Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on 12 September 2011


A9 TV, September 12, 2011

(About deliberating on the facts leading to faith)

That may be bees or any other animal; when they are thought about thoroughly, one would realize their wondrous structures. Or else nothing could be realized. For instance, at the moment the world is a giant mass of stones in the space, the world is a mass of spherical soil, and we are traveling at   an incomprehensible speed in an immense darkness. That is to say there is no captain.. The airplanes have captains, they have radars. They have that and this. But this one does not have any of it. Allah is the Captain of the world. And it is a thousand times, a million times more complex than air traffic. The meteors pass by it; there are a thousand and one different types of incidents. It passes by black holes. There are all sorts of incidents. But nothing happens. Even in  traffic cars bump into each other or into something, something happens, this or that, right? But here, nothing happens. Is there even the slightest tremor in the world? No. Underneath, the world is full of magma, I mean it is a boiling cauldron beneath our feet. The   crust of the world is as thin as the peel of an apple. We are living on top of a blaze, on a boiling blaze. Think of an apple. The peel of the world is as thin as the peel of an apple. Look at it in proportion to an apple. But there is fire underneath which is boiling profusely like water does.  Such a world, a world full of fire is flying through the sky at an amazing pace. We are going together with it. And in the meantime people are struggling with their bills, with their commercial papers. Some are struggling to finish their school. Some are making preparations for a wedding. Some are after making money. Some are after the goods that they would like to import from abroad. But the world is continuing to fly with all that speed. Only to think about it a little would make it possible to understand that this is a very wondrous situation.  

We want all the people in the world to be happy; Christians, Jews, everyone. The morality of Islam; in the Turkish-Islamic Union, what is it that would prevail the world? Justice, love, compassion, mercy, goodness, beauty, art, aesthetics, science, everything that is humane, all sorts of beauty. Why should Palestine live with fear? Why should Israel live  with fear? I always keep saying that we should tear down those walls and open up the region. Why is there the need for police control points, my brother? Let them live as ever they like. When we brought our Jewish brothers here from Spain they  said; "Alhamdulillah". We've brought them to a very beautiful place, to Istanbul. We brought them to the most beautiful city of the empire. We've welcomed them in the most beautiful city and they enjoyed the utmost freedom. Let them be free again, let them take comfort in that. Why should those people be living in fear? Why should Palestine live in fear? Feeling the fear of an operation every instant, feeling the fear of the police. Let us remove all these. All these are unnecessary, all of them are plots of the satan.  Money continually goes to armaments. Why is there the need for weapons? Everywhere is full of hungry people. Let us send food to them, let us send them clothes, let us buy elegant clothes, beautiful cars for them.  Let us send them cars instead of tanks. What is the meaning of sending tanks? Instead of sending them warplanes, let us send them cargo planes. Instead of building military fortifications let us build hospitals, let us build schools. 


Surat al-An'am; 111, 112, 114-118

[We seek refuge with Allah from the satan] "Even if We sent down angels to them, and the dead spoke to them, and We gathered together everything in front of them right before their eyes.."  if We had given them all sorts of proofs, ".. they would still not have faith unless Allah willed." So what is the problem? It is a problem of faith. "The truth is that most of them are ignorant." They've been acting as bigots, Allah says. 

"In this way We have appointed as enemies to every Prophet satans from both mankind and from the jinn.. "Dajjal (anti-messiah), We have appointed dajjals. "..who inspire each other with delusions by means of specious words.." That is the nonsense of the hypocrites. The tales of the hypocrites.. "- if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it, so abandon them and all they fabricate." What do bigots do? Do they not fabricate superstitious? Do they not fabricate lies? This is what Allah says.

"Am I to desire someone other than Allah as a judge?"What does this mean "Am I to desire a source other than the Qur'an?" That is what it means. ".. when it is He Who has sent down the Book to you clarifying everything?" Almighty Allah tells us to say: "Am I to desire someone other than Allah as a judge."  This is a verse revealed. "..when it is He Who has sent down the Book to you clarifying everything? Those We have given the Book know it has been sent down from your Lord with truth, so on no account be among the doubters."  I mean do not search for anything other than the Qur'an. Allah says this. "Am I to desire someone other than Allah as a judge?"

