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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 October 2011

A9 TV; 25 October 2011

(Explanations from Surah Yusuf)

Together with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), two more young men are put into prison. Allah gives information to the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) about the future. He says, "I hold fast to the creed of my forebears Abraham and Issac and Jacob." So [he says], "I abide by the creed of Israel. The creed of Isaac and Abraham." We also are Abrahamic. We abide by the pure natural belief of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), the religion of Islam. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was a Muslim. He abided by Islam. "We don't associate anything with Allah. "" I would never associate anything with Allah," he says. Look these talks take place in prison. He does not just count the days in prison. They converse about Islam with the spirit of the Qur'an, about the Rightful Book of that period. I mean he does not say, "How will I be saved from the prison? What should I do?" He would of course say this, but he is also busy preaching religion. He preaches Islam. He preaches the spirit of the Qur'an, the spirit of Islam. At that time, we have explained this before, the legal system is very duplicitous. There was a very despicable legal system at that time. Even though they know that he is innocent, even though they know that he is honest and decent, despicable judges of that time, the despicable administration of that time bothers the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). They try to crush him. However that system sustains for his sake. It keeps on for the sake of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). But they are unaware. They assume that it is their own blessing, their own wealth. However it is the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) who prevents that famine. Allah makes him instrumental in that. He is the one who prevents scourges from befalling them. He is the one who prevents their being ruined. But that foolish management does not get it. They assume that they do so with their own mentality, with their own talent. The flatterers of that time, the flatterers legal system, judicial system picks on the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) ignominiously. They accept the ignoble slanders of a backstabber, a treacherous woman, even though they know that the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was in fact right. Look, at first the man appears to be on the side of the right one, he is the head of the state at the time. He speaks of Allah, the Book, religion and faith. He speaks of Islam. And he even advises the woman and he says; ".. you, my wife, should ask forgiveness for your evil act". Since you claim to be religious, since you claim to be a Muslim, why do you put the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) into prison on the word of a despicable woman? Why do you put him into prison on the word of a dishonorable person, right? And you say that you are a Muslim. Would you do that if it were you? You wouldn't. Would he do that to his relatives, his sons and his family? He wouldn't. But he sees the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) as an easy target. He doesn't know his true nature. He doesn't know his [the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)] power. Look, Allah says; "considering him to be of little worth. " in the 20th verse. If you ask the man he says; " Joseph ignore all this.."He advises the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). And he says " ..and you, my wife, should ask forgiveness for your evil act. "Look, he tells the woman to ask forgiveness for her sin. "There is no doubt that you are in the wrong."

You vicious man, for as much as you know what is a sin and what is a merit, for as much as you fear Allah; why do you put an innocent, immaculate person in prison with the words of an ignoble, double-crossing woman. Right? And for seven years, fear Allah! Seven years! And what did he do? He did not do anything. You are sure that he is innocent. But since he thinks that there will be no harm upon his own interests, he puts the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) into prison. And then they feel a formidable need for the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). This time they fall into his hands. And they say; "´O truthful Joseph, tell us of seven fat cows which seven thin ones ate and seven green ears of wheat and seven others which were dry .."They were in need of him. He had been instrumental in the correction of the economic situation, and he was also instrumental in the correction of the public order. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was instrumental in the correction of everything. The judges of that time were all sold out, double-crossing men. Once someone from the state whispers into their ears and say; "put him in jail" there was no justice system at the time. The ignominy prevails, and there is no law at the time; they take him and put him to jail. The demand of one is enough at that time. For instance, the words of a woman are enough for them. The man does not interfere either. He pretends not to understand. He acts in a manner to say, "I was not informed about this". How could you not know? Here they put him in prison in front of your eyes. Seven years of prison. And in a dungeon; that is not like the prisons of our time. It is a place in which there is a system of persecution. That blessed person remained there for seven years. In that dark, damp and dirty dungeon he remains for seven years. He constantly remembers Allah, he constantly performs his prayers. He is radiant, he is an immaculate person. He comes out of the prison with all his beauty, all his handsomeness, with his smiling, radiant face and with the graceful manners of a lion. He had also effected other people in the prison, he has had a very positive effect on them. They have almost assigned the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) as the manager of that place, of the prison. He had become almost like a manager of the prison. He took care of everything in the prison. For instance, there is no proof in the court. They are trying the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) in the court and he says; "look this woman had torn my shirt from my back." And the witnesses state the same. But the court is ignoble and acts according to the orders it has received from above. There is no just court. The system of the Pharaoh prevails, that double-crossing structure prevails. We see the same system in the story of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) as well. They arrest him, they put him in custody. They try the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). They employ the cruelest methods; the burning method. They say, "Let us burn him". But the time of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) is very much different. That is because the man there, the head of the state at the time, claims that he is a Muslim. He says that he is religious and that he has fear of Allah. But he is loose when it comes to law; I mean he cares nothing for justice. They have put someone into prison, and he cares nothing for it. He is only after his own interests. I mean there is a weak structure. However after the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) the legal system completely settles in and becomes something reasonable. We know that the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) knows the legal system very well. I mean he knows the legal system of that time. For instance, he plants the cup in the saddlebag of his brother; in the legal system of that time the person in whose load the cup is found would be detained. That is something he knows. He knows the legal system by heart. Consequently he is a person who can use the legal system very well. He is a person who knows defense very well, he knows justice very well. After all these stages Allah makes him the head of the State.

