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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 September 2012


A9 TV,  September 4th, 2012

There are two subjects; it is the Mahdi that most offends the hypocrite. If you want to identify a hypocrite, just say ‘The Mahdi.’ His face will turn bright from pink to dark purple. Jesus the Messiah also drives them crazy. They really do not want to hear these two names. Muhammad the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). These are the names that most trouble the hypocrite. Try it, if you like. Go and say it and see how it offends them.

Surat al-‘Imran, verse 9

"Our Lord, You are the Gatherer of mankind to a Day of which there is no doubt.” You must bring them together and make a single community out of them. “Allah will not break His promise.” Abjad calculation gives a date of 2028. You must bring people together as a single community. This verse really refers to the Day of Reckoning and the hereafter, but believers and unbelievers will gather together separately, but the clear meaning of the verse with the abjad date gives the date of the global reign, insha’Allah.   

(About reports that Israel has abandoned the idea of holding a wine festival in a mosque courtyard)

The reason why this has happened is that we spoke with Israel. We called Eyüp Kara, and the deputy minister called the mayor. We also sent a separate notification to the Prime Ministry. And the festival has been moved out of the mosque; they heeded our request. My thanks to the Israeli government and the Prime Minister. And thank you to Eyüp Kara. And thank you to other people who contributed. My thanks to the mayor. Israel has shown its peace-loving nature, warmth and sincerity to the whole world. They have shown it to the Islamic world, too. They have clearly shown their spirit of compromise, intelligent attitudes and the way they favor peace.

Communism is an economic system, but it says that violence is the only way to implement that economic system. There is no peaceful communism in Marxist-Leninist thinking. What does Lenin say? “You must kill soldiers and the police.” Then he says, “If you want to achieve your aim, there is no alternative means in communism. You must use violence if you want the revolution.”  Violence and terror are communism’s only weapon. And since communist thinking is based on Darwinism and Materialism, the system will collapse when you pull Darwinism away from under it. That is the issue.


2012-10-31 10:01:52

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