"The Words of your Lord are perfect in truthfulness and justice. No one can change His Words. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing." What are the Words of your Lord? It is the Qur'an. What does Allah say? "in truthfulness" there is no superstition, it is clear. "and justice," the" Words of your Lord are perfect," says Allah.  " No one can change His Words. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing." You cannot change the Qur'an says Allah [Surat Al-An'am; 115]

"If you obeyed most of those on earth,.." So if you obeyed the lot of bigots, if you obeyed the unbelievers, if you obeyed depravity, if obeyed Darwinists, materialists. ".. they would misguide you from Allah's Way." Then you would go on a different way, Allah says.   "They follow nothing but conjecture. They are only guessing."What do bigots follow? They follow conjecture. "Where is it?" you ask "Is there a resource, is there a verse in the Qur'an?" No there is not. "I have heard," he says, with conjecture.  He says that already; he says this is "conjecture." We ask what is the source you have? He says "conjecture". "They follow nothing but conjecture. They are only guessing. " This explains the system of the bigots. 

"Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His Way." He knows best who deviates from the way of the Qur'an. ".. and He knows best those who are guided."  He also knows who are on the path of the Qur'an.

"Eat that over which the name of Allah has been mentioned, if you have faith in His Signs."If you believe in the Qur'an "Eat that over which the name of Allah has been mentioned."  Do not eat those over which the Name of Allah has not been mentioned, says Allah.

As we explain matters like this, our brothers started to perceive more clearly what bigotry is . Some of our brothers did not understand that there is bigotry; these are our brothers with good intentions. Then they looked and see that they are living in bigotry. They started to take refuge with Allah. There are some hodjas that attract bigotry like a magnet. You need to pay attention.  You should trust the Qur'an. Look, Allah says; "I will ask you only from the Qur'an". If you say " I don't believe this" then that means you do not believe in Allah either. Then you would be irreligious, that is not acceptable, insha'Allah. 

(In response to the question; "When the Turkish-Islamic Union is established would Israel not have a war with us?")

These people [the Jews] are in need of compassion, they are people who are in need of friendship. They have always been hated, have always been suppressed, they have always been humiliated, always been beaten up and been sworn at. If Muslims were to show them compassion and mercy -the whole Islamic world- if one and a half billion Muslims were to embrace them and say " we will protect and watch over you," if they were to say "you are free as you like". Then what would be wrong with those men my brother? Are they crazy? Why would they do that? If they did, it would be something else, the response to those who act like that would be given; that would not be a matter of discussion; that is completely a different matter. But what is just is to treat them compassionately, I mean it is to show them compassion and mercy, to protect them and to watch over them. 

Allah would grant all kinds of blessings over those Muslims, over those good people, beautiful people. Allah would grant them goodness, give relief in their hearts. Allah gives Muslims health and welfare. He gives them wealth and abundance. And sometimes Almighty Allah tests them with difficulties and pains. 

I keep saying that this persecution should be over, what is it that I've been telling? What does "let there be no bloodshed" mean? What does "there will be no bloodshed" mean? What does no sleeper would ever be awaken, mean? Let it be a Zionist, let it be a fascist, let it be a communist; it means we will not let anyone shed blood. The system that I've been talking about would be the end of Zionism, would be the end of atheistic Zionism. Do not pretend that you do not understand. I am just presenting inoffensive people as sweet, not those who are cruel.  I have explained what will happen to the persecutors. Self-defense is what would be done towards persecutors, of course. But the strength of Turkish Islamic Union is very glorious.  In such an environment, neither an atheistic Zionist, nor a fascist, nor PKK, not this, not that, not the scoundrels lot would ever be able to shed blood, they could not even make a move.  They cannot do anything. Consequently, would not the matter be solved fundamentally? It would, yes, it would be solved. Those who martyr Muslim children are committing sin. But it would not be acceptable if we attempt to go and kill the Jewish children just because they are martyring Muslim children. 

