Evolution Hoax

Under the influence of the way of the dajjal (antichrist), a great many people in the end times will avoid thinking rationally, will live in emptiness and lose many human qualities

Rasulullah (saas) related:You will soon see no rational people around, people’s reason will be baffled regarding themselves and a blind and deaf corruption will be directed toward you. (At that time) people will lose their reason so as to resemble animals. Nobody will have any place to shelter from that corruption. Nobody will have the strength to say “Why?” or “Enough is enough!” Corruption will begin in one place before it has finished in another. Everyone will imagine himself to be on right path (in other words, everyone will imagine himself to be very intelligent, devout and true).But they will really be on nothing... Not a house will remain that corruption has not entered until the coming of one of my line...

(Ad-Tashrif bi Manun, Kitab al-Malahim wa al-Fitan, Sayyid ibn Tawus p. 68,70,72)


2011-03-07 11:14:44

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