Evolution Hoax

Higlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 15 May 2011

A9 TV; 15 May 2011

  • Allah, Who created the proton and neutron separately in the nucleus of the atom, Who creates human chromosomes right down to the finest detail, Who perfectly creates the protein molecule, Who creates the eye and allows us to see in full color, Who shows us three-dimensional images and Who allows us to hear sound of the finest quality, uses a piece of flesh as His instrument in all this. We ask, “Why did He create the universe?” Some people say, “It has no purpose.” But you say, “Everything has a purpose. You cannot have purposeless human beings. Allah says in one verse that He did not create this universe as a bauble and an amusement. Allah is Almighty and knows all things. He created space. He creates infinite time in an infinitely brief moment. He created an infinitely long period of time in an infinitely short one. That is the power of Allah. It is not purposeless. Does a cup not have a purpose? Does not a pencil have a purpose? Does not paper have a purpose? Does not television have a purpose? Everything has a purpose.
  • Reason in any case means knowledge. Rational knowledge. Our Prophet (saas) was highly rational. He said a thing and it was true. Because he acted through revelation. What will Hazrat Mahdi (as) be like? He will also act through revelation. Our Prophet (saas) says there will be an angel to correct him when he makes a mistake. Jibrail (as), Mikhail (as), the great angels, will be alongside him, always by his side.
  • Bediuzzaman is the wall of Dhu’lQarnayn. What is the Atlas of Creation? The wall of Dhu’lQarnayn. All ramparts against irreligion and atheism are the walls of Dhu’lQarnayn. But there is a wall referred to in the Qur’an, the wall that stood in the way of Gog and Magog. What is used in it? Iron. What will Hazrat Mahdi (as) use? He will have all tanks and shells and lumps of iron melted down. That is what Dhu’lQarnayn did on a wider scale. There is this possibility. The reference to Dhu’lQarnayn may be to Hazrat Mahdi (as). Because past and future are one in the Sight of Allah. What is described as the past may also be the future. And the future may be the past. Allah speaks of paradise, for example, that is the future for us. But He describes it as the past. He describes paradise and hell as the past. Allah describes what Abu Lahab is doing in hell while he is still alive. He describes it as the past. “And so will his wife, the firewood-carrier,” says Allah. He describes as the past. Past and future are the same in the Sight of Allah. Because we can see from that description that Dhu’lQarnayn is on a screen like the television. Because Allah says he looked and saw. A sultan does this with a power. And when he looks he sees the Sun sinking in a black, muddy spring. We look at the television, and the Japanese flag also sets in a black, muddy spring. The empire that never sets, sets. Allah describes it like photographic images. He describes images one by one. In other words, He refers to the images that will be seen in the End Times.
  • Gog and Magog, terror and anarchy. All the anarchists and terrorists of the End Times. Since the Prophet Jesus (as) is living now, Allah is heeding his prayers and setting them against one another. Through the prayers of the Prophet Jesus (as) there are great disasters happening. The Prophet Jesus (as) prays and there is an uprising in a country, people turn against one another. Global politics are being shaped by prayer; that is a characteristic of Jesus the Messiah (as). His prayer is one that is heeded. Gog and Magog are being destroyed through the prayers of the Prophet Jesus (as). The alleged organization Ergenekon is Gog and Magog. It is being destroyed through the prayer of the Prophet Jesus (as). The alleged terror organization Ergenekon is now in its death throes, it cannot escape. The worst mafia organization ever. They had unbelievable power. But now they are weakened. The PKK is a vile, fanatical and bloodthirsty organization of Gog and Magog. It will also be destroyed through the prayers of the Prophet Jesus (as). 
  • The direction of the world is currently in the hands of Jesus the Messiah (as), Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Hazrat Khidr (as), the three of them together. These three have put an end to wars. Otherwise they were going to cause a false Armageddon. Armageddon has passed, it was the war fought in Iraq. They were preparing for more comprehensive bloodshed. But it was stopped through the efforts of the Messiah (as), the Mahdi (as) and Hazrat Khidr (as), insha’Allah. The world is now being run through the prayers of Jesus the Messiah (as).
  • They ask who the dajjal (antichrist) is. We look and see an irreligion the like of which there has never been before. We ask what the cause of that is. Education or something, a chain reaction, has led to irreligion. We see that Darwinism has made people irreligious. We see that Darwinism lies at the bottom of it. And who thought up Darwinism? Darwin. So we arrive at the dajjal (antichrist) of the time. The portents across the world lead us to that door. He left evidence behind him. What evidence? Making the world irreligious. Making 99% of it irreligious. What does the dajjal do? His first task is to make the world irreligious. What did Darwin do? He made the whole world irreligious. How? Through nonsense. What did the way of the dajjal in Sumerian times use? Darwinism. What did Pharaoh use in ancient Egypt? Darwinism. The same mindset. Dajjals have never been able to change their ideas. Nimrud had the same belief, and Pharaoh. But Pharaoh spoke to 1 or 3 million people at most. Nimrud spoke to 1 million at most. The dajjal? The dajjal has spoken to 7 billion. He has made 99% of those 7 billion irreligious. Neither Pharaoh nor Nimrud ever caused such harm. Neither Pharaoh nor Nimrud ever shed such blood as the result of an intellectual system. Pharaoh shed the blood of 100,000 at most. Nimrud shed the blood of 10,000 at most. But the dajjal and Darwinism shed the blood of 330 million. To start with. Look at the First World War, the Second. Then they added another 300 million. Making 600 million. The way of the dajjal has killed 600 million people. The PKK and the alleged terror organization Ergenekon are included in that, and terrorist. Pharaoh is nothing compared to them. Or Nimrud. The worst dajjal there has ever been. Our Prophet (saas) says, “there is nothing worse than the way of the dajjal.” And a great Mahdi is sent to oppose it. The Mahdi, the great mujaddid (reviver) of the 14th century, the restorer of the faith, the Qutb al-Azam is sent 1400 years after our Prophet (saas). To eliminate the devastation of the way of the dajjal, to stop the bloodshed and to eliminate false ideas.  We are also busy with that as pioneers. We are working now. To intellectually eliminate Darwinism, to stop wars and bloodshed. The time will come when the moral values of Islam will rule the world with a great explosion. Allah will bring this about through the prayers of Jesus the Messiah (as) and the Mahdi (as).

2011-05-26 10:57:35

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