Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 5 April 2012

A9 TV, 5 April 2012

Almighty Allah always threatens peoples that deny Him. Because that is the peak of bad conscience. Allah constantly shows you a film, in full color. He gives you feelings. He causes you to experience the smells and taste of food, sensations of touch, the feeling of the wind and all kinds of beauty. You have come into being from nothing. And then you say, “I wonder if this could all be the work of chance?” That is a huge lack of conscience. You are mocking your own mind, your own brain. And Allah threatens people like that. But to look at the secret aspect of it, Muslims are in any way created such as to have faith. And deniers are created in that form. Do you want to understand the secret? You can’t. Simple as that. Where do believers come from? From paradise. That absence of time and space is really amazing. They come from paradise, but this is truly astonishing, masha’Allah. And where do the unbelievers come from? From hell. That is also most astonishing.

Muslims must not confuse his mind so much. If they are good and honest, their hearts should be in peace. They will encounter no difficulty anywhere. In other words, “What will I do at the moment of death? What will I do when I am resurrected? What will I do when I come to the lands of hell?” What will you do? As long as you trust in and love Allah you will be in a state of joy everywhere. Trust in the Mind of Allah. Since Allah knows and has created the chromosome of the cell, then He has created it in the finest way, down to the tiniest detail. Trusting in the might and mercy of Allah is an act of worship. Trusting in His compassion is an act of worship. Believing in Allah down to the tiniest detail is an act of worship. It is immoral to think, may Allah forbid, that He cannot consider these things. “What will I do when I am restored to life?” for instance. Who created you down to the finest detail? Who created you, down to your very chromosomes and arranged everything for you? Allah. Who creates your feelings there? Allah. He may frighten you or reassure you, as He pleases. He says that He will either give you tranquility or fear. And you cannot escape it. If He puts fear in your heart, then you cannot escape it, not with medicines or jumping up and down or rolling around on the ground. If He gives you tranquility, then you will not fear, even if confronted by the most terrifying things. You fear Allah alone, and are at peace.

It is very important to love Allah as He deserves. Most people do not love Allah as He deserves, and are therefore committing an injustice and acting in bad faith.  That is why Allah speaks of cruel and ignorant people being ungrateful. The angels also wonder why He will create human beings, who will shed blood and spread corruption. But Almighty Allah says, “I know.” It is so important to love and trust in Allah. To submit oneself to Him unreservedly. People with a polythesitic mindset always fear that Allah will do something bad to them. They are afraid He will do them an injustice. That is why they think the Prophet (saas) will intervene and save them. But Allah is He Who shows true mercy. The prophet is a manifestation of Allah.

(In response to a viewer who say, “Could you tell us something about dinosaurs?”)

Those bodies! The size of whole apartment blocks. But with tiny little brains. Necks as long as poplar trees. Allah will permit us to see them in paradise. We have not seen them in those world, but Allah has created a kind of connection between us. He created them very quickly and then destroyed them, but we are curious about them all. We all long to be able to see them. We see them in films and things, but that is not the same. So when we go to the hereafter, we will ask Allah if we can see primeval times. We will see dinosaurs and wander about with them. You will see the dinosaurs are as obedient as lambs. Allah will show us those times. We will see the time of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, and all other times. The Qur’an frequently refers to this. “They will see if they look,” says Allah. They will talk among themselves about how they used to do this and that. So people will be curious about history in the hereafter. “Who was Napoleon? Let’s have a look. What was Nimrod? And Pharaoh? What did Pharaoh’s palace look like?...” Believers will see them. What did Pharaoh do in his palace? How did the Prophet Moses (pbuh) address him? How did the staff move when he cast it down? These are adornments of paradise, do you see? Otherwise, we would have eaten the foods of paradise and sat and talked, but Allah has adorned paradise with history. It is boundless. You can watch as much of the millions of years of world history as you like in the hereafter. In the same way we watch some films again and again and still enjoy them. We will watch some films there in the same way, again and again from time to time, insha’Allah.

People become very unattractive if bigotry prevails. Men and women become ugly and malformed. People who live by the Islam of the time of the Companions become very lovely. For example, our mothers whom the messenger of Allah (saas) married were the loveliest women in the world. They were fabulously beautiful people.

People who saw Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Ali became tongue-tied. People fainted at the majesty of the messenger of Allah (saas). He would make jokes to put people at their ease. “I am a poor man, from a poor family, a simple servant of Allah, but Allah bestowed the prophethood upon me,” he said. “Allah has protected me, but I am just a servant of Allah.” They could not even open their mouths. They only opened them after he joked for a bit. It was clear from the expression on his face. Is he a prophet or not? In other words. They will ask questions and come to conclusions. But they realized there was no need to ask, since it was written on his face. Thousands of people came to believe by looking at his face, just from his face. Some of them asked and spoke. Some people came to believe after talking with him. But thousands of others came believe just from looking at his face. It says quite clearly, the face of the prophet. It means his is just a normal face. He rises in the morning and his face is so majestic they cannot look at it. It is that radiant. The accounts say he used to joke with women, after which there was a decrease in that majesty, and then people became able to speak to him. Rasulullah (saas) was always joking for that reason. In order to lift that majesty. The prophets have that kind of state upon them. That luminosity is beyond description. It appears in some sheikhs, too. Muhammed Raşit Erol had it, since he was descended from the line of Rasulullah (saas). People could not look him in the face, in the eyes. People could only look him in the eyes for a very short time. He had a huge impact on them. Spiritual power would flow into the heart from a single glance from him, masha’Allah.

