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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interviews on 8 September 2011



For the establishment of the unity of Islam, they must listen to the words of our Prophet (saas). Allah forbid, by not heeding our Prophet (saas), they can not unite. By, Allah forbid, not heeding the revelations our Prophet (saas) received, not heeding the information he provided, and saying “We know better”, they can not attain their goals. Our Prophet (saas) described the End Times. He explained to us how we should act when those signs appeared. Neither the signs nor events nor the words of our Prophet (saas) are their concern. They say that they can find their own way. They say that there is no need for Hazrat Mahdi (as) to come and that there is no need. Can people of such a mindset establish the Unity of Islam? Would persecution around the world disappear?

 Bediüzzaman Said Nursi says,  “Faith makes a human being human. Maybe faith makes a person a sultan, the ruler of the world”. There is also a mention of Hazrat Mahdi (as) here. “Then the primary duty of man is faith and prayer. Disbelief degrades man to the level of a very weak animal.” That is to say, a terrorist, anarchist, insha’Allah.“The primary duty of man is faith and prayer.”

 (In response to the question, “Can you comment on the hadith relating that when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes, there will be a cloud upon him.”)

There is Hazrat Jibril (as) on the right of Hazrat Mahdi (as) while there is Hazrat Israphil (as) on his left. They walk together. Do we see? We do not. Angels may appear as a cloud to others. They are the images that people see in the realm of illusion. That is, there are   angels constantly accompanying him. 3,000 angels help him. Will they be visible? No. Would the environment of trial be in this world if they were seen? In which era of the world has such an incident happened? The idolaters of Mecca wanted our Prophet (saas) to have angels descend upon him so that they could announce that he was a prophet. Allah relates that this is impossible. An angel is not seen. It eliminates the free will. For instance, in the hadith it is said, “A person within his skull caps heralds Hazrat Mahdi (as).” Indeed, my dear Sheikh Nazim Master is within his skull caps. It is on his head, on his shoulders, hanging down his breast. This is the real skull cap, complying with our Prophet’s (saas) Sunnah. We looked at our Sheikh Ahmet Yasin Master. He has worn his skull cap; again fully in compliance with the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas). Where are they? Within the skull cap. They give the good news of Hazrat Mahdi (as). In the first place, it refers to our Sheikh Nazim Master. and then to Sheikh Ahmet Yasin Master, Insha’Allah.

(In response to the question related to the muqatta letters)

They may be the names of some angels. The angel who is in charge with that verse; there are many angels that are charged with that verse. The letters may be the names of these angels. Sometimes the jinn go into action when they hear these letters. When the time comes, we will further explain them. For the time being, this information is sufficient, insha’Allah.

(In response to the question related to the life of World)

Bediuzzaman said; “A group of my ummah will, by Allah’s leave, remain on what is just until the Day of Judgment.” A hadith from our Prophet (saas). Bediüzzaman says, “Based on these eight hadith and the numerological analysis, the numerical value of the section “a group of my ummah” being 1542 (2117) refers the end of their existence. Until 1542, the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will continue their ideological struggle, but in a concealed and defeated form. These are the second generation of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) followers. They are not those who have seen him. They are the second generation. The numerical value of the section, “remain on what is just” is 1506 (2082). Until the year 2082. So the period during which  the morality of Islam will prevail, and Islam will be powerful, will be until 2082. Following 2082, Christianity, Judaism and Islam will disappear. Nothing remains after 2082. In time, they become fewer and fewer and ultimately disappear. “Until this date, it will be obvious and overt. Hazrat Mahdi’s followers will continue their efforts in a victorious manner until 2082. “Maybe in a defeated manner; it closely refers to the continuation of the task of enlightening until 1542 (2117) in a concealed and defeated manner.Until Allah’s command comes”; the numerological value of this section is 1545 (2120) and it refers to the DAY OF JUDGMENT.”  2120- Two, one, two. 2 is repeated twice; there is one 1 in the middle. There is some wisdom in the repeating of the  twos.

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