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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 August 2012


A9 TV, August 29, 2012

I look at web site writers, and the majority are very cold. There is intense propaganda of lovelessness, as if giving news of some terrible disaster, very contrary, making exaggerations about people and ugly criticisms, being impolite and trying to depict something that is quite legitimate as very wrong. Are there no people capable of being loved in the country? I fail to understand how these people’s hearts are so open to hatred. They look at everything the wrong way. It is obvious that in the future Muslims will make an alliance with Christians and Jews and that Islam will reign across the world. But they say, “There can be no alliance with Christians and Jews.” “Not with Shiites and Wahhabis.” “How about alliance with Muslims?” And they say, “Yes, alliance with Muslims is acceptable.” You ask if they are Muslims, and they say they are not. These people are playing tricks. They want neither Christianity nor Judaism nor Islam. They are against all of them. They are in any case opposed to Allah. But in order to weaken Muslims, and since they know they will be very powerful when they forge an alliance with Christians, they are creating an artificial enmity toward Christianity. These are people who live cheek by jowl with Christians and do everything with them. They engage in commercial activities together with them. The same with the Jews. They have the same mentality. One must therefore regard this terrible dishonesty of theirs.

Muslims have to create an alliance because the numbers of believers in Allah are very low. Since Darwinism and materialism prevail across the world, there are very few Muslims, Christians and Jews. But they will create a huge power when they ally themselves together. A huge force against irreligion. That is why they have to forge an alliance. There is no other way. Individually, they will be defeated; Jews will be defeated, and Christians, and Muslims. But when they forge an alliance, they will be victorious. There is no Christianity left in Europe; the great majority of young people are irreligious. Young people in Europe laugh at Christianity. OK, they all come together when the Pope visits, but then they go off to get drunk. They engage in illicit relations out in the open. Most of them have sexual perversions. I wish they were devout Christians. I wish they were devout Jews. But they are not religious. And since they are so few in number, there is no other way. Muslims must be allied with the People of the Book. Bediüzzaman also says this. We see the truth of it in the Qur’an.

Allah bestows on those with sincere faith attractiveness as a blessing. But He bestows repulsiveness when faith is lost. If you have no faith, may Allah forbid, Allah will darken your conscience, and your mind and soul will burn. You will become ugly. That fervor in your soul will depart, your strength will depart.

It is a terrible thing to deny our Prophet (saas). A terrible error like denying the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), the Prophet Adam (pbuh) or the Prophet Noah (pbuh).

The people have risen up against the communist government and administration in Syria. That is the issue. Not only Muslims, but all those who detest communism. People want freedom and liberty. They loathe communism. They loathe dictatorship. That is the issue. Assad must hold elections without delay. He must personally resign. He can return if he is elected again. But democratic elections are essential. Whatever the people want must happen.

The hadiths say that these things will happen in Syria. But the outcome will be a good one. Auspicious. Insha’Allah.

(President of Russia Vladimir Putin examined the Islamic Museum and Akmasjid built in the city of Bolgar in Tatarstan, where the Tatars first adopted Islam. He then posed for photographs before the world’s largest copy of the Qur’an, which has entered the Guinness Book of Records.)

Putin is a noble fellow, masha’Allah. He has a great love of Islam and Muslims. If agreement can be reached with Putin, very solid results can be achieved on the subject of Islamic Unity. It would even be enough just for Putin to reach an agreement with Turkey on it. It is very important for us to embrace the Russians and all non-Muslims.

(A 90-year old person who fell into the sea in Sarıyer while walking with the help of a stick drowned because people stood by and watched rather than going to his assistance. Some of them even took photographs. Police teams who were called to the scene established that the old man had died.)

Sicknesses like this will develop when there is no fear of Allah, if Darwinism and materialism rule the world, and if people are given a Darwinist and materialist education.

(There is an economic crisis in our neighbor, Greece. The Greek daily To Vima published a piece titled “Do it like the Turks.” It recommended that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should be adopted as a role model if the country is to escape the crisis.)

That is no good. They must open up the borders. Greece must unite with Turkey. It must be like it was in the old days, in Ottoman times. Then you’ll see the wealth and abundance. The 12 islands, Crete and all of them. We must all be as one. The whole problem is one of demanding passports at the borders. Greece must do away with passports and visas, and the economy will then flourish.

Paradise. That is really what Allah wants. The conditions in this world are very difficult. Allah’s wisdom is infinite. It shows itself in cells, chromosomes and atoms and everything. [The world is] created flawlessly and in great detail. Diseases, problems and deficiencies are created to test us, so we are not too devoted to this world and so we may reflect on things. They are created so we will desire the hereafter. But people still love this world like crazy. Yet Allah tells us it is “transitory.” He says it is but a dream. Yet there is still all this conflict, greed, hatred and fighting… People cannot manage to share this world. Yet this world is empty. “Their true abode is the hereafter, if only they knew,” says Allah. I think about these high-society ladies and gentlemen. They survive by means of thousands of drugs. They are deaf and take something for that. Then there is something wrong with their throats. But they still have a passionate love for this world. Yet Almighty Allah says He will raise us up as a new creation. How? The laws of physics will change. And the laws of chemistry and everything. At the moment we regard the laws of physics as immutable. Yet there is a totally mobile system. Allah desires it and creates totally new physical laws. Then He changes all the laws of physics when He so desires. For example, gravity towards the earth exists at the moment. But Allah may create gravity towards the sky, where people fly in the air. The entire Earth floats like a feather. As light as a feather. Gigantic heavenly bodies float as light as a feather. Everyone regards this as normal. But it is not.

The Mahdi is an article of faith in the four Sunni schools – Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki and Sha’afi. Belief in his coming is obligatory, in the coming of the Mahdi. It is an immutable article of faith in Shi’a. It is the same in Wahhabism, and with the Bektashis and Alawite. If you say; “I have founded a new schoold, and there is no Mahdi in it,” that is fine, and nobody can object. You can deny him all you like. That is free. But you cannot say that if you say, “I am a Sunni, I am a Shiite, I am a Wahhabi.” And these represent 99% of the Islamic world.

(A report appeared in the papers about the economic crisis in Europe. Single-use shampoos have appeared on the market in the EU for people to use. Austerity has become the main issue on the agenda in European countries and people have begun returning to wartime practices.)

Allah will work such a miracle if people turn away from Allah and religion, if they attach no importance to the system of the Mahdi and Islamic Unity, and if they attach no importance to the descent of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). They all have their economists and businessmen, and presses for printing money, and their banks, but they still cannot get over the economic crisis and the crisis is beginning to crush them more and more. The only salvation is for them to surrender to Allah and to faith.

2012-10-08 10:41:32

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