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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 31 May 2012


A9 TV, 31 May 2012

(About the bigots view of women)

“If really necessary, the woman may put pebbles in her mouth and say something to men by thus changing her voice, without letting it be recognized.” Look at the wrongness of that. Look at that insanity. She must fill her mouth with pebbles. Imagine how strange that will be when she speaks. She must pick a muddy stone up and put it in her mouth.

“The grave is more auspicious for women.” That is all we need!. “There are two protective coverings for a woman. One is her grave and the other is her husband.” She either has to die or else be her husband’s property.

They slander Allah. They say that Almighty Allah said to satan, may Allah forbid; “I have made the women walking in those streets your soldiers.” Women are the soldiers of satan.

“If a women goes out without her husband’s permission, everything will curse her.” But if someone trusts his wife, she can behave as she likes. They also slander the Companions. You can see the craziness of that.

“According to a hadith,” Look, you can tell right away from the language. Nobody knows who is supposed to have said it. “The People of Kiram tightly closed their windows in order to prevent their wives looking out from the windows and doors and seeing men. And they would beat those who looked out.” They are showing the way. And they say, “This is what the Prophet recommended.” They slander our Prophet.

“It is easy for them to obtain what they want. There is much foolishness among them. As for those of them who are pure, they are still all basically evil,“ they say. “As for the evil ones among them, they are all basically adulteresses.” They are all potential prostitutes, may Allah forbid. “As for the innocent ones among them, there is no trace of them. They have three traits belonging to the Jews. They do wrong, they are unjust because they are wicked. They are liars, though they swear they are not. They like to ban things, though they do not adhere to those prohibitions themselves. Shelter behind Allah from the evil ones among them. But do not trust even the good ones. Be on your guard!” That is the bigoted mindset. That appears in respected works. They claim that our Prophet (saas) said it.

“Women were created from a rib. Do not try to correct them. Make use of their crookedness.” Do you know what that means? “Hazrat Mary (ra) was also crooked,” they are saying. “Hazrat Khadija (ra) was crooked.” “Our mother Hazrat Aiesha (ra) was crooked.” So women are all crooked, and the bigots are all straight!

“Women make up the smallest part of the people of paradise.” So paradise is all men!

“Do not let your women go in front. Walk three paces ahead of them.” In another hadith, “Allah has left them behind. So you leave them behind, too.” “They are half-human,” they say. Is it right to make a woman walk behind? You must walk beside her for safety reasons. How can you watch over her if she is behind you?

“None of you must do anything without seeking advice. If he cannot find anyone else to ask, then he consult with his wife if he has to.” They regard them as not human. “But then do the opposite of what she says because abundance lies in opposition to women.” Disgraceful. May Allah forbid. They have ruined Muslims with such nonsense.

(In response to a viewer who says, “Why are our sisters there?”)

A flower on the table is a lovely thing. You see the sea, and that is beautiful. Why do people buy houses with nice views? To see beauty. Why do people sit in gardens? So see the beauties and fruits of Allah. Human beings are the most beautiful entities of all, the loveliest manifestations of Allah. Seeing the finest manifestations of Allah brings ease to the heart and beauty to the soul, and is instrumental in people admiring and giving thanks to Allah. A blessing!

(In response to a viewer who says, “Daily Zaman said that a 42,000-year-old musical instrument has been discovered. How old is mankind?”)

 I have said this before. It must go back about 100 to200,000 years. In my opinion, Hazrat Adam (pbuh) lived about 100 to200,000 years ago. By the law of Allah. If not 200,000 years, then 100 to150,000.

A husband has such rights over his wife that if sores appear on the husband’s body his wife must lick them clean.” Filthy! See how the bigots have prepared the ground for that, because they are so filthy and horrible? They have ensured the a woman cannot save herself. She cannot escape these filthy guys. They have taken all possible precautions to prevent her escaping their filth and putrefaction.

“Do not let your women make new and nice clothes, because if their clothes are nice they will want to go out.” So they have to be given old, filthy things. Do the bigots not see the hypocrisy in that? If they are that crazy, Allah should destroy them. What more can I say? If they cannot see, then Allah should get rid of them. They all say, “Our Prophet said this,” basing it on the Companions. “He swore to Allah that...” they say. It is unbelievable how scholars have gone along with this. They must have dragged them into this mire, as well. The language of filth is very common among them. They say such filthy things. These bigots say the most disgusting and off-putting thing. “Allah said this,” they say. Then they try and teach us things!

The place of the Mahdi (pbuh) in the Torah is Istanbul. The masons also expect him from Istanbul. Our Prophet (saas) says, “Seek him in Istanbul.” The sacred relics are here. The Mahdi will be where the sacred relics are. The sword and jacket and banner of our Prophet (saas) are all here. And the Mahdi is here.

Our Prophet (saas) never once lifted his hand to his wives or shouted at them. He was that gentle!

If a woman cannot look out of the window or through a crack to the side, then she cannot see out. But if you catch her doing so, you must beat her. They say you must beat her very badly. Then they talk about all kinds of filthy things. I cannot read it because it is so repellent. I am not reading it aloud in order not to disgust listeners. They list pages of the most disgusting things imaginable. They say that our Prophet (saas) says, “...even if a woman licks those sores, she still cannot repay her husband.” 

They say that a hadith says, “...if a husband tells his wife to run from one mountain to another, and then to another mountain again, she still cannot repay her debt to him.”  In other words, even if she does superhuman things, she still cannot repay you. It is unbelievable. Look at the slanders they utter against my sweet and radiant Prophet after his death. These guys have turned millions of people against our Prophet (saas).

All the commandments in the Qur’an are in favor of women, all. For example, on commercial matters, Almighty Allah says two women can be witnesses. This is a great facilitation. It will be very difficult if they make me a witness in a law suit. But if there are two witnesses, if a women is pregnant for instance, she can stay at home and the other woman will go. She can act as witness. That makes things easier. Almighty Allah says to make two women witnesses so there is no need for her to try and keep everything in her mind because it is very hard to try and keep everything in her head or assume a responsibility or she may come under pressure from someone else. But it impossible to convince two people at the same time, but easy to pressure  one person so one is not going to try and make things hard for two people. Almighty Allah provides this facility in order to lift that psychological pressure. “Let there be two women,” He says. So they can relax. When there are two people, they will draw strength from one another, and there will therefore be no pressure on the woman. Not because women are half human or stupid, but to make things easy for them.

For example, Almighty Allah has exempted women from military service. He makes it obligatory for a woman to look after her husband. And her father. Women have to look after their brothers. There are obligations on all matters. “Why does Allah not speak of women?” they ask. Allah imposes no heavy burdens on them. They are exempt. That is a good thing, but idiots interpret it as being against women.

A woman must be looked after by her husband. He must not abandon here materially. Allah says one must not turn her out of the house even if one divorces her. She has a right to use the house and must not be thrown out on the street. Allah says in a verse that her husband must support her in every way. He speaks of women as flowers growing in the garden, and says they are naive and fragile.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “I am going to have an angel tattooed on my body. Could you comment?”)

You have never seen an angel, so how can you have a tattoo of one? Call it a baby with wings, not an angel. But tattoos are risky, and they are painful. I do not advise it.

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