Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 19 May 2011

A9 TV, Aksu TV, Kaçkar TV, 19 May 2011

  • A system that is devastating the Islamic world and doing away with art, science, beauty, love, joy and sincerity Islam. And you see they are ruining Muslims because they have taken Muslims’ fundamental strength from them, they have taken away their music, and their science, paintings and art. And they have enslaved and crushed Muslims. They have left them with only the shirts on their backs. I am a plain-speaking, honest and fearless man. They see women with headscarves and you say, “what are you grumbling about?” “Because they are not wearing the full burka” they reply. The headscarf alone is not enough. They have a terrible hatred for women who leave their heads uncovered. Whereas I love them with all my heart. I will protect and watch over them with all my might and will not abandon them to the atheists and irreligious. They are the sweetest things in the world. If they wear the headscarf that is fine, and it is fine if they do not. They are all 100% Muslims, all the jewels in our crown. Our prophet (saas) used to meet women. As he says himself, “there are three things that delight me, the first is prayer, the second is women and the third is pleasant scents.” Why did the Prophet Solomon (as) bring Balkis the Queen of Sheba to his palace? We are striving to resemble the Prophet Solomon (as) and our Prophet (saas). Balkis the Queen of Sheba was a non-Muslim, but she became a Muslim. He welcomed her to the palace and spoke with her alone. They spoke and conversed and discussed matters, and then it appears they wished to marry. Bediuzzaman also says we will achieve the spiritual capture of Istanbul through women, insha’Allah. He says the spiritual conquest will come about through women. Eighty percent of women do not cover their heads. I will not let anyone grumble about that. These people grumble, whereas I love them with all my heart. I embrace them and watch over and protect them and will continue to do so.
  • I am a person of love and passion. Love of woman is very important for me. Female beauty is a wonderful thing. Women are immaculate and highly intelligent and see things in great detail. Men are not like that. If you ask for details, a woman will give you a hundred. Ask a man, and he will only manage two or three. Women have a huge power of detail, a power of depth. Women are also predisposed to faith, to submission to Allah, affection, compassion, loyalty and patience. They are most blessed beings. The important thing for me is ultra-modern thinking.
  • Muslims are the most intelligent, high quality, select and deep thinking people in the world, and they apply art and science in the finest way. They have struck at Muslims where it hurts the most. Pictures are banned, laughter is banned, talking is banned. You must lock yourself away at home and not speak, you must die if necessary; that is the direction things are heading in. You have made Muslims wretched, but we are trying to repair the damage.

A9 TV, Samsun AKS TV; 19 May 2011

  • They try to portray religion as something needed to be investigated at great length, as difficult to comprehend. But it is really very simple. We encounter a colorful, 3-D image. Everything is very regular. Sounds are high quality and stereo. We can taste and think. It is obvious that Allah exists. That is evident right from the start. Everything has a mathematical regularity. We can immediately see that Allah is eternal. We see that we are tested, and why. And we see that human beings are an important adornment in the life of this world. Allah created the angels, but it is human beings He really loves. Because they are created to see good and evil, but angels can only see good, they have no option but to be good. That is why Allah loves human beings and enjoys making them live for all time in paradise. If Allah permits, if we go to paradise that will greatly delight us. We will never be able to see enough of the people of paradise. But that stems from the preparation we receive here. A compliment we receive there will delight us. We will love the music, the scents and the foods of paradise, and we will never grow tired of them. Because we will constantly compare them with this world. So we will never grow tired of them. There is always a window opening onto hell. Our gratitude will grow even more since we are able to see hell.
  • It is impossible for something that exists to be lost for all time. It is impossible for a sound, an image or an entity to disappear for all time. It is impossible in scientific terms for an image to disappear. It is permanent in the Sight of Allah. Allah has created eternal time within an infinitely brief time. This is breathtaking. Allah creates life in great detail. Cars come and go, people write checks and pay bills and taxes. It is all set out to perfection. Like a film screenplay. A perfect screenplay. And people are taken in by that screenplay, because of its perfection. For example, people sell cooked fish between two bits of bread, the wind hits their faces sand they imagine it is all real. But they are all images. There are genuine entities on the outside, but they are transparent, black, colorless and soundless. Nothing comes of them. The sense of touch stems from atoms repelling one another. The same with the sense of smell. But our souls smell with no nose and hear with no ears. That is the kind of system we have.
  • There may be fewer human beings than angels. There are quadrillions of angels. But Allah loves human beings. This is amazing. Allah likes the way that human beings overcome satan. Satan, may Allah forbid, defies Allah. And we overcome the satan who defies Allah. Allah likes that very much. Of course we cannot be certain in this world that Allah loves us, but we can be in the hereafter, because if we were certain here the test would no longer apply.
  • Allah tells us not to oppress one another. But people build bombs. This is extraordinary. Why should people be killed, why should bombs be built? Love is beautiful. They make machine guns and boast, “look how many bullets it can fire in a minute. It can tear things apart.”  Nobody should be killed. There should be no wars. What need is there? Let us all live normally, as servants of Allah. They teach ways of killing. The courts and prisons are full. There are lawyers’ offices everywhere. What need is there? Nobody should quarrel with anyone else. We should all be friends. They go to court over the slightest thing. It is wrong to regard this system as normal. I go outside to see whether people look one another in the face, and they do not. I pass in front of a restaurant, and everyone looks down at his plate. They should spread love around, take an interest in people, extend greetings, ask after one another and invite others to their table. That is the best thing. Otherwise, why go out at all? Why go out if nobody is going to look at anyone else, if there is no love or interest out there? They do not even look at the view or the flowers. There are no birds or animals to love. There should be trees everywhere and birds, but instead there is concrete. We go out in the evening and sit down to talk instead of walking along the road. That is what makes life pleasant. Everywhere is the same. Egypt, for instance, is dirty and badly maintained. India, the same, all covered in dust. Most people make no effort over themselves and are not concerned if they look nice. But being liked by others is an expression of respect. They should be clean and well groomed out of respect for others and for themselves. There is an extreme emptiness in the world, and that is very frightening. Whoever shouts loudest is most admired. “He really put the others down,” they say admiringly. Why? Pleasant speech is to be admired. This is not how we were created.
  • Someone stands up and says pictures are unlawful. That is ruinous for Muslims. You cannot strive in the absence of pictures. The Atlas of Creation is full of pictures from beginning to end. Why should pictures be unlawful? They say that Bukhari says so. Wrong. They misinterpret him. They began making pictures of the Prophet Jesus (as) in the time of our Prophet (saas) and to make pictures of our Prophet (saas), and to worship them. Our Prophet (saas) told them to stop. Instead of going off to battle in the days of our Prophet (saas), some people played on the tambourines, and our Prophet (saas) told them not to. But apart from that, why should they be banned? You must not invent your own rules.

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