I am the one talking about the danger of the atheistic Zionism. We are the ones broadcasting it on television day and day. The danger of atheistic freemasonry is being broadcast on A9 TV night and day. The dangers of atheistic Zionism are being broadcast on television night and day. The tolerance is for the inoffensive, not for the murderer. And it is not called tolerance. Do you know what is called tolerance? A man commits a crime and you pretend not to see that crime. This is not tolerance; this has nothing to do with tolerance. This is protecting and watching over, this is compassion. We protect and watch over the inoffensive. And the Turkish Islamic Union will neutralize the killers. Not even the shadow of a killer would remain, they would all get lost. There will be no such thing.  This cannot be done by saying "Damn Zionism". You establish the Unity of Islam, and the matter would be closed, and there will be no need to tear one's throat out crying out "Damn Zionism". There is no need to scream out like that. You just establish the Unity of Islam, let the Turkish Islamic union be formed; the atheistic Zionism would be destroyed fundamentally anyway. There will be no such thing. I mean “isms”  would disappear anyway. This cannot be attained by making a commotion. The matter would be left unsolved according to your way of explaining. If you cry out saying "Damn Zionism" the man would come and smash your face up. They were screaming out saying "damn Zionism" in Iraq; then the men came and razed the place down to the ground. Then they started to sell Marlboro cigarettes to the soldiers; they started to sell women to the American soldiers, they started to engage in perversion. The same thing happened in Afghanistan as well. They are now selling cartons of Marlboro, they are selling drugs. Those who cried out saying "Damn Zionism" have now became drug dealers. Crying out saying "Damn Zionism" would not do.   There is the need for establishing the structure of compassion and mercy to remove this system. This can be attained with the Turkish-Islamic Union, with the Unity of Islam. 

All children are innocent, all little children are born with an Islamic nature. I mean little children are Muslims by birth. When they die, children do not go to Hell, when little children pass away, they go to  Heaven because they are innocent. For that reason if they are killed as a result of persecution they would be martyrs, insha'Allah. Bediuzzaman Said- Nursi says this, you can see this in the Risale-i Nur Collection. 

In the system of the Mahdi there will be no such thing that could be called atheistic Zionist Philosophy. There will be no fascism, no communism. There will be no PKK: We are talking about all those that are explained within the system of the Mahdi. When the system of the Mahdi comes compassion, mercy and welfare will prevail. The massacres will come to an end, the bloodshed will come to an end. Look, the name of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the Mahdi Adh-Dam. He is the Mahdi that stops the bloodshed. When the bloodshed is stopped would  atheistic Zionism be able to shed blood? How could it?  The matter would be solved fundamentally in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah. 

"The religion in the Sight of Allah is Islam," says Almighty Allah, that is very clear and explicit. But little children are Muslims. I mean they are Muslims by nature, they are Muslims by default. All newly born children are innocent. Anyone reading the Qur'an would see that all are born with an  Islamic nature. Consequently since the religion in the Sight of Allah is Islam,  Heaven is for Muslims. That is a very explicit statement, there is nothing to discuss in this, insha'Allah. 

(Upon the letter that says "We expect a fiercer statement against Israel")

Let us not do that but show compassion to these people. Why don't you try this, instead? Let us try this instead! All the world hates Jews.  Do not do this; that is a sin. There is no need for such bitterness in one's standpoint. As a Muslim. There are 1.5 billion Muslims. Let us show compassion, let us watch over and protect them, then these people would relax. I mean it wouldn't be as they assume it would. Of course their full obedience to the Shiloh-Mohammad Mahdi is a necessity. Otherwise they would be waging a war against the Torah. I mean if they do adopt an attitude against the King Messiah, Shiloh; that is the Mohammad Mahdi, then they would be adopting an attitude against the Torah. They are praying day and night saying "O Lord, send us the Messiah"; they are praying night and day saying "Moshiach, Mosciach".

