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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 August 2011


A9 TV, 10 August 2011

  • Various people insult one another over the internet... They send ugly swear words back and forth. Some people have turned it into a kind of contest. Some internet sites also compete when it comes to foolish lovelessness. They are hostile to everyone. There is no-one they like or love. A stupid policy of hatred has grown up. They should all be talking about beauty and goodness and abundance. They are acting very wrongly.
  • A9 TV follows a very honest, rational and accurate policy, one that insults nobody because of what they say true. And that is quite astounding. The listener learns the truth in a very peaceful manner. There is no demagoguery on it. Everything we say about the End Times is true. It is one of the few channels not to resort to demagoguery.
  • Women are the adornment of the world. They are very blessed entities, valuable entities. They must be cared for, like flowers.
  • (About Hayrettin Karaman’s piece saying that one should not enjoy close relations with non-Muslims)

We are already facing the danger of division. That is a problem of Turkey’s. It would be very wrong to now bring up another field of division, to encourage Muslims toward separation in another area. There were pagans in the time of out Prophet (saas), and Christians and Jews, and Muslims used to live alongside and preach to them. The teacher is a very worthy man, but it is amazing he should have used this kind of language. It is amazing he felt the need to do so. So what is preaching then? One preaches to non-believers, to Christians. There is a commandment in verses. One must preach to all the People of the Book. There have always been non-believers among Muslims, and people have preached to them. What kind of idea is a conception of isolated Islam? That does not exist in Islam. Preaching is one of Muslims’ main duties.

They did not believe what I said about the economic crisis. They said the crisis would be over at once. I gave a precise date. I said it would go on until 2014 and then end. And Allah will then bring forth abundance, since Islam is strengthened, the Mahdi and Jesus are accepted and a turning toward Islam and the Qur’an begins. Otherwise the economic collapse will continue. What I said is what will happen. Notice how what I say does not change. It is now the turn of Europe and the USA. This will continue in waves. In other words, you will see that crisis shock waves will continue to strike the world.

  • “Let us cancel the Ramadan evening meal invitations and use that money to eliminate hunger in Muslim countries,” he says. That money would not be even a drop in the bucket of Muslim countries. Muslims come together at these Ramadan evening meals. They raise their consciousness. They become acquainted. It is a vital matter. They encourage a logic of let us not build any mosques, there is no need for Qur’anic courses and we should send the money there, instead. What is the answer? Turkish-Islamic Union. Islamic Union. You should be loudly espousing that. What are you afraid of? Weeping and wailing is no use. Condemnation is no use. You can only do it with ideas. That is the kind of struggle we need against communism.
  • Our brothers send in pieces by people who say “Hazrat Mahdi (as) will never come.” There is no need to worry about them. There is nothing to be done about their arrogance. Believing in Hazrat Mahdi (as) means admitting the existence of a power greater than oneself. They imagine it will damage their esteem. But we are confirming and strengthening more than 100 hadiths.
  • Every brother serving should send in photographs and we will broadcast them as much as time permits. That will be very wonderful, insha’Allah.
  • We believe in the truth and validity of those parts of the Torah that are in agreement with the Qur’an. We do not believe in every word of it. Only those parts compatible with the Qur’an and the hadiths. But some bone-headed people say, “How can he believe in the Torah?” Allah described the Torah as a light in the Qur’an, and as something healing. How can you deny that? The parts compatible with the Qur’an are valid. But not, of course, those parts that conflict with the Qur’an. In the same way we reject the foolish prattle of a bigot, so we reject the false parts of the Torah.
  • Allah says in one verse that unbelief is a single nation. Communists are a single nation and they watch over and protect one another very well. The way of the Mahdi is also a single nation. They also watch over and protect one another very well. There is an intellectual struggle to the death between the way of the Mahdi and the way of the dajjal (antichrist). One sheds blood, while Hazrat Mahdi (as) stops it. One sheds and feeds on blood. Satan demands blood from them. But the way of the Mahdi stops bloodshed. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is he who stops bloodshed.
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