; people become like steel when they have faith. But when the binding, controlling aspect of religion disappears, people can become very dangerous because people have the capacity for unbounded thought. If someone does not fear Allah, may He forbid, then he can easily kill or rob or do anything evil. He will be very dangerous. But when a person loves Allah he is kept under control. His behavior and everything about him is kept under control. But faith in Allah is a luxury. It is not something everyone can manage. Belief in Allah is a luxury enjoyed by people of good conscience and high intelligence. These people usually tend to occupy key positions. It requires a lofty conscience. It is not so easy to preserve one’s faith, because the test is very difficult. Allah puts us through a difficult test. That test is like no other.

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