What would Muslims do in an earthquake? They resign themselves to Allah. They do not undergo psychiatric therapy. At the time of Our Prophet (saas) Muslim were facing many disasters, they were coming face to face with many incidents. There had been battles, they were being martyred in masses. Have they undergone psychiatric therapy? At the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), at the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) Muslims were being martyred in masses, there had been many earthquakes. Also at the time of the Prophet Noah (pbuh) there had been a grave disaster, it happened also in the time of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). In none of those disasters had the Muslims ever received psychiatric therapy. What have they received? They have embraced the Book of Allah tightly, and resigned themselves to Allah, they prayed to Allah. The true psychiatric support is gained with closeness to Allah. Or else there would not be any kind of psychiatric treatment with neutral manners attained as a result of a materialistic, Darwinist education that seems irrational, that seems to be lacking spirit, that do not address the heart, that do not address faith and belief. It is the Qur'an that heals the hearts and souls. People feel relief with the Qur'an. Allah says in the verse; "Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace." He does not say psychiatric therapy. Consequently these people do not know our people, they do not know Islam, they do not know Turkey, they do not know the Middle East, they do not know the thousands of years of the history of Islam. In all ages, the hearts of Muslim have found peace by embracing Allah, by embracing the Books [Allah revealed], by putting their trust in Allah. They have always found peace in the remembrance of Allah, and our people in the Southeast are very religious. Their hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah, not with psychiatric treatment, not with psychiatric support. That is a very very illogical, very wrong behavior. It would be wrong for them to go on with that mindset.

(Sections of the Torah relating the weakening of family binds before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh))

In the footsteps of the Messiah [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)].. a man's enemies will be the members of his household(Talmud, Sotah 49b).

One's parents will be a trouble for him, right? Because he has become a Muslim, because he has been in contact with the Muslim, they would act like a vixen, they would act like a weasel, they would be aggressive, they will cause dissension, they will cause scenes. The Torah informs us about these matters from three thousand years ago.

The son of David [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] will not come until the whole world is converted to the belief of the heretics. (Talmud, Sanhedrin 97a)

He will not come until the ones who betray Muslims, who hit below the belt, who does ignoble things increase. Hypocrites will increase and he will crush down the hypocrites with his knowledge, science and mind, insha'Allah.

