Evolution Hoax

God says; ''If you unite, I will save you, protect you, give you peace and abundance.''

“Following the massacre that took place in Egypt, some clashes took place in different cities other than Cairo. All through the night, 60 more people have lost their lives. Vice President el-Baradei has resigned after this massacre.”

ADNAN OKTAR: “The vast majority of Muslims do not want unity. Without a leader, without a union- may God forbid- Muslims fail to do what God commands them to do. God says; "If you unite, I will save you. Unite so that I will protect you. Unite so that I will give abundance in unity, in beauty."

If you insistently do not accept  being united, if you assume an attitude against Christians, against Jews, if you assume a harsh attitude against atheists, if you consider all of them to be worthless, if you behave mercilessly towards the servants of God; that would not be acceptable. Asking to be leaderless, refusing to be in unity and then asking for salvation; there will be no such salvation. 

For salvation, they should ask for the Mahdi at once. They should ask for the Unity of Islam at once, they should ask for the arrival of the Prophet Jesus Messiah Ibn Maryam from God. They should say; "My Lord, send Jesus Messiah to us. My Lord give Messiah, Moschiah to us; give Mahdi to us." Only then they will attain salvation.

Only then will love, peace, brotherhood  prevail in the world, only then would wars  cease, only then would weapons  be silenced, only then would atom bombs, napalm bombs, howitzer shells, canonballs and war jets  go away and refrigerators, washing machines, dough kneading machines, tractors  come instead; abundance and wealth would come to the world instead. Otherwise brand new weapons continue to be produced, brand new bomb models are developed and sufferings rain down on people. 

In the 123rd verse of Surah Taha Almighty God says; " .. when guidance comes to you from Me.." [The abjad calculation of this verse] gives the date 1982. That means the 1980's,  the dates Mahdi will appear. ".. all those who follow My guidance.." What does God's name Al-Hadi mean? It is Guidance, the state of being Mahdi. "..all those who follow My guidance will not go astray.." Why did the Muslim world go astray? Because they do not have a leader. Why did they fall into error? Because they have no leader and they are not in unity. ".. and will not be miserable." Why is the Muslim world miserable? Because they have no leader.

Without the Unity of Islam, without Mahdi, it is not possible to find any solution through politics. It is not possible to come up with a solution like this; they will continue to struggle, all those pains and incidents will successively continue and God knows the truth they would even get bigger and worse. 

In the coming days, God will open the foresight of people, insha'Allah. Our Lord will open their insight and they will instantly perceive the importance of the Unity of Islam, the importance of having a leader heading the Muslims. 

In fact it is crystal clear and obvious yet they fail to see now. At this moment there is a veil in front of their eyes. I mean they are unable to see one step ahead of them; that is the extent of their blindness. They can't even see their own hands. Otherwise everyone knows how crucial it is to have a leader heading the Muslims; everyone knows how necessary it is for them to select a leader. But now some of the Muslims are blinded by their lack of foresight so they fail to see the obvious.” (August 15th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-08-16 14:13:02

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