Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 July 2011

A9 TV; AdıyamanAsu TV, 11 July 2011


  • The aim in communism is not to make one specific region communist, but to make the whole world communist. Religion, the State and the family are concepts that oppose communism. Eradicating religion and family and building a dictatorship of the proletariat is every communist’s aim. These are things at the first stage of the dictatorship of the proletariat.
  • What does Karl Marx say? "It is a culture set up by the ruling class in order to drug the poor sections of the people." That is his view of religion. That is all he can think of. What else does he say? “Religion is the opium of the people.” Narrow views. So the struggle against religion is of vital importance in communism. “Atheism is an inseparable part of Marxism” Lenin says.
  • If religion goes, so do the State and the family. These people are in any case opposed to the State, to religion, the family and moral values. That is the system they are trying to implement in southeast Turkey now. But we are fighting that, waging an intellectual struggle. Military campaigns or police operations produce no results. Lukewarm policies produce no results. They say that if you treat them nicely they will come round to your way of thinking. That is totally wrong. They imagine they can come to an agreement by making concessions. If a monster sinks one fang into you, and then a second and a third, eventually it will swallow you up entirely. Then it will digest you and finally expel you. That is the communist way. That is why people who keep making concession must stop doing so.Nobody should be fooled by that. One can only get results from a scientific and intellectual struggle. An anti-Darwinist, anticommunist struggle.Through love and affection. Lack of love and affection just encourages communism. You cannot stop communism with totalitarian language, fanatical and aggressive policies or swearing at people. Communism and irreligion can only be stopped through anticommunist activities, respect for people and living by the moral values of Islam. That is the soundest method. There is no other way.
  • The way of the Mahdi refers to the person and people who will be instrumental in the global dominion of Islamic values as emphasized in the Qur’an. But the Qur’an does not refer to a community without a leader. Pharaoh was in charge of his people in his day. And the Prophet Moses (as) led the Muslims. They were not leaderless, I mean, they were not led by a collective personality. And Muslims were not divided into sects. If they tried to divide into sects, the Prophet Moses (as) would at once put a stop to it. He wanted them to be a single community. But he also rejected disbelief. Pharaoh wanted his views alone to prevail. He said his religion must rule. So the two opposing views were in a constant state of conflict. The ways of the Mahdi and the dajjal (antichrist). There has never been a pause.

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