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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 23 July 2012


A9 TV,  July 23rd, 2012

A woman’s beauty is a very great blessing, alhamdulillah. In other words, Allah has made our hearts yearn for it. And the beauty of children. They have this joy. Childrens minds are also very lovely. They can have fun under even the most difficult conditions. Every district and home needs them. They are so delightful, masha’Allah. We must properly appreciate the value of children. Their liveliness, naughtiness, noise, craziness and originality are so lovely.

Let us stop such diseases (cancer) from being the responsibility of the family. May Allah be pleased. Look, I said that people should not have to pay at accident and emergency departments and the government does not ask for money now. May Allah be pleased with our Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the government. Our demand was met at once, alhamdulillah. Pediatric cancer patients are also a problem of the entire nation, no matter what the cost. It is a problem that falls to all of us, not just their families. Let us assume the responsibility as a nation. These little kids wander round with masks on their faces. There are children like that, quite a lot of them. Let us use all our means and search across the world. Everyone must get involved; everyone must take part in this quest for bone marrow. Even if it does not work out, at least our consciences will be at ease. But if we do not look, then the whole nation must bear the responsibility. The whole nation has a responsibility, though the government has the primary responsibility, insha’Allah. It is wrong to say, “It is the father’s responsibility, the mother’s responsibility. The uncle has less of a responsibility, and the neighbors even less.” There is no question of that. A servant of Allah, all of Turkey, all the world are responsible, but since we are closer, of course we must assume a primary responsibility, insha’Allah.

Religion and faith are not subjects for entertainment. Prayer is not to be laughed at. Our brothers must protest against it, and send e-mails and letters. If we do not speak out against such transgressions, people will continue committing them.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Is it a sin to drink alcohol after drinking from the Well of Zam Zam?”)

The essential thing is being a Muslim. What has this got to do with the hajj? “I have been on the hajj, so I will not do this anymore.” There is no question of that. It is enough for a person to be a Muslim. If something is unlawful before going on the hajj, does it become lawful afterward? If you are a Muslim, it (drinking alcohol) is a sin. 

2012-09-05 14:20:15

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