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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 June 2012


A9 TV,  June 14th, 2012

The important thing is that it exists for Allah. The world was created for Allah’s existence. Not so we can have fun, listen to music, enjoy ourselves, make money, have families, take care of business and have social lives because Allah says that if that were the case, He would have made the world befit His glory. Almighty Allah says that is not His purpose. “I produced the world for the purpose of the test. True goodness and beauty are in the hereafter,” He says. This is a place “of fun and games .” Look, Allah is quite explicit, “The life of this world consists of fun and games .” That means there is a predisposition to fun and games  in people’s souls. Struggle is when it is used for good. Of course fun and games  can be used, as well, but they have to be used for Allah’s approval.

Look, in Portents of Doomsday p. 109, Rasulullah (saas) says: “The Day of Reckoning will not come until earthquakes increase, corruption is blatant and murders multiply.” Terror, in other words. Word for word. Look, how many earthquakes were there in 1966, and then what about 1992 or 1994? There has been a huge rise in the number of earthquakes since 2000, since 2004, the years when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) became active. This is a miracle. Why are you covering it up, why cover up the miracles of Rasulullah (saas)? What is your problem with the Prophet (saas)? And what kind of Muslims are you? You should fear Allah.

“The Day of Reckoning will not happen until knowledge disappears,” that is to say,  knowledge of the Qur’an, until ignorance comes.  “...until earthquakes multiple and time is insufficient” Do people have enough time? Everyone has seen. It is concrete. Time is insufficient, “...until corruption appears and murders multiply.” Until there is a rise in terror and killing. (Bukhari, Ibni Majah, Portents of Doomsday p. 108) Trustworthy books of hadiths, Bukhari, Ibn Majah.

“The Day of Reckoning will not take place until people behave like animals in the streets.” Taberani relates. Until vile people all attack one another. Until they behave disgracefully. You see it on the television. People shooting one another. They drink and turn crazy in front of the bars.

“The Day of Reckoning will not take place until hearts hate one another, until ideas are divided and until blood brothers fall out over religion...”Deylemi. People’s hearts do hate one another. People who love one another are very, very rare. How can we establish that? Go outside. Do you see people who love one another? Do you see any people expressing liking for one another?   “...until ideas are divided” Enmities stem from differences of ideas, and they clash with one another. Shiites, Alawites and Sunnis, all members of the same faith,  are anethema to one another. They are all Muslims, but they have fallen out on the subject of religion. A portent of the End Times.

“The Day of Reckoning will not take place until three things are scarce: lawful money...” People do not make money by lawful means. They get it from bribery or cheating people, or illegal activities. “...beneficial knowledge...” nonsense is widespread, but true knowledge Iis very rare. True knowledge based on the Qur’an is very rare. Darwinism even deceives people with lies. It is very difficult to obtain true learning. “...and taking people as brothers for Allah.” Being friends. I ask people how many genuine friends they have. One. Some people say, “I have friends, but I am still alone.” Taking people as brothers for Allah’s sake has literally come to an end in the End Times. “Oppressive leaders,” look, there was Mubarek in Egypt, and that animal in Libya, and they are repressing the people in Syria. “...and denial of destiny are signs of the Day of Reckoning...” They produce these scholars who blatantly deny the facts of destiny, explicitly set out in nearly a hundred verses of the Qur’an. That is a sign of the coming of the Mahdi.

“The matter is ready when 20 people, more or less, come together, but not one has any fear of Allah (in other words, the Day of Reckoning is imminent...)” Twenty people come together and bellow and drink and behave disgracefully. Not one of them speaks of Allah. Women get together and gossip. But not one says anything about Allah, or the hereafter, or Islamic Unity. Look, “not one has any fear of Allah.” They laugh at religion, they tell jokes against Islam and paradise and hell, they roll about laughing at them. Not one has any fear of Allah.

“People passing by the mosque and not performing even two sets of prayers is one of the portents of the Day of Reckoning...” Ibn Dawud, from Ibn Mesut. They used to visit the mosques. Now they stand with their mouths open. They stand back and watch the funeral prayers from a distance.

“A time will come when the believer will conceal himself, in the same way that you do not reveal the hypocrite inside...” For example, there is someone you think is irreligious but then you see him praying. “I am afraid and I hide it,” he sees. There are many people in the world you only realize later are actually Muslims.

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