Consequently you will see that everything will be good. Fierceness will bring about fierceness; it would not bring about anything else. For instance Muslims are fragmented in Iraq, in Afghanistan,  here and  there. Every country is acting like a bully on its own and then they end up tragically. Instead of doing this, let's unite as  Islamic countries and show compassion to the whole world. Let us bring about civilization, peace and brotherhood. Let us approach everyone in a friendly way and we'll see how nice will be the results we attain. Let me say that you cannot reach anyone or anywhere by bullying. I mean this is not reason; that is very wrong. All of them are the servants of Allah. It is a good thing that they show love for the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and that they are loyal to him. It is good that they love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). We believe in the same Allah, we love the same prophets. Of course our hearts desire that they would become Mohammedans. That will happen at the time of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) anyway insha'Allah. Almighty Allah has assigned the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) in this matter. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will govern them with the Torah and the Gospel. He will govern the Jews, I mean all of them, the whole Israel with the original of the Torah, and he will govern the Christians with the original of the Gospel.  Consequently there will be no bloodshed.  We should abide by the words of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) does not say that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be fierce, he (saas) says that he will show "compassion". He (saas) says that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will act on mercy and that he would “not let anyone's nose bleed, not shed even a drop of blood." At the moment we are at that time. Consequently, going by any other policy would become a deadlock. I mean it would not be compliant with the spirit of the Qur'an. When 1.5 billion people in the Islamic world unite there will be an amazing power, it would constitute a giant power. There would be no atheistic Zionism, no atheistic masonic persecution, no PKK persecution; none of them would remain.  Strength comes from unity; but compassion befits strength, mercy and justice befit strength. I mean if one engages in violence saying that he is strong; Allah would not let him, He would not let that happen; that would not happen. I mean what Allah wants from us is compassion. That is because we always ask for forgiveness from Allah don't we? We want Him to forgive us. We should be forgiving, compassionate as well insha'Allah. But of course it does not mean that we will be silent at the face of persecution. Strength means saying stop to persecution. What does strength, unity mean? It means stopping the persecution. My brother when a squirrel sees a tiger, would it jump on it? What does it do? It climbs up a branch and flee, right? That is because the other one is a tiger. But at the moment the Islamic world, it seems like hundreds of squirrels or hundreds of rabbits from the outside and thus seem powerless. Since they are one by one separated, they can be inactivated one by one. That is because they are struggling against each other. As they struggle against each other, that becomes much  easier. As a matter of fact that is why they are that easy. Bediuzzzaman says; "the Dajjal (anti-messiah) benefiting from the ambition and the discord among the Muslims will enslave the great Islamic world and cause utter confusion among the humans with a very small power". "That is what has happened at the very moment," says Bediuzzaman. For that reason unity, solidarity, compassion and justice should prevail. No one would ever go against such a structure. Russia would want to unite, America would think very highly of this; Israel would want this, everyone would want that. For that reason pretended bullying, empty bullying, acts that would not give results have only brought calamity to the Islamic world, they always brought pain; and nothing else happened. For instance Saddam acted like a bully, they have taken him down, you have seen the result. They have riddled his sons and family with holes. Where are all those bullies? They all sneaked off. The whole Iraqi army disappeared in a single night. They were known to be the world's fourth biggest army and they have disappeared in a single night. That means, it has nothing to do with bullying. Afghanistan acted like bully as well, look they are over now, they were finished  within five minutes. Since it does not have anything to do with this, what is the real deal? It is unity. The union of all Islamic countries, their loving each other and becoming friends with each other,  their being in search of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and their forming a union within that beautiful unifying spirit of the system of the Mahdi (pbuh) and their approaching everyone lovingly with compassion. Allah says that He will deem them victorious if they do this. This is the formula, this is the path for it; there is no other way. Strength would say stop to persecution anyway. When you are strong, would there be any persecution? When a tiger passes by, rabbits would go under the ground. Which rabbit would ever go up against a tiger? 

However accepting some parts of the Qur'an but not accepting some other parts is among the characteristics of idolaters. Allah states that openly in the Qur'an; "They accept some of the verses and they do not accept others." Now this brother of ours accepts some of the verses and does not accept some others as well and that is not acceptable. Allah says; "You will find the people most affectionate to those who have faith are those who say, 'We are Christians'," in the verse. Why do you not accept this verse? Do you accept this verse? You would not. When you do not accept the verse, you would be abandoning the religion. Allah says; "you can marry Christian and Jewish women," He says; "you can eat their food." Do you accept these verses? You do not. If you do accept them, then the discussion is over anyway. There will be nothing left for you to talk about.

Accepting an idolater or an irreligious person as a friend in terms of religion is not acceptable anyway. I mean, one cannot act according to what such people say. Or else, treating an idolater as human. Look, for instance Almighty Allah tells us for the idolater to show compassion to him "If any of the idolaters seeks asylum from you, grant him asylum until he hears the Word of Allah. Then convey him to his place of safety." So Allah tells us to "convey him to his place of safety by putting ourselves at risk." And that is for the idolater, for the irreligious. What are we going to do? It is showing compassion to an idolater to draw him closer to religion. Otherwise it is not attempting to crush his head off.

