Evolution Hoax

''Our people want a secular, free, religious system that is not bigoted and doesn't intervene with anyone's religious beliefs''

The majority of our people want a secular, free, religious, god-fearing government that is not bigoted: This has always been so. Our people have an typical point of view about having a compassionate, playful and nice environment and for everyone loving one another. A person who fears Allah and is not a self-seeker shall govern Turkey.

There should be respect for every religion but a religious government and this religious government should not intervene with anyone’s religious beliefs. Otherwise it is impossible to assure religiousness with the actions of governments. Religiousness could be achieved with the system of the Mahdi. The system and the spirit that will come with religiousness is “love.”

The system of the Mahdi brings a lot of love, mercy, compassion, understanding, tolerance, sweetness, broadness of horizon, arts and science. It brings social justice. It doesn't bring societal assertiveness. There is no imposition in the system of the Mahdi; we don't see this in hadiths. What does “Even the sleeping will not be awakened” mean? It means that no one will be interfered with. “Even the sleeping will not be awakened.” Look, it says “Not even a single drop of blood will be shed.” Bigots  want to spill blood and they want to spill lots of blood. It says “Not even a single drop” and “no one’s nose will bleed.”  (June 21st, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-07-05 21:35:40

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