Ladies look very beautiful, very well groomed and very nice when they put on make-up. They become sweeter. When women do not put on make-up, they generally look more masculine and not that beautiful. With make-up, a woman takes on the feature of being a woman. She gains a feminine beauty. Why does Allah color flowers? One might say, "Let all the flowers be black", may Allah forbid. A daisy for instance is yellow in the middle, with white petals, and they appear very beautiful in front of our eyes. Allah is the One Who colors them as well. Allah is the One Who puts that make-up on flowers as well. With the make-up they look similar to their appearance in Heaven. Or else when a woman is not well-groomed what would happen? We see poorly groomed people outside, what happens to them? What is the meaning of this? That causes a very coarse appearance. Poorly groomed clothing, poorly groomed faces, pouting, yellow faces, ragged hair, all mixed up, all down at the heels. This does not suit us. A Turkish youngster should be handsome, classy and should be razor sharp. They should dress well. The ladies should be like flowers. They should be very well groomed and very beautiful. One might say, "When they are well groomed, they will be attractive, and such and such will happen if they are attractive." Well, if it comes to that, women in chadors can also be extraordinarily attractive. That is all up to one's intentions. What does it have to do with it? If one looks at things with love, he sees with love. If he wants, he can also look with sexual desire as well. That is something up to our intention, up to our will. It is something up to our minds. Now one should approach the matter with that mindset. I mean a Muslim woman should have a very classy very decent appearance. I sometimes see some of our sisters with their eyebrows all mixed up, with moustaches, I mean like the ones we see on twelve or fourteen year old young boys. They have such moustaches. And they walk around like that proudly. What is that? Isn't it a pity for that girl? They say, "The Messenger of Allah prohibited that." Would the Messenger of Allah (saas) ever say something like that? Why do you make the Messenger of Allah (saas) a partner in your lie? Would our Prophet (saas) ever tell them to wander around poorly groomed and dirty? That is dirt, would that befit a Muslim? A Muslim should be decent, quality and classy. She should set an example for Europe and for the United States as well. She should set an example for everyone. Everyone should envy her. She should be classy, insha'Allah. But for instance there are some women who are very beautiful even without make-up? What should she do? Would that be like make up as well? For instance, some women have eyes with eyeliner from birth. And the other ones would be putting on eyeliner for make-up. What is the difference? They are the same as you see. Those ones would be compensating for her weakness, her deficiency artificially. That would have the same logic with the other. For instance, there are some women whose lips are pale and some have full lips and their lips look very beautiful. And they are naturally like that. The others are making the balance with that make up and thus are saved from that repugnant, ugly appearance. That would relieve their minds. That would reassure their confidence. A timid, ragged clothed woman would psychologically collapse. She would be very negatively affected. She cannot be cheerful and happy outside. She would be very uncomfortable. It is one thing for a woman to adorn herself for her lawful one; in that a woman would activate the feeling of lust. Would that woman be activating the feeling of lust when she is outside? Being cute and clean, for instance a child is very cute and very sweet. Flowers are very cute and very sweet. Animals are very cute and very sweet. So should women be, they should be well groomed and clean, insha'Allah. They try to depict Muslims poorly groomed, dirty and ragged. For instance I ask them "Why do you not use deodorant?" And she says, "There is such and such in it." Well you are stinking, have fear of Allah! And she is not even ashamed. She goes and sits in between people. I really am astonished at that. She talks for instance and her mouth stinks, her breath stinks and so does her body. That is horrible. A Muslim's breath should smell fresh. Her body should smell clean. She should be spotlessly clean. Right? Spotlessly clean. A Muslim is a blessed and clean being. She needs to be clean and spotless. Allah says ; "the idolaters are unclean". And you get yourself unclean, and by that you would be showing the characteristic of an idolater. A Muslim should be spotlessly clean, insha'Allah. Pale, exhausted, ragged, worn out appearance. "That is like his, this is like that," how can this be? Then such women would lose their self-confidence. And the people around them would be very much uncomfortable by that. They should be well-groomed, clean, have quality and classy, insha'Allah.

Women or men, Muslims are all very powerful, very potent. Our Prophet (saas) for instance was very potent for instance. Masha'Allah. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was very potent and very strong. The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and all other prophets were very potent. So are Muslims. Allah takes the strength of those bigots who are in idolatry. He would be revolted by his wife and she would be revolted by him. That is because of that filthiness. The man stinks. His breath stinks, all his body stinks. The same with his wife, she is filthy with her moustache and beard. Both of them are very much revolted by each other. We are going to form a decent, quality Turkey. My people are of very high quality. Our youth is of very high quality. And we will make them even more high quality. We will make them even more beautiful. The buildings, people, plants, flowers, everything will be much more beautiful. The talking , the addressing everything will be much more beautiful. Love, affection and brotherhood will envelop all around. If a man has the best of intentions he would look at her the way he looks at a flower. Just like he enjoys looking at a lamb, just as he enjoys looking at a flower, he would enjoy looking at a beautiful woman as well, insha'Allah. And all the women appearing in all other channels are open. They are watching all those shows.

(Upon the question that says "I have been quarreling with my mother. I want neither of us to get offended. What do you think I should be doing?")

What should you be doing? Go and kiss your mother. Go and hug her. Squeeze her cheeks. You will say, "I am at your service." That is it. Would a mother's heart ever be broken? But if she is attacking your religion, your faith and the things that you hold sacred then that is not acceptable. In the verse Allah says that there is no permission for that. That is not acceptable. Then that means the time for separation has come. That would not be acceptable. But one's father might be drinking and might say, "I have got drunk, come get me from the bar." You are charged with going and getting him from there. He is not interfering with your religion that is okay then. He might be cursing and you would just say; "My dear father, for the good pleasure of Allah, do not do such things." Nothing would come out of that. But if he says; "You are not going to read the Qur'an," "You are not going to perform your prayers", "You are not going to see Muslims", "You are not going to work with Muslims to spread religion," then you will just ask for permission and leave. Just like the Companions of the Cave, just like the Companions in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Just like the young Companions who were eleven and twelve years old, who were fifteen years old. Just like the young people who followed the Prophet Moses (pbuh) you are charged with acting in the same manner, insha'Allah.

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