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Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 23 September 2010

•    (Regarding mandatory Islamic classes in Bulgaria) Even Bulgarians are making religion classes mandatory. Geography, physics are mandatory. Religion is general culture, knowledge. Of course it will be mandatory as well. If a person does not know about his own religion of his own country or the basic faith in the world, then he is very limited in terms of general culture. This is a very strange situation. He does not know about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He does not know about communism and fascism. So what does he know? He knows how to make salad. No way. General culture is very important.

•    At the moment America is like a panther playing with the dog. In fact, they can destroy with two blows. America acts as if they are weak against PKK, as if they are not strong enough. The men are joking. They keep it for Armadeggon. They are not considering to spending it  with installments. They are thinking about destroying at one stroke. Therefore, if communists are trying to take my religious brothers in Southeast of Turkey from us and they are struggling to prepare materials for this, their efforts should be prevented everywhere.

•    Abdullah Gul is a very good man, very sincere, innocent, good-natured, humble person. A true Anatolian person. But in such a tense and cautious period that we are in, it is vital that the emphasis reassures us. Because our nation is restless at the moment. Because we did not fully understand what they are doing. But being in the spectator position in Turkey is painful. PKK is being watched in Turkey right now. While we can  oppose them by way of scientific activity, having potential and time, all means of TRT (Turkish Radio Television) and press, no counter attack is being made. They  are making communist propaganda day and night. Giving up weapons is like leaving their forks for them. Let us consider them having given up. It would take 24 hours at the most for them to take thier weapons back from where they left, if they continue making communist propaganda. He would say he left his gun. Well done you would say. Since they train technically the communist guerilla in many countries, for example in Nicaragua. But they do not arm them at that moment. But when the weapons are needed, they bring them with a freighter, immediately arm them. Arming 10 thousand people in one night is possible. The world is the storage for weapons. They can bring as many ammunition as they want. It would be a mistake to think that leaving weapons is the solution. Its head needs to be crashed. Allah in a verse says “Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it crashes its head and  behold, falsehood vanishes!”. Its idea needs to be changed. What happens when a man who had communist training, ready to kill man at any minute leaves his gun? He can grab an iron stick and do whatever he wants with that.

•    So long as there is patriotism, bond of brotherhood, fear in Allah, it does not matter whether the people in the area speak Turkish or Kurdish. If the man learns Turkish, will he not get communist training? Once he is patriotic, religious, and attached to sacred values, what difference does it make if he speaks only Kurdish and does not know any other foreign language? What difference does it make? Once he loves his country, it does not matter. For instance, Turks from abroad come, but they do not speak Turkish well, are we worried with it? He is nationalist, Kemalist, attached to sacred values and loyal to tradition, but does not know Turkish. The problem is not his language. Then the local government is not the problem either.  If he defends unitary structure, big Turkey and the Turkish-Islamic Union, and if he is a patriot, he can do whatever he wants. There is no need to put a man to watch over him? Then you can take away the military and the police, nothing will happen., You can put a gendarme over each and everyone, but you cannot handle it without educating them. Preventing them to speak his mother tongue, angers them. It is like persisting against a  communist man. Persisting brings ambition, creates more enthusiasm, and then man does more, you make him go crazy. The only solution is education.

•    America was defeated disastrously in Vietnam and Cambodia. They were raining B52 bombs day and night. Instead scientific books could have been dropped from the air. You cannot talk and argue with them. American people say that they are Darwinists as well. Then you are supporting their ideology. America is the stronghold for the Darwinists in the world. All of the well-known Darwinist scientists are either in England, or America. If you are Darwinist and materialist, you defend dialectical philosophy. The communists in Vietnam are defending the dialectic, Darwinist and materialist philosophy also. If you defend the dialectic of the history, then they defend the dialectic of the history too. They say, they make a transition from capitalist stage to communist stage at the last phase, and you accept this. They say they are communists, Leninists and anarchists. They will be defeated for sure unless they struggle on an intellectual ground.

•    Let’s show all of the proofs of Darwinism on TV as a movie. Let’s show all of the fossils, molecular structure of molecules, the errors of Marx and Lenin. Let’s see if they continue then. What did they do to break down the Ottoman? Lord Cruzon have mentioned this, “Friends, as long as they have this book at hand” he say, showing the Qur’an, “we can not destroy them”. He says “This book must be taken away from them.” The man says it openly. Only after that they started telling the Ottoman intellectuals about Darwinism. Ungodliness spread widely among the Ottoman intellectuals. None was left following the Qur’an, the Janissaries began to have weakness in the faith and theygot their results. They broke down a huge imperial. People were left with no power, no enthusiasm. When there was no belief in Allah, there was no will to battle and they are defeated. Even the soldier gets defeated. They lacked the power. Allah does not give them enough power then. The Ottoman soldiers were not powerful enough. Allah took away their strength. Before they were victorious with a small force; in the Qur’an Allah says “20 people from you beats 100 people from them”. But they are faithful. If the faith goes away, they get defeated to to unbelievers even if they are 100 times more. The do not enough strength. The great Ottoman army lost everywhere and was crushed from all over. It narrowed down to become the Turkey today. Now they say let’s divide here. Let’s divide even into 3, a snob one says.

