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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 3 October 2011

A9 TV; 3 October 2011

Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live interview with the famous Israeli researcher and writer Mordechai Kedar

Our Prophet (pbuh) says: “There will be no such unity after me. The Islamic community will be fragmented.” That is destiny, in other words. Allah will create it like that. “But there will be unification in the End Times, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), in other words, of the King Messiah,” he says. We have now entered that time. The intermediate times are now over. Our Prophet (pbuh) says there will be division along these lines in this time. That appears in the Qur’an, too. Our Prophet (pbuh) complains that “My community do not abide by this Qur’an. Allah says, “those who divide up their religion and form into sects,” That is a verse from the Qur’an. These things have happened. Our Prophet (pbuh) described all the parts in detail. He even said, “there will be a time of despotic rulers.” That time is also over. This is now the time of peace. Had it been different, what our Prophet (pbuh) said should have turned out wrong. But the fact that what our Prophet (pbuh) said has come true shows that our Prophet (pbuh) is right and what he talked about is a miracle. The Qur’an also says this is how it will be. That is set out in the Qur’an. The faith will be impaired after our Prophet (pbuh). But the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), will come to put that right. Otherwise Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not come, the King Messiah would not come. The reason for his coming is to put right this seemingly irreparable, very difficult-seeming damage. We believe that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has now come. We believe that the King Messiah, Shiloh, has come and that we are now in his age. We see this when we look at the Torah and when we look at the hadiths.

The worst error in Iran, the worst error in Iranian belief, is that of the disappearing Mahdi. In other words, they speak of a phantom Mahdi who will not be seen for around a thousand years. Yet Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a normal human being born of a mother and a father. Like normal prophets and guides, he will live for a specific length of time. He will have a childhood, and a youth. He is not a phantom who lives for a thousand years. Iran may be a nuclear threat. It is therefore a danger in this regard. I am emphasizing that. Because there are beliefs that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) may appear as a light, or that he may be seen anywhere as the image of a face or that he may be seen as a corporeal form or else heard in the form of a voice. This is of course a grave risk. If, for example, the Iranian chief of the General Staff says, “I heard the voice of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and he told me to destroy such and such a country”… In other words, he now has either to oppose Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) or else do what he says. And since he cannot oppose him, he must do what he says. So he will press the button.

Whichever the country is, it will be destroyed. That is what comes to mind. I am describing the erroneous nature of that belief. It is a very grave error, of course. I am striving to that end. As for Iran’s making a nuclear threat, well, I cannot say it is impossible, of course. It could happen under those circumstances. But not if they abandon that belief. If they believe that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a normal person born to a mother and a father. Because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is just an ordinary, compassionate, affectionate human being. But people refer to him as an image. “I heard his voice,” someone says. That is very dangerous. It reveals a schizophrenic character. People hear voices when they have schizophrenia. So that is of course a danger. But could they go so far as to launch a nuclear bomb? That radar base, part of NATO, is being built in Malatya precisely because there is such a risk. It will use a technology that will make it possible to intercept missiles in mid-air, before they reach their target, if Iran were to take such a step. So there will be no question of Israel or any other country suffering a nuclear attack. Turkey has behaved very well on this. It has behaved very warmly, and has thus shown its love of and protection toward Israel. Turkey signed up to this missile shield project, despite all the risks, in such a way as to protect Israel in particular. The NATO facilities will be built in Malatya, in Turkey’s own territory. So from now on it will be impossible for Europe or Israel to be under any kind of nuclear threat. That is technically inconceivable. 

Until Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears and enters the equation, there will be radical elements or people who interpret Islam according to their own lights and regard it as a ruthless faith that favors violence. Some will kill and maim, some will be suicide bombers and others will engage in all kinds of madness, like Saddam. There may be thousands of different kinds of crazies and psychopaths. This can emerge from any religion, not just from Islam. But Allah shows us in all respects how Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the solution. That is the reason why Allah concentrates so much on the Messiah, Mashiach, in the Torah and regards him as so important, why He concentrates on Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). There is no other solution now. There can be no other solution than Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The King Messiah, or Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), is also the solution to Afghanistan and many other mistaken policies.

Two forces are in an intellectual clash in the world. Believers in Allah and the supporters of the dajjal [antichrist]. In other words, the supporters of the antichrist and the supporters of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are currently engaged in an intense struggle. What are the supporters of the dajjal, the antichrist, doing? They are attacking the Jews and trying to rip off their skull caps. They are setting about burning Christian churches. They are bombing Muslim mosques and tearing down their minarets. They mock Jews, Christians and Muslims. That is why there is this intense ideological struggle between the hordes of the dajjal and believers, the supporters of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But the way of the Mahdi will emerge victorious from that struggle, through peace, love, brotherhood, learning, science, democracy and art. We will all see this together. We will all act together. Devout Christians, Jews and Muslims will collaborate. Then Jews and Christians will be able to worship in freedom. Nobody will be able to molest what is sacred to them, or to Muslims. Irreligious people and atheists will also enjoy complete security. They will all be valued and respected equally.

Allah entrusts them (Christians) to us. They are under the protection of Muslims. Allah will hold Muslims responsible for this. When the Najrani Christians arrived, our Prophet (pbuh) spread his robe out for them to sit on and showed them enormous love and respect. Allah has placed special provisions regarding them in the Qur’an. We can marry the People of the Book. Their women can marry Muslim, Christian or Jewish men, the women of the People of the Book. And Muslims must treat them kindly and respect them. In other words, a person shows how thoughtful and respectful he is toward his wife. Because she is the mother of his children. How can a person disrespect her? Impossible. Therefore, her going to church cannot disturb a Muslim. Everyone has freedom of ideas and belief. So I condemn all oppression, of course. I say it is wrong and the work of the dajjal. I regard it as important for everyone, Christian or Jew or holding whatever beliefs, not to interfere in other people’s faith.

