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“Let us unite the powers of the AK Party and the Community, and make it 11 by putting 1 beside 1”

It is a shame that  everyone  is pinning everything on Fethullah Hodjas communityl. Let us assume that this community has been destroyed, what would Islam gain from that? May God forbid, if the community were to fall apart, if they were all to become irreligious faithless people, or let us assume that they have turned into a communist community, what would we do then? They are currently performing their prayers, they are talking about God, they are teaching Turkish to people; these are all good deeds. It is a beauty that they are transforming purposeless people into people with purpose. There is no need to make such a big fuss. 

They are trying to present them as if they are a frightful community, as if they are a dark, immense gathering. Actually most of them are inoffensive, conservative, harmless people.  There might be some weird people among them, it is a huge community, and it is possible that such people might be among them. I mean there is no need to make it seem that they have a crazy structure. Instead of being irrelious, how nice it is that they are devout people. 

Though they do not advocate  Islamic Unity, it is easy to make that right, we can explain that to them with a single speech one day and, insha’Allah, that would be settled. They are denying the existence of the system of the Mahdi but we can also explain that to them and persuade them. What is important is that they are people who believe in God. The rest is easy, if they believe in the existence, Oneness of God, if they believe in Heaven and hell, everyone knows that the rest is easy. It is so wrong to attempt to present them as if they are a gruesome community. 

Let us assume for a moment that the community of Fethullah Hodja has fallen apart; what would happen, would that bring Islam to the world? Would the Islamic Union be formed at that instant? I mean, are they the obstacle in front of that? Are they the reason why Islam doesn’t prevail in the world? No, they are not. First of all, they are enlightened people, I mean they are against bigotry and that is good in that respect.  This forms a foundation suitable for the system of the Mahdi: I mean they have a style that is suitable for the belief in the system of the Mahdi.  The same is valid for the AK Party as well. The AK Party, for instance, has a very suitable foundation for a modern understanding of Islam. Fethullah Hodja's community is very suitable for the modern understanding of Islam as well.  When we  unite those two, we would attain an excellent result. 

They should stop dividing the community and get that idea out of their minds. They should give up dragging the community into a position to struggle against the AK Party. The AK Party is wasting its energy to trying to destroy them, and the community is wasting their energy to destroy the AK Party; only unbelief would be pleased with that. Such a mindless project is not acceptable; no one could ever support such a mindless, foolish project. We would never let anything like that happen. 

The AK Party has a certain power, and the community has a certain power as well. When we unite these forces, it would make 1+1= 11. Let us make 11 out of placing 1 beside 1. We have no intention to divide these ones, and we will never let anyone divide them. We will not let the AK Party  come against the community, no one should view such a thing as positive. 

There might be people who are jealous, there might be people who are green with envy; for instance, such a person might become irritated by the AK Party and want the community to overthrow them, so such a person might support the community. Or some might want the AK Party to destroy the community  because they are jealous as they have no effort of their own and they might want them destroyed just to relieve that jealousy they have inside.   We would not let anything of that sort  happen.  We will reconcile the AK Party and the community and put an end to this fight. Actually, there is no such fight but we will do away with those points some people are presenting as if there is such a fight.   (Adnan Oktar; December 19th, 2013: A9 TV)


2013-12-21 23:20:48

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