For example there was no anti-Darwinist activity in the Ottoman. The Ottoman youth, intellectuals were taken by Darwinism. They started to open Freemasonry lodges and they watched them, they grew by crushing, and as a result this happened. Now is the time. Let’s take revenge on the big historical event, by attacking them scientifically. Let’s crush their heads with knowledge and end the issue completely. Then there will no longer be PKK.

•    (About the news on Murat Karayilan’s help request from Israel) The materialist-communist wing in Israel fully supports the PKK of course. Atheists are dominant in Israel’s government. They are oppressing religious people there, arresting Jews, throwing them in jail, and making them suffer. Communists in Syria support PKK, Iraq’s communists support PKK. Communists in Palestine support PKK. Communists in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria support PKK. The majority of communists in Turkey support PKK as well. Their claims are that they are superior scientifically. PKK says that they are superior philosophically.

•    Evangelists want Israel to get control of the area at first. They plan to give the Southeast of Anatolia to Israel, but they plan to do that temporarily for Armageddon. Then they want to flow blood like a flood there. They even want the population to grow in order to increase blood. Even Jews know about this brutal plan. The Israeli government and Evangelists are together. This is written clearly in the distorted Gospel anyway. The event revolves around Messianism and the system of the Mahdi. True Messiah versus fake Messiah. Hazrat Mahdi (as) against the Antichrist. This is the solution. Why are you talking about the system of the Mahdi day and night, they say to me. There is no other subject in the world. We are only seeing the reflection of the Messiah plan here. The topic that Karayilan talks about is about Messianism and the Antichrist.

•    No government in the world is making anti-Darwinist propaganda. There is a Darwinist dictatorship in the world. Wherever one is making anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist propaganda, the world shakes. The Pope said something about Darwinism, this is not the way we will have a meeting there they said, at Pope’s place. Of course he said sure, you are welcomeand he filled the place up with Darwinists. They openly made atheist propaganda at the Pope’s place. As a nation we have to stand for. It is not fine to watch the military and government in action. Anti-Darwinist propaganda can be made at houses too. You can download my comments on Darwinism from the Internet And increase your knowledge. Please learn the Evangelists, the Armageddon and the Messianism plan because the world revolves around it. In the Southeast of Anatolia there is PKK but we do not know, they are dispersed in other places, too. Even in Istanbul a teacher teaching at a school is with PKK. They are spread everywhere like a spider web. The real matter is to seriously stand for. Let’s use all of our resources at hand. This cannot be done by wailing. You can roar. Roaring is done by scientific work, Not by head butting the men on the streets. You can read books, make friends at school, on Facebook. You can tell them in a soft style, in kind, beautiful worlds. In Facebook people swear at some debates, you can say this cannot be done this way. Scientific clear explanation must be done, this is the solution.

(As a reply to the question on why you are preaching to Freemasons) Pharaoh was the fierce freemason of the time of the Prophet Moses (as). All symbols in his place were Masonic. Nimrod was freemason too, take a  look, all symbols in his place are Masonic. Freemasonry is a very ancient organization. Why did the Prophet Abraham (as) preached to Nimrod? If this man had sold his spirit to the devil, then he should not have preached? Why did the Prophet Moses (as) preached Pharaoh? You cannot draw a limit. If Marx was alive, we would be preaching him as well.

•    (About the news on Israel supporting PKK) When we say Israel, it is meant like all the religious Jews, Muslims, Christiansliving in the region. . It is not like this. Only a team of handful jackals is being meant. PKK’s jackals are forming an alliance with a handful of jackals you will say. So why do they blame Israel for this?

•    We can not call the miracle of the Prophet Moses (as) scientific explanation, we do not know. It may have occurred with a tsunami, maybe a storm, it may be with that. There might be a physical law that Allah uses, or He may have created one at that very moment, we do not know. But it is very great event that the sea parted with the Prophet Moses’ (as) hitting with his staff. Two miracles happened. First it opened up when the Muslims were crossing, and when Pharaoh comes to the midway of the sea big waves swallow them. Timing is a miracle.Right at that moment, maybe something that had not happened in 30 years took place. They entered even though they were experienced. Not like how some hodjas claim that the sea froze and  they went through. This would remove the use ofwill. The sea parted completely, otherwise they would not enter if the sea had froze. And it would eliminate the use of will for the Jew at the scene.. Once they cross the sea, they do abnormal stuff there as well. “You and your Lord go and fight” they say. They give a hypocrital response. “My Lord, I have no control over anyone but myself and my brother,” says the Prophet Moses (as). He has is  timing miracle twice there.


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