For instance an irreligious person, would he ever be content with you if you do not abide by him? For instance amongst the relatives, friends of this brother of ours, there are surely those who are irreligious. Would those people be a friend to him unless he abides by them? Would they be his companions? No, they would not. The verse he has mentioned; "The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their religion," is a very far reaching verse. It is just as valid for a Buddhist and also for a communist as well. For instance a PKK proponent, would he be friends with you unless you become a PKK proponent yourself? He would not. Or among his relatives there surely are some people who are not very much keen about religion, who do not abide by Islam, some types who are very much boasting; there should be a lot of people among his relatives, might his father or his grandfather. Can this person adjust himself according to those? He cannot. Then what is it that is meant here?  People cannot be in harmony in beliefs. They would want to draw the other party to his belief. At that point, Allah tells us not to accept that. That is what is meant here. Otherwise it does not mean; do not preach the religion to him, do not show compassion to him, do not invite him to Islam, to the Qur'an and severe your social connections with them. Our brothers misunderstand this. 

There is a great interest in society toward A9 TV. Masha'Allah. That is because we approach matters reasonably. We are not strict, we are sincere. I mean we evaluate  incidents lovingly with the eye of goodness. There is no fanaticism for a group. We have love for everyone. We approach everyone with compassion. We are not adopting such a purblind, stern attitude. We want everything to be good and beautiful. We want everything to be reasonable. We do not want bigotry. We want enlightenment. We want an enlightened spirit. We like art, aesthetics and beauty. We love being forgiving, and merciful. We love compassion. We want everyone to be full of love. We are giving evidence for everything that we are talking about. We do not like superstitions, insha'Allah. 

But approaching things with compassion means approaching with love, benevolence and beauty; it is approaching with reason, right? Showing kindness is the characteristic of a Muslim. A Muslim should be a good example so that people can see the beauty of Islam. If you say "You cursed creature, you are a nasty creature, the stones told me so, I will kill you; the trees told me so, I will kill you," that would be cruelty. If you say "Children and women, let us chop them all up," this would be persecution. This would be a grave persecution. It would be an insane attitude. That is not something that a Muslim would do. Islam progresses with love, reason, knowledge and science. It progresses through suggestion, insha'Allah. There needs to be a powerful and beautiful ability of persuasion and inculcation. 

Islam would not be spread if you approach with hatred. I mean the reason why our souls are so easily wrapped up with hatred is that the satan eases hatred. The lower self is inclined to rage and grudge. Almighty Allah says; ".. and the self and what proportioned it and inspired it with depravity or taqwa" Right? So the lower self knows its depravity. The lower-self always commands one to evil acts. This is the verse of Allah. And the lower self has been created as the enemy of Allah. The lower self always wants to fight, wants grudges, it wants dispute, it wants innuendos it wants animosity. Friendship and brotherhood are attained by will power and reason. It is difficult to maintain friendship and brotherhood until the very end. For instance many people might talk about friendship, but after a while they fail to be strong enough for it. And they get into a fight as well. You look at people who talk about mercy, and see that they continue with that appeal for five years, for ten years. After five years you look and see that they will get into the fight as well. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are the ones who advocate peace and brotherhood until the very end. The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and his students are the ones who advocate peace and brotherhood until the end. I mean the great majority of the world would want to fight. They would want war. The students of the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh)  will stop the war; they stop the fight.  People always ask for dissension. Satan is the one who instills the mindset that states; "Let us chop up Jews, let us crash down Christians, let us override communists, let us cut off the Buddhists, let us cut Shia and Alewites, let us cut Wahabis." This mindset wants to draw us to the same mindset towards the Jews and Christians; towards the irreligious, towards the idolaters, towards the Bektashis and Alewites. Now should I abide by the Qur'an, or by these people? To which explanations should I abide by? Why are you insistently trying to drag me into this mindset? I mean am I to say "Allah has taken the light out of them, they are dark people," about the Shia? Should we say these about Alewites, Bektashis and Wahabis? Am I supposed to say "May Allah destroy them all!" about the Iranian state? Am I to want my brothers in Iran be destroyed? There are some people who really say these anyway.  And people with that mentality attempt to advise me. Look he is talking about chopping off people like leeks. How does one chop leeks? You put them on one and other and chop them all up. Look, these people are saying that Shia and Wahabis should be put one over the other and be chopped up. So these people say that there should be a bloodbath. I mean they say that this is what best suits a Muslim. Is that what the Qur'an teaches us? Or does the Qur'an teach us compassion and mercy? Does the Qur'an teach us to be anti-blood? The system of the Mahdi is anti-blood. Look; Mahdi adh-Dam. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who stops the bloodshed. We are abiding by the system of the Mahdi. So do not vainly attempt to propagate cruelty. Do not vainly make the propaganda of persecution.  You would then be an instrument of satan, you would be deceived by the plot of the satan. Pull yourselves together. Compassion, mercy, rationalism, art, science; we will act on these. Otherwise Allah would destroy Muslims, He would give trouble to them. And He did give scourges on them up until now. When this is done, when the right and beautiful things are done, Islam will dominate the whole world. And that will happen and that is happening, and you do see it happening, insha'Allah. Prosperity cannot be attained through persecution.  The lower-self always wants war, that is what I have said. The lower-self wants bloodshed, lower-self wants aggressiveness. Only strong-willed, clever people could be against war and against violence. It is difficult to want peace insistently. It would be difficult for the lower-self. Faithful and smart people want peace. They insistently ask for peace. Forgiveness is difficult. Devout people want forgiveness. Being mild-mannered and loving is not that easy. The human soul is open to hatred. Only with profound faith does love settle in people's hearts. Wherever we go, whomever we talk to we see that they instantly want war all over the world. We go to Greece. For instance they instantly revolt against their government. They attack the police with sticks and bats in their hands. What does the PKK do? They are determined to martyr everyone who is a Turk- Turkish police, Turkish soldiers. That is because they are not able to understand anything else. Because they were raised  to be Materialists, Darwinists, they fail to understand anything else, they do not come to terms with any other logic.

