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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 23 February, 2011


TV Kayseri, 23 February 2011
(About reports that mercenaries in Libya have been using violence)
  • Gaddafi was off balance at the beginning. Then he seemed to pull himself together, but under the effect of advancing age he then became seriously mentally unwell. The use of mercenaries is a terrible disgrace.  Libya is an Islamic country, yet this man brings in professional killers against his own people. He uses them against the public. That is a horrendous disgrace. The use of mercenaries in particular is by itself enough to show the scale of the disgrace.  Nobody likes or respects him anymore. Using mercenaries, bloodthirsty psychopaths, is a sign of total madness. There is no other explanation. He literally built up a mafia organization within the state, an official mafia, and orders that mafia to attack the public. It will be useful for other countries to issue warnings in order to bring Gaddafi to his senses. He and his sons must just quietly leave. They must politely quit the country.
  • The model of Turkey is the model of the way of the Mahdi. The distinguishing characteristic of the way of the Mahdi is that it is a moderate, warm, compassionate, reasonable, consistent and non-aggressive model that seeks peace and liberty and that avoids blood and bloodshed.
  • (The people of Libya) have restored the flag to how it was in Ottoman times. I mean, it can clearly be felt that it is a movement of the way of the Mahdi. The use of the word Ottoman is not in the sense of conquering them. Let us imagine that the peoples of Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, our intention is them to able to live in peace and happiness and worship in freedom. And the protection of the lives and property of Leftists there, too, if there are any and them also being respected. Everyone being treated as a first-class citizen. The affection, compassion, honesty, moral virtue and joy of Islam being felt everywhere. Otherwise, nobody is being envious of what anyone else has. Nobody is being jealous of anyone’s freedoms. We want those states to function in a better and healthier way. We want the governments that are set up to be healthier. We want young people to be educated better and to live in happiness.
  • Some of our brothers want there to be no evil people. But in that case there could not be any good ones. There could be no Hazrat Mahdi (as) without the diametric opposites. Hazrat Mahdi (as) means the person who struggles against those diametrically opposed to him. The absence of any force opposed to him would mean no Hazrat Mahdi (as), either. That is why there will be people opposed to us, as well, since we are followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It would be very odd if nobody were diametrically opposed to us. The more people opposed to us, the more perfect that is. Our Prophet (saas) rose up spiritually through the struggles he waged. They used to throw camel entrails or thorny bushes at our Prophet (saas) as he walked along. That is what being a prophet means. It is the law of Allah. There can never be any change in the law of Allah. There will be horrible, vile types opposed to us, and we must campaign against them. That will increase our fervor and do us honor. Anything else would be very peculiar. It is very wrong to regard a blessing as an affliction. It is a blessing for a Muslim to have opponents. That is a source of merit. It results in a great deal of merit.
  • The way of the Mahdi is the application of what is good. Compulsion is bad and unacceptable. Liberty is good. Sorrow is bad and unacceptable. Joy is good and acceptable. That is the system in the way of the Mahdi. It is the purging of what is evil and the constant implementation of what is good. Albania, for example. Imagine that Turkish-Islamic Union has come about. If you go to the government and say we have disbanded your government and seized your Parliament. We have declared martial law and taken Albania over. That is bad and wrong. What should you do? May your state exist until the Day of Reckoning, you say. Our best wishes for your government. What you have is yours. We like you very much. We support you all the way. Let us open the way for trade and love and be brothers. That is good. Arbitrary power is bad. It distresses people. If you bring people to their knees, they remember for the rest of their lives. People do not like being forced. It is much better if they do things willingly. If you use force, you make enemies and they never forget. That is why there is no compulsion in the way of the Mahdi. Allah says, “there is no compulsion in the religion.” Young girls are the flowers of the world. They must be as free as possible. They must be as happy and joyful as possible. They must enjoy the love, respect and protection they deserve. If they are kept down, the whole of society is kept down. But if they are happy, all of society will be happy. For example, if children are persecuted the whole world will head backward. But if children are happy, then all of society will be happy. Old people are very lovely. What business have they got in old people’s homes. Take them home with you. Someone is sick. Well, so may you be one day. Would you want us to throw you into a home then? Look after them and earn merit from it. You can take it in turns. How can you be tested in this world if you avoid all difficulty? You must turn an old person’s life into a really heavenly one. With the best food and clothing. You must give them joy. And the people you love will do the same for you. Love will rule everywhere in the time of the way of the Mahdi. The way of the Mahdi is not something to be thought about for ages and ages. For example, there is somewhere that people live in. Everywhere is stone and buildings, there are no parks or gardens anywhere. You tear down some buildings and make a lovely park with pools and gardens, and move the houses somewhere else. That has happened, and it is the way of the Mahdi. Stone buildings and houses all cramped up against one another, that lack of soul is in the way of the antichrist. That is how it was in Russia. There was no greenery anywhere. Tiny, cramped spaces. But the way of the Mahdi requires living room and spacious homes. People’s homes are just 3 square meters in China. An engineer has to live in just 4 square meters. That shows the savage nature of communism and the way of the antichrist. It may be tolerable for short periods if really  essential. But go to China and everyone looks fed up. That is the result of the way of the antichrist. But under the way of the Mahdi everyone will be smiling, happy and joyful. There are all the signs of joy and love. There are no jaundiced faces, but faces full of life and joy. It is all full of life. Life will enter the cells in people’s bodies under the way of the Mahdi. The spirit of life has currently been drawn out of those cells. People have dead cells. They are weary and jaundiced, they always look down, and their hair and skin and bodies and hands are all dead. One can sense death in places that the spirit of the Qur’an has not entered, where the spirit of the Merciful One has not entered. But where the spirit of the Qur’an has entered, there you have warmth and abundance. And that is the way of the Mahdi.
  • Our brothers in Europe and Germany have taken an excellent step forward on the subject of conferences. Our other brothers must also experience that. There are lovely conference halls in Holland and Germany. Allah has prepared them for us. They are really grand. Our dear brothers must hire those halls. We will print up posters and they can organize everything. Let us put posters up in the streets and hold stupendous conferences and thus cause the earth to move. We must not give the other side room to breathe. Holding 10 conferences does not mean one has done enough. It means we need to hold a hundred and then a thousand. Conferences have a very powerful impact and psychological effect. It is much greater than the impact of a book. Someone who goes to a conference will remember it all his life, since he is told things to his face. Our brothers’ passion and enthusiasm is most excellent. They must set up libraries, Harun Yahya libraries. They must hold conferences and give talks in people’s homes, which is also an excellent thing. They must invite our brothers, 20 or 25 people. Tea, coffee and a few snacks also help the increase the love in that environment. They can choose brothers who speak well and have them describe the signs leading to faith, but with joy, so that people do not become bored. Brothers who appear to be strong in faith must describe these things and have others talk about them with love. They must embrace one another when they leave, and all these things will be very useful. Bring Shiites to these talks, and bring Alawites and Bektashis. There will be no disagreement when it comes to signs leading to faith. It might be best to avoid talking on religious law, as everyone has his own. But as long as they avoid that, our Alawite, Bektashi, Shiite and Wahabbist brothers can all talk about love of Allah together. Let them show their love. Let them put on an excellent display in the face of those who live by the opposite of the brotherhood of ‘La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan Rasulullah (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah).’ It will be  slap in the face for those who wish to set Muslims against one another or instill a spirit of enmity in Muslims. And they must tell these brothers of ours of their love everywhere. Let it spread from person to person. Our brothers have been divided, and we must now unite them.
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