Evolution Hoax

Highlights from the interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar dated February 7, 2011

Adıyaman Asu TV, 7 February 2011

  • If we were to see matter on the outside in that way, we would see neither light, nor shade. We would see pitch darkness. Even if that darkness were lightened a little, we would still see no color. We would just see a transparency. But Allah shows us a brightly colored, three-dimensional, extremely high-quality and delightful image. The soul sees that with no eyes in a space the size of a lentil. It hears it with no ears and tastes it with no tongue. It smells with no nose and touches with no hands. All that there is, is an electric current. It forms in a tiny space. It all happens as the result of interconnected electric currents. The soul perceives these as a brightly colored world, delicious tastes, a perfect sense of touch and delightful sounds. But look, the soul has no ears and yet it hears. It hears the sounds coming from the ears, though it has no ears itself. That means that people need neither eyes nor ears.

  • Allah says,“Be!” And things come into being. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) comes to Pharaoh. He first speaks of Allah, who creates all things. That is what he speaks of first, creation. He says that Allah performs creation. Pharaoh says, “so what of the first generations?” He asks the same thing Darwinists ask. He is also a Darwinist. The Prophet (saas) replies, “They are all in a book in the presence of my Lord.” “My Lord forgets nothing and is never mistaken.” In other words, he says, “Allah created them all.” Allah created both the earlier and later ones. But if we look at the verses’ 4th and 5th figurative allusions, since he speaks of a book, there must also be books that will demolish Darwinism in the End Times. A book like the Atlas of Creation, for example. The first meaning is about destiny. Allah’s destiny is written in a book. But if we look at the 3rd, 4th and 5th allusions, “the answer” he says, “there is a book,” he says, insha’Allah.


Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV, 7 February 2011

  • When we look at the Qur’an, we see that reason dominates everywhere. And Allah is everywhere to ensure there is no lack of good conscience. Whichever page you open you see what people of good or bad conscience do. That is the main subject in the Qur’an. So we have to heed our consciences. Has not Allah many times demolished a bigoted conception of religion? Yes, He has. And has He devastated the Ummah? Yes, he has. Every time. Allah has always destroyed a backward conception of Islam incompatible with the Qur’an. He has never permitted such a thing. He has either inflicted scourges on people, or else through events and eradicated them. But there is warmth that dominates in a loving conception of Islam based on the Qur’an. Allah’s protection is very clear. Life goes back to normal. High costs of living decline. People start smiling again. People are restored to health. Warmth increases. There is no more fear in people’s souls. Islam reigns, for example, but people still live in fear. That means that fanaticism prevails. Backwardness prevails. But when Islam prevails, a man should happily jump out of bed at 4 in the morning and run joyfully out into the street and nobody should interfere with him. You cannot run around the streets like that when fanaticism rules. For example, if young girls walk around with fear in their eyes, there is no Islam there. But if there is a bright joy in their eyes, if they laugh and are happy when they meet together, if a group of friends can leave Istanbul and go freely as far as Damascus with nobody interfering, and if they are respected, then that is Islam.

  • Very little thought is given to death. Yet death makes people humble, and enables them to fear Allah, and to think deeply and frees them from selfishness and egotism. It is instrumental in them being reasonable and balanced. One cannot think one will be well by not thinking about death. Some people imagine that if they avoid thinking about death, it will make them happy. There is a verse that says every breath is like a foretaste of death. It is written on cemetery gates. They wanted to have that text removed. But if that went, if that language and way of thinking went, then egotism and selfishness would grow. But the other way, you are generous, warm and seek out your friends. You have no greed for this world, you are warm-blooded and humble. If the spiritual aspect goes, the nothing will be left in this world. If there is no love, friendship, brotherhood, forgiveness or patience, then there is nothing in this world. There can be no love or friendship without patience. People will just take it into their minds to stop seeing or speaking to others. They will cast them aside. No excuses. They will just say they are tired of them. But how can one be tired of someone that one loves? The other way though, one may say one is tired of them or think horrible things about them in a selfish manner. That is why death must always be borne in mind. We must describe death in technical terms. We must very accurately describe every stage of death, the moment of death, what happens as one dies and what happens afterward.

  • Allah has created talking about Islam in my destiny. How excellent. It is all ready in my destiny. I don’t have to try. I just have to be honest; Allah gives me the opportunity to talk about it on television, on the internet, on radio. And I enjoy talking about it, I am at the same time talking to myself. An image in my brain tells me these things, it is not me talking. Allah causes me to talk. I do not and cannot create what I say. Allah creates it. I just listen to it. I listen in the same way you do. It is Allah Who transmits that information.
  • Thinking about death and the Day of Reckoning is vitally important in the test. I realized I was metaphysical right from high school. The universe is a great marvel. Anyone who forgets that is lacking in respect for Allah. If we honestly submit to Him, then Allah makes both this world and the hereafter very lovely. For one thing, our world becomes very beautiful. The love of our Prophet (saas) settles over our hearts.

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