There will be a great Turkish-Islamic Union. An Islamic Union under Turkish leadership. This is something our Prophet (pbuh) says is destined to happen in the End Times. One fine aspect of it is that it will be under Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) leadership. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the King Messiah, will assume leadership of it. And it will amaze the world and be instrumental in great things taking place. There will be a glorious civilization. There will be an ease and wealth the like of which has never been seen before. People will be released from their pains and suffering. They will live longer. And with the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) from the Presence of Almighty Allah. As we believe in the coming of Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will unite with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and act as his vizier, or assistant. They will cause peace and beauty to reign all over the world. There will be complete peace and security, insha’Allah. Islam will rule the world in all its glory. There will be no more bigotry, extremism or violence. Everyone will have freedom of ideas and belief.

Insha’Allah, we will see these fine days. You are entrusted to us by Allah; the children of the prophets Abraham (pbuh), Ishmael (pbuh) and Israel (pbuh). Insha’Allah, you will enjoy those fine days you deserve. We are in the time of the King Messiah. A fine age. May Allah bestow peace, ease and well-being on your hearts. Turkey is your friend, so you can be at ease. Turkey will protect you at all costs and is taking protective measures. You can also relax on that. This applies to the entire region, not just to Israel. Turkey is determined to protect the whole region at whatever cost. We are your friends and we love and embrace you. My greetings to all my Muslim, Christian and Jewish brothers. My love and respects to you.

(In response to the question “what is the meaning of life?”)

Once a person has achieved a certain level of consciousness, he starts wondering: “What am I? Where did I come from? Why was I created? Who created me? What is my task?” Because everything has a cause. I am holding a pen, that serves to write with. That glass is for drinking out of. Cameras. Everything has a purpose. Human beings also have a purpose. We have to reflect on that. We see something amazing when we look at ourselves. There is colored world. Blue and red and green, and everything is very sharp and regular and properly formed. Sound come in a high quality form, better even than on the best tapes. We look at the system within our brains; it all comes from a tiny piece of flesh. We look at sight, and there are two cameras. Made from water. How can a lens made of water provide such clarity? How can it provide such a sharp image? Not even crystal glass can give such a sharp image. The image is really sharp and three-dimensional. I see you in such clarity it is hard to believe. I am seeing you as an image in my brain. But you appear to be at a distance. As if you really were far off.

You appear to be about a meter away from me. Yet you are inside my brain. Your voice comes from far away, but it is not far away at all. Your voice is also in my brain. Touch is also three-dimensional. But the resulting sensation gives the impression it is at a distance from me, whereas it is again in my brain. It is utterly amazing. The whole world must see the marvelous nature of this and be bound to Allah with love and passion. How glorious! Allah also creates paradise with this system. How excellent! I think to myself how not one (of the people living today) will still be around in 100 years’ time. Not one. They will all be dead and buried. And then I wonder, which of them is thinking of Allah there? Do they ever think of Him? Think of young people aged 17 or 18 today. Those model girls. When they get to 22 or 23 they tell them they are too old and to be on their way. Maybe they can cling on till 25 or maybe 26 at most. They don’t let them stick around, but send them packing. Then what happens to them? During their prime they are very proud of themselves, those young lovelies.

As if they are doing something really important. They twist their hands and faces into different positions and expressions. But those days pass very quickly. They look as if they have no time to think of Allah. But one should think, “all right, I suddenly grew up, but these people get rid of us once we are 23 or 24.” That means you suddenly grow old. So, if you are old at 24, just think… Just think, people regard you as old at 24. So by 40 they will treat you like an old grandmother. That is how it is. So what is the point in becoming totally caught up in this world? OK, let us love the world. Let us love its beauties, and people, and music, and joy and fine houses, but why not also give thanks to the Creator? We just have to be grateful, and say “alhamdulillah.” “O Lord, how well You have created, thank You,” we must say. But some people do not want that. They find the idea of Allah very difficult. So He then sends them afflictions. That blessing is then taken away. What is wrong with everyone loving everyone else? What is wrong with everyone being friends, with nobody backbiting anyone else, with nobody thinking badly of or hurting anyone else? Let young girls be free to travel around in the open, for instance. Nobody should distress them, or gossip about them. Nobody should be selfish or egotistical. Let us love the poor.

There must be no more such thing as poverty. Why should we have poor people? That is a terrible disgrace. How can I live richly and eat the finest foods while others are scratching through piles of rubbish for a living? That is a most troubling state of affairs. How great it would be if we could eat delicious chops together. Why should they make the elderly unhappy? People take them off and abandon them in old people’s homes. That is awfully sad. A terrible thing. I see it on films, and it twists the heart. I cannot look. It is so distressing. Old people are the jewels in the neighborhoods. It is lovely to see an old man come home with his walking stick. Can you imagine a home with a bearded grandfather living in it? That is a lovely thing. A grandmother with her headscarf on is a lovely thing. The way she sits in a corner and talks and jokes. That is so lovely. Then to sit and eat with her. It is so wrong to inflict suffering on them. And countries. Israel is uneasy. Why should Turkey attack it? Turkey is a most affectionate and compassionate country. Our nation is filled with love. We have never attacked anyone, so why should we attack Israel. Turkey calms problems down. We are a most reasonable nation. Reasonable and humane and consistent. The Turkish Army is also most reasonable. And that makes our nation so good and fine. Our nation is filled with human love. The younger generations are also very excellent.

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