I have described the life of the Prophet (saas). But they say, “Our Prophet (saas) did not look at women.” He did, but with luminosity. He was a trustworthy person, he looked with love. He did not look out of evil intent. He looked, and if he liked the women, he would marry her. That is all. Well done to my ancestor, masha’Allah. If he looked, he must have liked their beauty. There is a verse that says, “After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you,..” But then the verse goes on – Allah’s mercy is very wide. “..with the exception of any you own as slaves.” It is boundless, masha’Allah. Allah has bestowed many times more beautiful women in paradise, insha’Allah. As houris, and our mothers also appear very beautiful there.

 I gave an example from the Prophet Moses (pbuh). What did he do? He met two women? “My Lord, I am truly in need of any good You have in store for me.” he says. Daughters of the prophet. He looks at them both very carefully. And both look at him very carefully. One of the women says, “Hire him, father. The best person to hire is someone strong and trustworthy.” How can she understand your might without looking? How can she be sure he is trustworthy without looking and talking? Is that possible? She forms an opinion, and Allah says it is correct in the verse.

Prophets have no evil, ulterior motives. That is how a Muslim must be. He must always have good intentions, insha’Allah.

What was the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) purpose? He wants her [Balqis] to be saved in the hereafter and to go to paradise. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) first had a floor resembling a pool made, the floor of the palace. That would need light and many other things. A glorious technology would have to be used. The woman was also highly intelligent, a head of state. He brings her to the palace and tells her to enter the pool. The woman could have said this was not a pool. She could have said it looked like a pool but was not one. But she was convinced it was a pool. She bared her legs. Did the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) know she would bare her legs? He said that so she would bare her legs. So he knew she would bare them, and was joking with her. The woman bared her legs, but when she put her feet there, she encountered a hard floor. Then our blessed ancestor Solomon (pbuh) said that this was a floor that resembled a pool. The woman was astonished, and this was instrumental in her coming to faith, masha’Allah. She was a most wonderfully attractive woman, famed for her loveliness. Balqis the queen of Sheba has gone down in legend. All of Sheba was devoted to him after that. Do you see the effect of the love he showed that woman? Masha’Allah.

Allah tells us that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) would rub his horses’ necks and legs. Would a bigot do that? Allah is emphasizing love here. He is teaching love, how love should be. Bigots are enemies of love. There is love in paradise and in this world. Love is a great blessing in this world. But the distinguishing feature of bigots is that they try to kill love.

The queen of Sheba became our mother. He was instrumental in a whole nation coming to believe, do you see? The love he showed her there. He joked with her, and won her over. If you leave the job to a bigot, he will just say, “You unbeliever, you impious thing.” He will order her head to be beheaded. But the prophet shows love and affection and invites her to his palace. A bigot would just turn his back. But the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) shows lobe and jokes with her and wins her over. He becomes close to her. They are alone in the palace. Would a bigot ever do that. Never. That could never happen. But it can happen with the moral values of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh).

Allah creates the unbeliever as a test, so people can properly appreciate believers. Allah says, “They are dead.” He means we should not be focused on them. Our Prophet (saas) was also very upset when they did not believe. But Allah told him that was wrong. He warned him that he was almost destroying himself. Allah wants to love and beloved. He creates them for the best. This is one aspect of the matter, insha’Allah.

(On a report that Prince al-Walid, nephew of Saudi King Abdullah, has been acquitted of charges)

Justice has been done, alhamdulillah. He has been acquitted of this trouble. Believers are slandered in this way. This is a most fine and upstanding man, a sincere Muslim. He is opposed to bigotry. He strives for the global reign of Islam and the Qur’an. See those immoral people? They tried to use an illicit woman to defame him. Justice has been done. The plot has been exposed. May Allah never send such troubles to anyone, insha’Allah.

The bigot means killing, murder, slaughter, torture, beatings … The bigot is a stranger to love, he is like an animal. Or worse than an animal. Calling a bigot an animal is a compliment. He is far lower than an animal. But we still have to pity the bigot. We must strive to free him with love. That is why Islamic Union is essential.

There can be no compliments like the ones I make. They are unique to me. I repeat time and time again that I love women with the love of Allah. My aim is to protect them. I want them to be good and beautiful and happy in the hereafter. I want them to be healthy. I love them with a deep love of Allah.

Merit will cease to apply when Islam comes to reign. Let me say that. Imagine something you have picked up with a ladle, and then you try and collect with a pin head. We are now earning ladle-loads of merit, insha’Allah. Difficult moments are very valuable. This world will go by very quickly. The test is a very quick one. One is not tested at length, as people imagine. What you call 60-70 years goes by in the blink of an eye.

These talks will soon be broadcast as a reminder, insha’Allah. Islam will reign, and we will all be happy and at peace. “We have no work to do, so what shall we do? Let’s go travelling. Let’s put the kettle on, or else go down to the sea,” we will say. There will be nothing else to do. Islam will have come to reign. So how much merit will there be? Very little. There will be no-one to give alms to, so you will not be able to serve with your possessions. There will be little to do to earn merit. We will earn merit from fasting and prayer, but there will be no-one to give alms to. Everyone will be rich. There will be no-one to preach to. Everyone will be Muslim. Radio and TV stations will talk about Allah and the faith day and night. There will be music and art and everything.

(About the antichrist having one blind eye)

He looks with a material eye, not a spiritual one. One eye is blind. Allah says in the Qur’an that their eyes are blind, in the context of unbelief. An eye being blind does not mean he cannot see. It is the spiritual blindness of the antichrist that matters. You sit and concentrate on physical blindness. A blind person is in any case being tested, and that is quite acceptable. They receive many times more merit than we do from worship. Blindness is a virtue, not a crime. And if a Muslim is blind, that makes him superior many times over; he will be superior in terms of faithfulness. But the blindness of the antichrist, the blindness of which the Qur’an speaks, is a spiritual blindness.

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