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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 8 April 2012

A9 TV, 8 April 2012

(There was a debate in Iran about where the nuclear negotiations between world powers should take place. Iran wanted the talks to be held in China, not Turkey. But Iran’s state Press TV, which broadcasts in English, confirmed that Istanbul would be hosting the talks. However, the Turkish prime minister, who was on a visit to China, said that no such information had reached him.)

There are two blocs in the world. There is a communist bloc and a capitalist, liberal bloc led by America. The communist bloc has included Iran. Although it looks like there is Islam in Iran, communism rules behind the scenes. Communist thinking predominates. They carried out that revolution together with the communist party. It is clear from the name “revolution.” How can you have a revolution in Islam? Did our Prophet (saas) come through a revolution? You can have uprisings. Iran is in collaborations with whatever communist countries there are in the world. They are a bloc. While there appears to be a Shiite, Jafri system in Iran, it is communist thinking that rules. The state imposes the teaching of Darwinism and materialism to students. You can feel communism even in the style that students adopt. The methods, language and style are all typically communist. Instead of the war, loving and innocent Shiite belief we were used to in the Ottoman Empire, they are dominated by an aggressive and bloodthirsty communist way of talking.

If the meeting is held in Turkey, since Turkey is part of NATO and runs parallel to America, the pressure would be very powerful. The kind of language there would force Iran into a corner on the subject of not making nuclear weapons. But Iran would feel much stronger in China. Because China wants Iran to build a nuclear weapon. Because they are on the same team. Indeed, if Iran wanted it could get a ready-made atomic weapon from China, or from Russia, since it is part of the Shanghai group. It could also obtain one from North Korea. America’s objection is childish. Since Iran has plenty of oil, they are wondering whether it would be to their advantage to invade it, or whether they could partition it. 

There are two groups in Iran, Turks and Farsis. Sunnis are one large group and Shiites are another. America says, “It would be easy to divide them, we could easily start a civil war. There is plenty of oil there.” But America would not invade such an unimportant country otherwise. Even though it sees there are plenty of assets in Iran it compares it to a giant dragon.“ If we kill it, there will be plenty of fat for us, it thinks. “But what if it bites us?” That is what worries them. “Could we get our hands on this or pull the place down and that without getting ourselves bitten?” They are doing this to get the public used to the idea.

America is not really worried about an Iranian nuclear weapon. It is worried in case it makes a move against Israel. But Iran lacks the courage to do that. People imagine it could go on the offensive, but it cannot. A Marxist mindset governs in Iran. It could not attack Israel without instructions from Russia and China. It will only attack if they tell it to. Iran could not take that decision alone. Iran is not independent in that sense. It is dependent on Russia.

The same with Syria. All the experts in Syria are Russian. Young people in Syria are all educated in Russia or China. Young Syrians speak very good Russian and Chinese. Their officers all undergo training in Russia. And China. So they are all interconnected. That is one bloc. They would not normally have permitted the revolution in Iran, but they did because it was a communist one. That is why France encouraged it. That is why it wanted the overthrow of the shah’s regime.

So long as you are communist, it will not bother us if you are also Muslims and talk about Islam, they said. Why should they care if they spout nonsense? “The Mahdi will appear on a wall,” they say. “The Mahdi will appear in the palm of one’s hand,” they say. But they mean it literally, not in the sense I mean. Why should that make the communist party uneasy. Why should nonsense alarm them? Bigots are a source of fun for communists. It is people who talk in the name of science and reason who really trouble and alarm them. That is why communists are so terrified by us. Darwinists meetings are becoming more frequent now. They are mourning the passer of their founder, Darwin.

There is a secret war between the two blocs. Communists and believers in Allah.

America has given the impression of being really sadistic and ruthless. There is a great deal of craziness and perversion in America. That is why it is unpopular, because it employs ruthless methods. It resorts to military operations, rather than using culture and information. And its troops are crazy. It ruins the people in the countries it occupies. America never employs scientific methods. But they could have got much better results in Korea and Vietnam and Cambodia had they done so. They dropped hundreds of tons of bombs. They would have been better off dropping books rather than bombs. But they have no ideology or belief. So why should they? They lack the knowledge with which to discredit evolution. So they can easily be defeated. So they resort to military force and weaponry. But the way of the Mahdi will reign without weapons, through love, affection and compassion.

Iran has fallen into the hands of the antichrist. If you speak to President Ahmadinejad he hates communism, but he is in its hands. The Iranian republic of Iran is a communist state. It is Darwinist and materialist, and its ideology is communist. Young communists are all over the place in Iran. The police use force to keep the people under control, like in a communist dictatorship. Take away that military force, and Iranians will be at one another’s throats. Because they are not bound together by faith.

How can you teach Darwinism if you are the Iranian Republic of Iran? You are imposing dialectic philosophy rooted in communism and materialism in your schools. Why do you not teach the erroneous nature of dialectical philosophy? If you are an Iranian republic, why not teach the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism? You have all the necessary means. What is the first thing a Muslim must do? Eliminate the idols. How can you impose the teaching in your schools of a philosophy that denies Allah? Darwinism denies Allah, and there is not one book in Iran that talks about creation. Careful examination reveals that it is a communist regime.

Iran’s economic outlook is also communist and socialist. It is scourges that have bound them together. They act as each other’s police and informants. Satan has bound them together. They sit and smoke in front of satan. Satan has imposed nonsense on them, and communist thinking, by establishing a system that forces the state to teach them. Now he is lying back and watching the fun.

Israel espouses creation. It rejects Darwinism, but the state teaches Darwinism. It is forbidden to talk about creation in Israeli universities. The public are devout. Where does the Torah refer to Darwinism? The Torah talks of direct creation. It is the same in Turkey. If you say “Allah does not exist. The system is Darwinist and materialist and the universe came into being by chance,” then you have given the right answer and can enter the school of your choice. If you insist on saying “Allah created” in your university exam, you will fail. If a university professor says; “I can scientifically prove creation, and here is the evidence. Proteins cannot form by chance and fossils disprove evolution,” he will be shown the door. That is the position. That is why it is vitally important for Muslims to keep striving.

(On the Shiite-Sunni division)

They try to establish a breach between us and Iran by saying they are Shiite and we are Sunnis. That is wrong. Sunnis and Shiites are all brothers. Jaferis and Wahhabis are all brothers. We all share the same Allah, Prophet and Kiblah, and are all allied in the Qur’an. But we must free Iran from the communists. We must free them from Darwinism and materialism. Iran is captive. Iran has fallen into the hands of the Shanghai, communist bloc. The shah was self-interested, idle and stupid. And the communists took advantage of that, in their own eyes. French communists supported their revolution with all their might. China and Russia also supported it. On what conditions? “Education must be Darwinist and materialist. After that, you can spout all the nonsense you like.”  

NATO is an obstacle to bigotry. It cannot obstruct Turkish-Islamic Union, but it can obstruct bigotry. Because Allah rejects bigotry. Allah uses NATO and America. He will not allow bigotry. If you generally support the Islam of the Mahdi, then NATO, America and Russia will support it.                                                                                                                                

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