One needs to give the eye its due, the intelligence its due. One should give the body its due. One should give health its due, one should give science its due. And we are in such an effort, insha'Allah. 

Egypt is waiting for the Unity of Islam as well. They are saying this openly. They say "Come on, what are we waiting for?"  Was this the case previously? We have paved the way step by step, knot by knot. Allah gave a magnificent result for us. We have internet connection with all the Egyptian youth. They all have learned the invalidity of Darwinism, materialism. First Egypt resisted greatly. Their scholars came, their journalists came, they attempted to defend Darwinism because there was a socialist-communist mindset in Egypt. We have crushed that mindset with science like a bulldozer. We have intellectually razed that mindset to the ground. We have started our activities in Egypt six to seven  years ago. Look,we have destroyed the communist mindset in Egypt. And the spirit of the system of the Mahdi prevailed in Egypt Masha'Allah. 

Some people keep saying "Mahdi will not come! Mahdi will not come!" day and night. That is because the existence of Mahdi does not serve their purpose. When Mahdi (pbuh) comes, he will stop the persecution but those men are very eager for persecution. They enjoy shedding blood and if nothing else works, they attempt to strangle each other. Moreover they dissent and argue  about their football teams and attempt to slaughter each other even because of that. For instance they try to stir up fights in between two different neighborhoods. They attempt to stir up fights in between tribes. They insistently attempt to shed blood. If nothing else works they form mafia groups and attempt to slaughter each other. Satan inseminates such pugnacity in people's souls, it inseminates carnage, it inseminates persecution.  In the face of this love, peace and brotherhood should be advocated insistently and resolutely. That is because people can only attain this by using their will power. I mean a Muslim acquires piety and good manners by use of his will power until the end. Look at the world, take a look around and observe, you will not come across many people who advocate peace up until the end, and many of them get into a fight in the end in any case. They would want to shed blood in the end in any case. However, a person is charged with advocating peace and brotherhood till the end, till the very end, until his death. Look and see what a strange frame of mind the satan inculcates in a person. For instance go to France, talk to many young people there, you will see that they all are advocating bloodshed. Go to Greece, they are all prone to bloodshed, they are all prone to fight. People who advocate peace in the real sense of the word are very few. For instance you go to socialists, to communists; they say that they are advocating peace, and they go out and fire a bullet into the head of a policeman, they smash things up, they smash the brains out of others. What happened to your advocating peace? Those are all mere words. Only a person who is completely subject to the Qur'an, a devout Muslim, can stand for peace, love and forgiveness. Apart from those, it is rather difficult for any other.  

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