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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 26 August 2011


A9 TV; 26 August 2011

  • (About an article in daily Yeni Şafak saying that Muslims will continue to be oppressed in the absence of Islamic Union)

This [Islamic Union] does not come about from a few leading Muslims coming together. People have come together and created communities. They are all scholars. The leading most eminent people from that country are sent there, but there is no leader. A body without a head dies and cannot do anything. Because it has no Hazrat Mahdi (as). That is what happens with no Hazrat Mahdi (as) to lead them. Because he is like a electrical power plant. It is he who will provide the electricity, the fervor. It is he who, by Allah’s leave, will resuscitate the dead body. It has the quality of a collective entity. But I thought the collective entity was supposed to resolve everything. I thought that was going to put an end to these things. There is the collective personality. But they cannot do anything. The Islamic world cannot rise to its feet without Hazrat Mahdi (as). That is impossible. They must get that through their heads; impossible. The leading Islamic scholars insist on trying to hinder the way of the Mahdi. The scholars who lead. The scholars are trying to prevent the coming of the way of the Mahdi.

If you try to prevent Islamic Union, you are obeying the dajjal (antichrist). No matter what appearance it assumes, the movement diametrically opposed to the way of the Mahdi is the way of the dajjal. Look, the movement diametrically opposed to the way of the Mahdi is the way of the dajjal. Every movement that seeks to prevent Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union is the way of the dajjal. Whether people follow it deliberately or unknowingly, they will be destroyed, may Allah forbid. Following it unaware is known as heedlessness.

  • (The Harun Yahya ads on London busses)

The supporters of the dajjal wrote “There is no God” on busses. What are we saying? Allah does exist. Thanks be to Allah, masha’Allah. We are using knowledge and science to crush the head of the dajjal, masha’Allah. Busses in England have been decked out. We are spreading the religion of Allah, the beauty of Allah and awe of Allah all around, night and day, insha’Allah.

If doubts all cease, so will the test. There is no question of resolving all doubts. Doubt is ever-present. The struggle against doubt is another name for the test. Satan and earthly desires will whisper to one. You have to fight them night and day, in a heroic struggle. You must fight them off till your very last breath. Then the angels will kiss your brow. Allah loves such servants. He loves those servants who struggle. As they die, they say, masha’Allah. They take them and embrace them. Because they have waged a heroic struggle. Some people are defeated, weak and give in. But heroic types do not give way. They resist right to the end. 

  • (About the soldier who admitted that he had been ordered to fire on innocent Syrian civilians)

The traitors tell them to open fire on their own people, on Muslims. What must a Muslim do? Of course, he must refuse. That would make him a murderer. Can a Muslim open fire on other Muslims? They must of course refuse to obey those jackals, those curs. How can one obey an order to fire on Muslims? That would make one a murderer, may Allah forbid. The reward for that is hell. Well done to that young man. He says. “We refused to obey.”  

(An answer to the question “can the Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power) be known”?)

It is something that Allah knows. The Night of Power is hidden, kept among the days. Allah keeps His guides and servants among people. And He keeps the Night of Power within the month of Ramadan, insha’Allah. 

Every action is known to Almighty Allah. They are actions in destiny. Acts of worship in destiny. They are all very fine and excellent and aimed at Allah’s approval. Becauseeven the slightest activity in the End Times earns a great deal of merit, because corruption is very intense then. The reward is very fine. We desire solely the approval of Allah. We avoid ascribing equals to Him. We do not want that. May Allah protect us from that. Just the approval of Allah. The approval of Allah alone. If He bestows His mercy and paradise, then that is His blessing and will also happen, insha’Allah. To earn the approval and mercy of Allah. And we desire paradise as a blessing. Insha’Allah.

  • (About the uprising against the communist regime beginning in China)

People now demand freedom, and that is good. But the final destination, of course, is the way of the Mahdi. They can be free but still fight and clash with one another. That means nothing. The important thing is to oppose Darwinist, materialist philosophy, to genuinely understand the signs leading to faith, the proofs of the oneness and existence of Allah and to have since faith. In that way lies the salvation of the world. Otherwise they will keep suffering. Being liberal, somewhere in the middle, is no salvation. One will still be stressed and troubled. People are always stressed and troubled. People can only be happy and valuable through faith. Human beings are holy entities, as manifestations and the spirit of Allah. But they only become valuable when they realize this. But Allah says in one verse that “they are like animals, or lower than animals.” And that is when the fighting and conflict begins, may Allah forbid.

  • (About the creation of the Bolas spider that hunts using a lasso)

Just one is enough to lead a person to faith many times over. It is a major phenomenon. The spider’s whole genetic line, its whole future, is encoded in a tiny space at the tip of its tiny feet. What will future generations of spider look like? What will their eyes be like? How will they walk? What will their mouths look like? How many types of thread will they use? Not just one. Some threads are thin and others thick. The thick ones are used for attachment points. The thin threads are used for the connections between them. How does that little creature know? Masha’Allah. It cannot speak. It knows nothing. When it perceives a danger it immediately hurls itself downward. It goes down quite calmly and gently, as if were taking a lift. And the web never gets caught up anywhere. If human beings were given such a tool, they would end up getting it wrapped round their heads and everywhere. You would never see them again. The spider establishes a superb system. It is also highly regular. One would normally expect it to look at its web from a distance to see how it was going. It is completely parallel. It spins one line, and the next is exactly parallel to that. Like a razor. Its eyes are like beads. They can see all round. More intelligent than human eyes.

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