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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 December 2012


The number of ladies who cover their heads in this world of seven billion people is very small. Of them, 80% are not taught to read and write and are excluded. They are terribly oppressed. It is terrible how some people have sought to inflict such a horrible model on the world. People will be afraid then, and will not become Muslims. People will not become Muslims if that is what is done to women. According to the radicals, women  must not touch the Qur’an, they cannot pray for half their lives. Nothing they say is valid. One should do the exact opposite of what they say. This not teaching them to read and write is not just hypothetical, either; they do it actually. For example, if the people want, families will send their female children to Qur’anic courses and teach them but they deliberately do not teach them. Eighty percent is a huge figure, and they are trying to produce ugly people. They want a model of woman that is crude, aggressive, selfish, that hates everyone, is envious, dirty and vile. This is a repellent model. Islam can never come to reign, may Allah forbid, with such things. But in a society whose women dress immaculately, whose heads are uncovered but who dress modestly, who wear make-up in a manner appropriate to the Qur’an, who are well-mannered, urbane and high quality, everyone can touch the Qur’an and read it as they wish. They can pray when they wish. There is no need to do the opposite of what women say. On the contrary, they should be respected and valued. If they are respected as people to love, as manifestations of Allah, then Europe and America will accept such a form of Islam. Russia, too, and Denmark, and China. But the other model you propose is horrifying. Nobody will sign up to such a model. And the faith will slowly begin dissolving from the inside.

Irreligion and atheism are hugely widespread in Saudi Arabia. Atheism is widespread in Iran, too. Iran has the largest number of atheists. That is horrifying. A repressive, totalitarian and fundamentalist mindset produces a dishonest and backward society. That is dangerous. But a conception of Islam that is sincere, honest, high-class, modern, based on art and science, that fears and is fully submitted to Allah, that acts in the light of the Qur’an, that honestly interprets the Qur’an and acts according to whatever it says, and that adds nothing to it and takes nothing away, that will spread very fast. From what I can tell, nobody will reject such a conception of Islam.

When a woman looks outside, let’s say she sees men dressed up like bandits, vulgar and rude types, people who try to flirt with her. So what should she do? She should cover herself up entirely. That is Allah’s command. There are no verses about the headscarf. There are explicit verses about the jilbab. And Allah explains why. The jilbab. Allah says; “Draw your outer garments closely round yourselves. This makes it more likely that you will be recognized and not be harmed.” It is unbelievable. They never say a word about Islamic Unity or the Mahdi (pbuh). They never say a word about covering the body; but they are obsessed about the headscarf. And they talk about it with an unbelievable logic. (If the conditions are not good for a lady) she may choose to look with one eye, or wear a veil. Or never go out at all. That is also a solution. There is a verse about the wives of our Prophet (saas). This may be needed in some countries.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “How far can we trust the hadiths? Where can we learn about the Prophet’s (saas) words and behavior from?”)

From the Qur’an and those hadiths that are compatible with the Qur’an. If a hadith is not compatible with the Qur’an, you must not heed it. It cannot contravene the Qur’an. But it if is compatible with it, that is fine.

(In response to a mail from a viewer who asks, “Can we say the headscarf is Sunna?”)

No, why should it be Sunna? There was no such thing as the headscarf in the time of our Prophet (saas). There was the jilbab. I fail to see where they get that idea from. There is no use of the headscarf. After a time, they began troubling women of the believers when they went out so that verse was sent down. Conditionally. Women will wear the full covering for protection.


(In response to a mail from a viewer saying; “Most men do not pray. They do not obey the commandments of the Qur’an. But when it comes to the headscarf they suddenly become really devout. Their desire is not to obey the Qur’an, but to imprison women.”)

They are really jealous. They don’t let them use make-up. They have facial hair. They don’t let them pluck their eyebrows. They make them wrap something round their heads. “You must make them dress in such a way that they cannot go out. You must dress them badly so they will not go out,” they say. “Do not teach them to read, or they will start setting up meetings and writing letters and making contact with other people.” They despise them that much. This is a horrifying perspective. But they still defend that logic.

(The American National Intelligence Council has unveiled its Global Trends for 2030 report. The report says that the West’s global domination of the last 260 years will come to an end, that Turkey will be a country that shapes the Islamic world by 2030 and that it will be the representative of the Islamic world.)

The model of Islam in Turkey is the most popular model in the world, not that found in Iraq, Afghanistan or other countries. I am highly effective in that model. Foreign countries like and appreciate Tayyip Erdoğan because he favors a modern Islam. I am also behind the modern concept seen  in the Fethullah Gülen movement.

Surat ash-Shura, 18. “…Those who doubt the Hour are greatly misguided.” The Day of Reckoning. Those who deny the signs of the End Time come under this category. The coming of the dabbat al-ardh, the smoke, the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh), the return of Jesus the Messiah, Gig and Magog and the Day of Reckoning. These are all explicitly described. There is no room for argument. Allah says that people who say these things will never happen “...are misguided.”

(Regarding a decision that ‘Islam will be taught as a regular class from the 2013-2014 academic year’ in schools in the German state of Hesse.)

Germany’s aim is to spread a modern conception of Islam. Germany is afraid of fundamentalism. And America. Everyone is afraid of fundamentalism.

(Ten journalists from Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Algeria visiting Istanbul in order to improve relations with the Turkish media issued a call, saying there needed to be concentration on Islamic Union, that Turkey needed to be part of that union, not as an older brother, but as a partner, and that the union should not be regarded as simply an opportunity for an economic market.)

OK, but who will be at its head? How can you have a leaderless union? Tell me. It has to be someone. They say nobody should be the leader; but there can be no union without a leader. Show me a leaderless community in the Qur’an. What community is leaderless in the world? Even the smallest companies have a leader. Schools have principals. The government has a prime minister. They are coming up with all kinds of ideas in order to escape the idea of the Mahdi (pbuh).

(A mail from a viewer: “The Messenger of Allah (saas) forbade himself to look at a woman if more than her hands and face were visible.”)

The companions used to perform their ablutions by the banks of a lake or river, or by pools, together with their women, at the time of the hajj. So according to you, the women just washed their hands at that time, is that right? So how did they purify themselves? The head has to be uncovered if it is to be washed. The arms have to be uncovered to be washed. “We all performed the ritual purifications together” says the hadith, “men and women together, by the bank of the river.” There are many hadiths. How did that happen? At the Kaaba, for example, men and women pray together. There is no jealousy there. It is regarded as normal there. They oppress women horribly. They crush them all together, like sardines. Many places are like that at the Kaaba. They regard that as normal. But it is totally unacceptable. I have never heard people who talk about the headscarf talk about the full jilbab. Have you? Because that is not the aim there; the aim is something else. My apologies to them, but I am referring to just some  of them here. They never let their daughters touch their faces or put on make-up. They wrap their heads up in something. They make them look unkempt. They send them out looking horrible. They make their women walk behind them, not beside them. Look, “They have to walk behind,” they say. “Allah has placed women behind,” they say. “So you must keep them behind, as well.” What kind of hadith is that? They are slandering the Prophet (saas). “Allah has placed women behind, so you must keep your women behind you.” They always make their women walk behind them. It is like that in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and everywhere. The jilbab is commanded, but there is no mention of the headscarf but they keep on talking about the headscarf as if it were the most important thing in Islam. The most important thing is Islamic Unity.

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