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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 September 2012


A9 TV, 13 September 2012

(Oktar Babuna gave an address, representing Mr. Adnan Oktar, at the American Congress Center, attended by parliamentarians and religious figures from various countries.)

These are excellent, really great developments. An inclusive, loving approach. We want the best for America. I love the American people. And I love the joy in America. I love the way they are so full of life. I love their kindness and warmth. Their streets and homes are very attractive. Yes, they have their flaws, of course. There is a moral collapse as of late in America, but that is another matter. Insha’Allah they will pull round. It is an excellent thing for our brothers to speak of Allah and the Book, the Qur’an, in Masonic lodges and to treat our brothers there as friends. Love all Martinists and all Masons. I love Christians and Jews. I love Alawites and Bektashis. They are all immaculate people created by Allah. They are all joyful and full of love. Hatred amazes me. How can one hate another person? How crazy is that? Why should I hate a Shiite or a Wahhabi? They are radiant Muslims, with great piety. Why should I hate a Christian? He believes in the same Allah. He just sometimes expresses it wrongly. We can put that right. It is easy to be a follower of Muhammed (saas). How can people who love so many prophets not love the Prophet Muhammed (saas) as well? That is why I believe that America is sincere. I believe the American Congress is sincere. I do not call America “The Great Satan.” These are really primitive and crude expressions. That kind of primitive language has developed as a result of communists taking Muslims in. They cannot say, “America is fascist.” “The Great Satan,” they say.  How can you have a great shaytan or a small one? Are you lining them all up by height? They also call Israel a little shaytan. There is no call for such barbarism. We must also treat Masons with affection. And Christians with affection, and Jews with affection.

“We will annihilate Israel,” they say. Where are these people living? Are you crazy?” “We will obliterate them from there,” they say. “We will wipe them out,” they mean. That is utterly immoral. What you are really saying is, “We will wipe out a line of the prophets.” Some one-third of the Qur’an talks of the people of Israel. Hazrat Israel is the name of Jacob (pbuh). That is how the name Israel appears in the Qur’an. You ignorant man, Israel is the name of a prophet. Do you realize what you are saying? You do not refer to the state, but directly to Israel. You are insulting the prophet. Then Allah will visit scourges on you. So pull yourself together. And why should they leave the region? They are entrusted to us by the Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) and the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Their living does you no harm. I speak with rabbis, and they say, “Of course Hazrat Muhammed (pbuh) is a prophet. That is obvious.” “But we do not wish to abandon our faith. How could we do that?” they say. I say, “Be Jews who follow Muhammed. Love and believe in the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).” That will be an end to it.


(“U.N. Special Representative Angelina Jolie visited the container town housing Syrian refugees in Öncüpınar, Kilis.”)

These are good and auspicious activities. Insha’Allah, they will be useful. From what I can tell, she is a sincere lady. Someone who delights in others’ well-being, who strives for people’s happiness, who dedicates herself to goodness and good works, for Allah’s approval. Insha’Allah, she will become even better. And there is also this about her; she is an admirer of the Messiah. As you know, she called her child Shiloh. The King Messiah, the name of the awaited Mahdi. One can tell that she is religiously devout from that.

 (Russian head of state Vladimir Putin has condemned the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya that resulted in the deaths of three consular officials. He said that the anti-Islam film had insulted the religious feelings of people of all beliefs and that governments need to take steps against such acts of religious provocation.)

He spoke well, spoke the truth. He exhibits great sensitivity to religion. He takes steps to ensure that religion is not insulted. That is good. His was a positive speech and analysis. Religion is a sensitive matter. He does not want anyone to be allowed to defame. But he fails to realize that religion is also insulted indirectly. Darwinism and Materialism are direct insults to religion because you are accusing the Prophet (saas) of lying. You are suggesting that the prophets lied. You are suggesting that Allah has lied, may He forbid. You are maintaining that this is all a trick. You say that Allah does not exist (may He forbid), even though He does. You are ascribing equals to Him. These are all terrible crimes. That is why failure to grasp the damage caused by Darwinism and Materialism, their erroneous nature and ugliness, is one of the signs of the End Times. They are living cheek by jowl with the dajjal, but they fail to realize it. The system of the dajjal blasphemes every day, but they fail to realize it.

Our Masonic and Templar friends who came here prayed en masse for the very first time in the Little Haghia Sofia Mosque. They went in before everyone’s eyes, performed ritual ablutions and prayed. For the first time, thanks be to Allah. And from using a kind of language opposed to Islam, they now speak about wanting Islam to reign across the world. This development is not one that could ever be managed by a bigot. Bigots offer only hatred. I offer love, compassion, reason and truth. And as a result, Allah softens people’s hearts and attracts them to Islam. That was how our Prophet (saas) worked. But bigots try to put people off religion by using polytheistic methods. I call people to Islam and the Qur’an with love, and Allah bestows success as a result. What bigot could ever achieve such a success? Look, Masons asked for Qur’ans for their Lodges. We sent them copies. And they have said we are free to talk about Allah and the Qur’an in their Lodges. They are proud of that. They delight in reading the Qur’an. They want people to learn about it. They give one another copies of the Qur’an. They took copies with them when they left. Masha’Allah.

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